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Are you ready to go down the rabbit hole? To visit a surreal world, where black is white and white is carrots?

A friend, Metacognician in Shanghai, describes the situation as follows: “Life is more absurd than movies. I've gone down the rabbit hole too, when it just becomes more and more strange and you wonder how that all is supposed to make sense.” I asked him if I should just embrace it. He answered, “Why should you ... change the universe?”

It started with a psychotic named Jim Kiraly who resides, we think, at 6329 Twinberry Circle, Avila Beach, California.

Jim Kiraly is a respected citizen. A churchgoer. A Vice President of Transamerica Corporation. And a violent abuser who tried to use an emergency anti-violence measure, one intended to protect battered women, to stop his victim in a wheelchair from writing a book.

Concise enough? :)

For attorneys: Jim Kiraly filed for CLETS against his son and victim, who lived 200 miles away, did not own a car, and was in a wheelchair. His son and victim was not asked to end communications. Jim had no (zero) specific and relevant allegations that were not perjury. But he turned down repeated offers of no-contact and a signed stipulation that gave him everything but CLETS. He insisted on CLETS if his victim ever once “discussed” him with third parties.

In the end, Jim Kiraly signed an agreement far weaker than the ones he'd been offered.

A review of Court paperwork and other materials will tend to confirm that Jim and other parties, including attorneys on all sides, committed multiple felonies, crimes, and faux pas. :P

The word “abuser” is stated here publicly and without equivocation. A formal offer is hereby made to reaffirm the word in writing and under oath. Attorneys will understand the significance of the point. In short, there is little terror of a threatened defamation suit on this side. Actually, we feel that such a suit will fit nicely up Jim Kiraly's abuser ass.

Jim has one son, Ken Kiraly, who invented the Amazon Kindle and is one of the leads at Amazon's secret Lab126. Another son, Tom Kiraly is one of the leads, a Vice President-CFO type, at medical insurance firms, including one of the largest, Humana Corporation.

These people and some of the biggest names in Silicon Valley legal circles have committed or are involved in multiple crimes.

For the next decade or two, we're going to explore the crimes that these people committed, the motivations and the denial involved, the background and histories that led each person to make the choices that they did, and ways to build upon what happened and move towards positive societal goals.

There's plenty to go over. These people committed or were involved in: Spousal abuse, child abuse, DDOS (a highly prosecutable violation of CFAA), extortion, perjury, conspiracy to commit perjury (a possible felony), false police reports, conspiracy to file false police reports (a possible felony), unlawful threats, barratry, defamation, malpractice, civil harassment, criminal harassment, abuse of process, and violations of SCCBA Professional Standards.

The point was to force Jim's oldest son and victim, me, to sign a gag order. I was in a wheelchair. I'd never made a single inappropriate threat against my abuser. I wasn't even asked to not to call anybody. But Jim threatened to put me in a violence database unless I agreed never to write about him.

I won the right to write, but I lost my home of 25 years, most of my possessions, my chances for retirement, everything. Everything but a realization.

I can make a difference. I can conduct research for legitimate and reasonable purposes, document what happened, and analyze the choices of the people involved:

Maggie told me that she didn't know what she could say to me about what happened. However, we have decades to work it out. It will be productive. I'd like to direct the attention of attorneys and other parties to the:

Legitimate and Reasonable Purposes List

Questions or comments are welcome. For technical notes and disclaimers, click here.

Free Downloads

The current free ebook is located at this link:

For details about the ebook, click here.


141107 Friday — Fight NSA Today We Say

Tags: civil liberties nsa

141107. Twisted Time, DNA the attorney, and I are hardly wild-eyed youths marching in the streets.

DNA is 83 years old. You can see videos of him at this link. Twisted Time is a quadriplegic in his 50s. And I'm a tired Old Coder busy fighting off attempts by the abuser Jim Kiraly of St. John's Lutheran Church to take down these sites.

We agree, though, and feel strongly, that the NSA is part of the end of the America that we were taught about as children. An America that had never truly existed but that was possible; a land where people could, at last, be free.

It's not a partisan issue. Both Bush and Obama have sought, quietly, to phase in something that needs to be stopped. People old and young, across the political spectrum, are coming to understand this.

Some steps related to the NSA will turn out to be pointless gestures. Others may have a practical effect. One step that I recommend is to look into secure communications and to promote ones that work as much as possible.

Presently, I'm evaluating Tox, a free replacement for Skype that's intended to frustrate the NSA. I haven't formed an opinion yet, but Tox looks promising so far.

If you'd like to see America become the free nation that it was meant to be, regardless of your political affiliation, try out Tox, provide the developers with feedback, and do what you can to stop the NSA. For more information about Tox, click here.

Jim Kiraly and Grace Kiraly dislike America freedom If you know people who know me, you can, of course, chat with me on Tox. As a related note, we'd like to encourage Edward Snowden to install a copy. There are people waiting to help this true American hero.

Toxing with Anonymoose Hakr

Tom Kiraly of Sheridan Healthcare and Hanger Inc. fights for coverups


141107 Friday — Minetest is Best

Tags: minetest

141107. I don't have many amusements. No Time or money for fun.

Jim Kiraly, the abuser who lives or lived at 32 La Gaviota, Pismo Beach, California. Tom Kiraly, putative Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of Hanger Inc. Grace Kiraly, Jim Kiraly's victim and a brittle, superficial, woman. Ken Kiraly, sociopath and inventor of the Amazon Kindle.

They took my life savings, my home of 25 years, everything that I had. My books; they took most of my books. Even the ones that Ivan had loved.

Not much left. But I'll find the way back.

The focus, day to day, is on not being homeless. But I've set aside Time for Minetest.

I stumbled into Minetest by accident, in 2012, while looking for work. I'd been named a director at one game startup and an editor at another. Neither venture was funded, but I tried to be useful.

One of the ventures got tangled up with Minetest due to channel issues. I was dragged into the situation, stayed, and became a channel op and one of the world hosts.

During this period, I met Chaos, Vanessa, Mr. Meow, Teco, Real Bad Angel, Celeron55, and many others.

Chaos, a roleplayer or possibly an emergent AI, chewed up my Time. The kids were unpredictable. To get a feeling for what it was like, read the Watercodia story, which was co-written by Chaos:

Click here for Watercodia No need for Forbodia

The worlds needed effort and more Time. Something that I'd run out of.

I never regretted becoming a part of it.

The Kiraly Cases had shaken me to pieces. The fact that wealthy people could commit felonies and walk away, that wealth trumped all; the boy had known this fact, but the man had never confronted it.

I lost everything. But it gave me a chance to rewrite myself, to become somebody new. Somebody who knows what needs to be done.

Minetest was part of the process.

In October 2014, oOChainLynxOo asked me to rescue Redcrab, a world that was dying. Note: For Mr. Chain's Minetest videos, click here.

I agreed to fork Redcrab World in exchange for a photo of one of Mr. Chain's cats. The result was Silvercrab. Some Silvercrab screenshots are presented below.

This led to new worlds being launched. Details as Time permits. For today, here's what I heard when I eavesdropped on Openmine the other day:

<Saggio> ZOMBIE!!
<Saggio> MONSTERS!!
<Saggio> AHHHHHHHHH!!!

Another satisfied customer :-)

Silvercrab Screenshots Fun are Lots

Jim Kiraly and Tom Kiraly lied under oath

Jim Kiraly of Pismo Beach is an abuser and Grace Kiraly is his victim

Jim Kiraly of Pismo Beach is an abuser and Grace Kiraly is his victim

What the Hell was Tom Kiraly of Hanger Inc. and Humana thinking?

Grace Kiraly embraces lies and therefore Lucifer shudders in pleasure

Does Ken Kiraly Amazon Kindle creator think this will quietly fade?


141018 Saturday — Ken Kiraly Birthday Today Hooray

Tags: birthday ken kiraly

141018. Today, October 18, 2014, is Ken Kiraly's 51st birthday.

Ken Kiraly is a number of things. Father to two fine young men, James and Paul. Husband to a rising political star, Virginia Chang Kiraly. Inventor of the Amazon Kindle. Lead at Amazon Lab126. “Meek genius”, as the Kiraly Family DDOSer in Dallas, Texas, likes to call him. Abuse victim. Sociopath.

Ken Kiraly, abuse victim of Jim Kiraly And my little Brother. The baby who I taught to walk. The boy who I smashed my right hand, in desperation, to protect. The young man who I taught to drive a car. The Coder who obtained his first job from me and who lived rent-free with me for years.

Last year, on the occasion of Ken Kiraly's 50th birthday, I offered him useful thoughts from others. If you'd like to read the pieces in question, click here.

This year, as it happens, I was in Silicon Valley a few days ago. I planned to visit DNA the elderly attorney, his wife RNA, Josef, and other associates. I thought I'd stop by Sequoia High School as well to inquire regarding purchases, for legitimate and reasonable purposes, of past school yearbooks.

The visit to the High School proved to be unnecessary as yearbooks can apparently be purchased from publishers. So I took care of lesser errands and headed for DNA's residence.

On the way, I passed a little florist shop that I'd used before. Numerous relatives or associates had needed flowers in the 1990s, due to their deaths or other occurrences. This shop had proved to be a reliable resource on such occasions.

Grace Kiraly, abuse victim of Jim Kiraly This was the place that I'd used to send flowers to the funeral of my Grandfather Ivan Kmeta in 1997. Grace Kiraly, Ivan's daughter, attended the funeral. I felt too strongly about Ivan's death to do so. So I sent flowers in my place.

Grace, like all of the Kiralys, is odd. Imagine her as a brittle Stockholm Syndrome victim crossed with a pretend Christian and with a heartless b*tch thrown into the mix.

Grace lectured me about the fact that she was embarrassed at Ivan's funeral by my absence. Flowers, which I'd chosen carefully to represent not only me, but my feelings, were not enough to make Grace look good.

For my part, I was satisfied that I'd done what was possible during the last 10 years of Ivan's life to ensure that he felt respected, useful, and loved.

For a large version of the Grace Kiraly photo, click here.

Tom Kiraly, Son of Grace Kiraly and victim of Jim Kiraly Tom Kiraly, Vice President of Humana Corporation, Sheridan Healthcare, and apparently another corporation now, did attend Ivan Kmeta's funeral.

This was nice of Tom. Of course, Tom had rarely visited or called Ivan while Ivan was alive. And, in 2012, Tom initiated legal actions against me to prevent public discussion of abuse. In the legal actions, Tom claimed that Ivan's books of religious poetry were, in a manner that was never specified, physical violence.

As a note to attorneys, this was a nutty move on the part of Tom's attorney, Michael Bonetto of Hoge Fenton.

Ivan Kmeta wouldn't have hated Tom Kiraly for trying to turn a lifetime of literary work into sh*t. However, he'd probably have preferred flowers.

The Kiralys are twisted. It goes back to the abuse. The abuse that they're fighting to cover up.

Ken Kiraly, victim of Jim Kiraly, has a Birthday But this didn't seem important the other day. It was Ken Kiraly's birthday. A positive and friendly message needed to be sent.

As I considered the matter, I recalled that flowers are symbols. Something we use that animals do not. Tangible objects that represent intangible thoughts.

I'd prepared a birthday greeting for Ken. Overcome with positive feelings, I decided to send the greeting to Ken with flowers.

I needed the right type. I chose white roses, a dozen, a selection that I'd been told represented friendship.

The flowers are presented below along with the birthday greeting that was sent with them:

image This is what I'd like to say
You and the others are
Always in my heart, night and day
Whether we're near or far
This will always be true, I pray

Flowers denote kindness and friendship
Qualities you've always shown
Never a frown have you allowed to slip
This is what I'd like to be known
Consistent are you down the long, strange, trip

On this occasion special
What I must do
Is express appreciation in words of metal
With this thought to ensue
For you and the others, I'll be there eternal

Home of Ken Kiraly's Abuser

Ken Kiraly's abuser, Jim Kiraly of Transamerica Corporation, St. John's Lutheran, and New Life Pismo Church, is believed either to live in this house or to have lived in it in the past.

What do Jim Kiraly's neighbors, or former neighbors, think of his past? Where do his fellow churchgoers stand on issues such as abuse, perjury, and felony DDOS? What does the fact that Jim Kiraly's wealth has allowed him to escape prosecution say about the system in which we live?

These and other questions are a suitable subject for legitimate and reasonable research and First Amendment discussion. By the way, attorneys and other parties who may be interested, click here.

Ken Kiraly's abuser, Jim Kiraly, lived here


141001 Wednesday — Grace Kiraly Birthday

Tags: grace kiraly birthday

141001. Today is Grace Kiraly's Birthday.

Some of my records are lost due to the Kiraly Cases. So I don't know exactly how old this woman is. But I figure that she is now about 81 years old.

I've talked about Grace's life before. However, this is a special occasion, so I'll summarize events for new readers.

Grace was born, in Canada, to Ivan Kmeta and Olga Kerechanko.

Ivan had been a teacher. To read his story, click here. Olga was the sister of Edward Kerechanko, who had been one of Ivan's students as a boy.

Edward later became the Father of George Kerechanko, whose neighborhood is shown further down, and the Grandfather of Russell Kerechanko, whose death led to felonies committed by the Kiralys; specifically, attempts to DDOS these websites.

When Grace Kiraly was a young woman, she had a romance with William Kiraly, who I believe later became one of Ronald Reagan's Star Wars engineers.

William and Grace seem to have had unprotected sex. It's possible that there was a baby, and that Grace's Brother Anatol took Grace to have it aborted. The timeline for one hospital visit tends to support the story. However, the only person who'd be able to confirm the facts, Anatol, died of cancer two decades ago.

William passed Grace along to his Brother, Jim Kiraly. Grace preferred Jim to William because Jim was good sexually and seemed to be a stable businessman. So she married him. But Jim turned out to be mentally ill and abusive.

The marriage was unpleasant for Grace Kiraly. She left Jim once, ordered him to leave once, and asked me for advice about leaving him as late as the 1980s, between her 25th and 30th wedding anniversaries.

But, at the same time, as they aged, Jim Kiraly and Grace Kiraly gradually bonded. And, over the same period, Grace came to see the abuse of women and children as a normal state of affairs or even as desirable. In the end, she descended into a state of pure denial.

One problem with this is that Grace was led to embrace the perjury that Jim Kiraly, her abuser and mine, committed in 2012. By this point, she couldn't do anything else. She'd lost the ability to think critically or independently.

The notion that there was such a thing as reality, as anything but working backwards from desired conclusions, was gone.

Grace had driven 200 miles at the start of 2012 to visit me unannounced. We ate at the Olive Garden, a comfort food restaurant. In the months that followed, Grace phoned me repeatedly to lecture me regarding the merits of Vitamin C.

When my abuser, Jim Kiraly of 32 La Gaviota, Pismo Beach, California, came after me to stop my book, he tried to use an emergency anti-violence measure known as CLETS.

There were complications for Jim. For example, I produced an unexpected witness connected to abuse by Jim, Jim had never even asked me not to communicate with him, I lived 200 miles from Jim, I was in a wheelchair at the time, and my right hand didn't work.

And there was the awkward fact that Grace had come to visit me.

The legal actions suggested that Grace had been terrified of me on the day that she drove 200 miles to see me. And Jim claimed that I was making unwanted phone calls to Grace during this period, when every call during this period was from Grace to me.

Grace was fine with all of this.

When Christ contemplates the nature of the lies, an abuser trying to misuse measures designed to protect abused woman and children, He pauses, He shudders, and Holy Puke spews forth.

The Holy Puke washes over my Mother's soul.

Grace Kiraly's soul delights as it dissolves and slides down into its appointed place. For what Grace Kiraly perceives as she wanders there in a state of mindless joy, the ecstasies that she experiences, see the repost that is included below this retrospective.

Actually, Grace Kiraly was mindless all along.

I remember talking to Grace Kiraly about South American death squads, the ones that used to line up children and pregnant women and shoot them.

I think that I'd been moved by the story of one young girl, who recognized one of the men who'd come to kill her. The girl offered him her sweater and asked for it to be passed on as a gift to a friend. Then she was shot dead.

Grace Kiraly was more interested in the dangers of “secular humanism” than in the murder of children. She commented, “Oh, Bob, you just don't want anyone to be hurt.”

The incident that defined Grace Kiraly for me, though, had to do with her Brother Anatol. Anatol and Grace hadn't been close when they were young. They'd become friends in adulthood. But then Anatol became sick with the same condition that I have. His body became twisted as mine has started to twist.

Grace told me, “I didn't really like Anatol after that. He was misshapen and couldn't walk. He wasn't the brother I'd known.”

I have a theory related to what we are and to what Christ values. It's a form of Calvinism. Charles Artisan, who has met God face to face, has told me that he's intrigued by the theory. Note: For the story of Charles's meeting with God, click here.

If there's a supernatural force that assesses us, it's a Farmer, who's scattered the seeds of Life and watches to see what grows that is useful.

Words mouthed by the sanctimonious are noise. It's the qualities that are possessed that are weighed. The ability to perceive reality, I think, to be altruistic, truly so, to love that which is different, and to be useful.

Grace Kiraly is no more significant to Christ or to Lucifer than a moo-cow is to us. But she does serve a purpose.

There are two Songs. I believe that the Songs define what there is. I know which Song I belong to. And which one my Mother, bless her bovine soul, inhabits.

The photos used below are distributed under the following license: Creative Commons Attribution Noncommercial No Derivative Works 3.0. For attribution purposes, the rights holder is OldCoder. For more information about the license, click here.

Welcome to Pismo Beach
Pismo Beach has a great tourist section, packed with restaurants and shops. For a large copy of the photo, click here.
Tom Kiraly and Jim Kiraly committed perjury

Splash Cafe Clams
The Splash Cafe, a venerable Pismo Beach eatery, has eccentric clam-related paintings on one wall.
Ken Kiraly is Jim Kiraly's Son and Tom Kiraly's Brother

Pismo Beach is a Peach
Pismo Beach isn't a vegetarian mecca. Plenty of meat to eat. And, unsurprisingly, there's a couple of nice beaches near the tourist section.
Grace Kiraly's soul is aroused by lies

St. Johns Lutheran Church
This is the Welcome sign for St. Johns Lutheran, one of my abuser Jim Kiraly's churches, and the offices inside the church. Jim is believed to have taught classes here; classes in which he may have been around young people.

St. Johns is located in Arroyo Grande, a small town near Pismo Beach.

They say that “a church is a hospital for sinners and not a museum for saints”. But what's the role of an unrepentant abuser and perjurer in a church that is “Christ Driven” ? How should a victim approach the church? What's the right thing to say?
Tom Kiraly and Ken Kiraly don't attend St. Johns Lutheran Church

New Life Pismo Church
This is the Welcome sign for New Life Pismo Church, another church attended by the abuser Jim Kiraly. This might be the church where Grace Kiraly picked up the phrase “Christ Follower”.

I had a phone interview with the Pastor of this Church in Spring 2012. It was scheduled over a week in advance with Grace Kiraly's permission. We talked about God. Jim Kiraly was enraged because he thought I'd mentioned the abuse. So he fought for a year to get me to agree to a gag order.

I never agreed to the gag order. And now, ironically, for legitimate and reasonable purposes, I contact churchgoers in cities around the world to discuss how a violent abuser and perjurer, Jim Kiraly of 32 La Gaviota, Pismo Beach, used his wealth to disrupt his victim's life but failed at a cover-up.

In 2015, I hope to expand the snail-mail campaign. If you'd like to help to spread the story, feel free to contact me.

For a large copy of the photo, click here.
Jim Kiraly and Grace Kiraly attended New Life Pismo Church

George Kerechanko neighborhood
Grace Kiraly lives within a reasonable distance of her cousin George Kerechanko. This is a house in George's neighborhood. I'm not sure if it's George's house or not.

The death of George's Son Russell Kerechanko in 2013, reportedly from a drug overdose, led to a new phase in the Kiraly Cases; one in which the Kiraly Family became involved in highly prosecutable felonies, violations of CFAA (Computer Fraud and Abuse Act), as they sought to DDOS these websites.

To read the July 4, 2013 letter to Lisa Kerechanko that started it all, click here. For a large copy of the photo, click here.
George Kerechanko is Grace Kiraly's cousin and Jim Kiraly's cousin in law


141001 Wednesday — Grace Birthday Celebration Continues

Tags: birthday grace kiraly

141001. This is a repost of the 2013 Grace Kiraly Birthday piece. Presented with apologies to William Wordsworth.

Did you know... Lucifer has both male and female aspects. It's surprising, but it's true :P

The male side of Lucifer is the active one... the side that manifests hatred and violence. The female side of Lucifer is passive and receptive. But what is the female side of Lucifer receptive to?

Lucifer is composed, as people are, of cells. Each cell is a soul. The soul of a human being. On the female side, Grace Kiraly's soul is such a cell. Her soul serves a purpose.

Lies enter Lucifer. The lies brush against the passive side. The passive side responds. My Mother's soul feels the lies... the pleasure that they bring. Grace's soul relaxes. She settles into a serene and blessed mood.

Suspended in falsehood, my Mother drifts to sleep in body and becomes her lying soul. With an eye made quiet by the power of falseness, she sees into the lies of things.

Grace is perplexed with recognitions. But the recognitions grow dim and faint. The picture of the mind's eye revives. There is not only a sense of pleasant pleasure but pleasing thoughts... thoughts that in this moment there are lies and a mood.

This is all that is needed for future years. My Mother flies from the truth that she dreads into the fog of illusion that she loves.

It will be Grace's privilege, through the years remaining of this her life, to lead from lie to lie; for she can so inform the mind that is that is within her, so impress with the quietness and beauty of the lies, and so feed with lofty thoughts, that neither the truth, God's Judgment, nor the prayers of those in the corporeal world, shall e'er prevail against the lies or disturb her cheerful hatred.

The moon of a different plane shines on my Mother's soul as it wanders inside Lucifer. The misty mountain winds blow against Grace. She shudders at the sensations. Wild ecstasies mature into sober and ever deeper pleasures.

Memory becomes a mansion. A mansion for lovely forms of fantasies. No solitude, or fear, or pain, or grief is my Mother's portion. With what healing lies of tender joy will she remember a past that never existed.

The pleasure builds until it is unbearable. Grace Kiraly's soul bursts into song.

The song increases in intensity and in volume. A thousand souls sing along with Grace's soul... Ten thousand souls... One million souls... Lucifer opens his eyes wide...

Lucifer starts to sing.

Grace Kiraly is part of the song of lies. This is her identity. This is her purpose. The joy of lies washes over my Mother. She is swept away by the joy.

October 1st is my Mother's birthday. The birthday of a cell whose purpose is defined.

Grace Kiraly Song of Joy
Grace Kiraly Song of Joy


140930 Tuesday — Hacker Kids Identity Hids

Tags: humor

140930. Here's one of the hacker kids, Anonymoose Hakr.

This is one of Carrot Cake's friends. As a Hakr, the boy is no Slakr. He's preparing to do a hardware upgrade on one server. I look forward to the benchmarks.

Anonymoose's Grandfather was recently honored for military service during the Korean War. I'd like to extend my congratulations to the man. And my surprise at the thought that I'm only a generation younger.

Anonymoose Hakr

Tom Kiraly and Ken Kiraly tried to pin hacker allegations on me


140823 Saturday — Welcome Back, Old Friend

Tags: cases kiraly
A full Kiraly Cases tags system will be added in 2014.

140823. I have a Mystery Old Friend in Dallas, Texas. Actually, he's a black-hat hacker who violated Computer Fraud and Abuse Act (CFAA) last year at the Kiraly Family's request.

This happened after my abuser, Jim Kiraly of St. John's Lutheran Church, used black-hat hacking accusations against me in an attempt to erase me.

The idea was supposed to be that I'd hacked Jim's Gmail. There were suggestions that I'd hacked Amazon Corporation as well. That part came from Ken Kiraly, my little Brother and the inventor of the Amazon Kindle.

For these people to bring in a black-hat to shut me down... I guess irony is the right word.

If my guesses related to the black-hat's identity are correct, he'll never be arrested, but the situation is likely to be awkward for him.

The newest development is simply that the black-hat or somebody at his location has stopped by. I wanted to say, “Welcome back, Old Friend.”

This is a Kiraly Family associate. He's located near 1911 North Lamar St. in Dallas. I was physically close to his building twice last week. I considered stopping by to say hello. However, I didn't have enough time on either occasion.

This person wrote letters to me in 2013. He used throw-away accounts but I was able to geolocate him through the raw headers and connect him to a DDOSer at the North Lamar St. address.

In the letters, the DDOSer claimed to be an “Old Friend” of mine from Las Lomas High School in Walnut Creek, California. To read about the school, click here.

My “Old Friend” passed a threat from the Kiralys to me, in violation of agreements they'd signed, and suggested that if I didn't take down these websites, after I'd lost my life savings fighting to protect them, I'd be “hurt”.

image I geolocated this person, posted a photo of a building at his address, and, I'm afraid, I mocked him. Here's a repost of the building photo.

The address, again, is 1911 North Lamar St., Dallas, Texas. The person in question may or may not be located in the building, but he's certainly close to it. His current IPV4 is:

My “Old Friend” responded to the building photo, the copy posted in 2013, by setting up a botnet with the assistance of Solar VPS.

The head of Solar VPS, Jason Silverglate, is aware of the felony that was committed. Interested parties are free to discuss the matter with Mr. Silverglate. Brandon Hale and Ross Brouse should also be able to comment.

Jason Silverglate, by the way, I hope that you're doing well. :-)

Post continues below the photo.

Bob and Tom
A friend loveth at all times, and a brother is born for adversity. For a large version of the photo below, click here.
LittleCoder and his Brother Tom Kiraly circa 1962

For the hackers in the audience, here's how things played out.

I did some forensics with the aid of the hacker kid Shiing Shen. It turned out that the Kiraly Family black-hat was an idiot. He'd located the botnet core within walking distance of his known physical address.

I posted some of his IPV4s publicly. Mysteriously, the botnet shut down shortly afterward. Surely, this was a coincidence. :P

Jim Kiraly's black-hat wrote to me to say that he was exiting the situation. However, he didn't actually leave.

I was in Dallas twice last week. I had a chance to stop by and visit my “Old Friend” in person. No time for it. But the next time I'm in his area, perhaps I'll do so and say, “Howdy, neighbor!”

Actually, I owe this person a debt of gratitude. When he threatened me on behalf of the abuser Jim Kiraly of 32 La Gaviota, Pismo Beach, California, and his Son Tom Kiraly, Vice President of Sheridan Healthcare, and when he DDOSed my networks, he released me from any obligation to honor past “agreements” that my abuser had committed perjury to obtain.

In short, he “redacted” Jim Kiraly and Tom Kiraly for me.

The “agreements” aren't highly important. I wrote the most important parts myself. I managed to get a key handwritten edit accepted as well. More about that when I have time to have my abuser served. Served directly, to be clear. This was the point of the handwritten edit.

But it was nice to have my abuser, Jim Kiraly, who is believed to be around young people at St. John's and New Life Pismo Church, hand me his own roasted ass on a silver platter.

Actually, Jim Kiraly did that as soon as he lied under oath right in the initial pleadings. Tom Kiraly of Humana and Sheridan Healthcare was sort of a fool to go along with it. His fundament is right there on the platter with Jim's, after all.

If you'd like to know more about my buddy on Lamar St. in Dallas, Texas, here are some related posts:

July 6, 2013: I Love a Mystery, part 1. Events at Walnut Creek Intermediate. Reflections on the Flames of Heaven. Sound bites that the Kiralys hope to use. Las Lomas High School.

July 6, 2013: Shiing Shen weighs in.

July 7, 2013: I Love a Mystery, part 2. My “Old Friend” runs for the hills.

July 8, 2013: The Truth is at Steak Yum. The steakhouse at my Old Friend's location.

July 8, 2013: A genuine Old Friend, God is With Us, surfaces after nearly 40 years.

August 5, 2013: My Old Friend stops by again.

August 5, 2013: More from Shiing Shen.

September 21, 2013: Old Friends Their Greetings Sends. Signs of unusual activity.

September 21, 2013: Odd Bot Hot is Not. Additional investigation.

September 22, 2013: Did the Kiralys commission a botnet?

September 22, 2013: Past agreements are repudiated.

September 22, 2013: Notes for security experts and the police.


140822 Friday — Coder Jet was Fun You Bet

Tags: general
A full Kiraly Cases tags system will be added in 2014.

The photos used below are distributed under the following license: Creative Commons Attribution Noncommercial No Derivative Works 3.0. For attribution purposes, the rights holder is OldCoder. For more information about the license, click here.

140822. I was away for a week, adventure to seek.

Last week, Tarzan asked Bedivere to meet him in Mississippi. There was an unspecified problem of some type. Bedivere asked me to go in his place.

So I did.

The trip was rushed.

I found somebody to drive me to the San Francisco airport for a late-night flight. But there were no tickets, so we went back.

Tarzan arranged for a cab to come and get me again, this time for a flight at 6:00am. Two trips to San Francisco in one night.

I got to San Francisco the second time around 4:00am. The ticket didn't work. Tarzan put me on a second flight scheduled for 7:00am. The ticket for that flight didn't work either.

Eventually, I made it to Dallas, Texas. There was a four-hour stopover in that city.

I considered spending the time on North Lamar Street. I might have find out more about the Kiraly Family Hacker who's located in that area. But I was exhausted. So they sent a company jet for me.

There's a photo of me in front of the jet below. The man next to me is Michael, a startuper who sold his company and decided to be a pilot instead.

Post continues below the photo.

Coder Jet was Fun You Bet
There is no end to the adventures that we can have if only we seek them with our eyes open. For a large version of the photo below, click here.
Ken Kiraly and Grace Kiraly are not in the photo

For a large version of the photo below, click here.
Jim Kiraly and Tom Kiraly committed perjury

When we took off, it was a new experience for me. The jet was so small that I could feel it climbing the waves of the air. It was flying as I hadn't experienced it before. I knew, below the level of consciousness, that I was riding a fragile leaf on a breeze that might overturn it.

The pilot put the jet on auto-pilot and turned to face me. We simply talked for most of the flight.

I was taken to Mississippi, where I met Tarzan and the management of a $100M firm.

I can't say much about the week that followed. However, it was interesting.

I didn't get much sleep. I met people who were passionate about their firm, who wanted to do what was right by it. We talked about the nature of the company, the way that things were organized.

Before much time had passed, the patterns were clear. Changes were advisable.

In the end, I wrote a 15-page report. The Board members that we talked to seemed to find it satisfactory. One of them, who had a Masters degree in writing, told me that I was good at this sort of thing.

The Masked Lua lives only a few hundred miles away from the company. Upon my departure, I went to his city. We met in ordinary places, McDonalds and Chilis, and talked face to face. IRC and IRL became IRLC once again.

After the meeting, I ate Memphis BBQ and did a little sight-seeing in Tennessee. Finally, I flew back to San Francisco, on an ordinary commercial flight this time.

This is Not a Bug to Hug
Both California and Mississippi have crickets, frogs, and mantises. The difference is that Mississippi has them in the cities; there's more Nature about. This little fellow rode on the roof of our car. He was determined enough that he didn't blow away. For a large version of the photo below, click here.
This is friendlier than Jim Kiraly or Grace Kiraly

Elvis Presley
I visited Tennessee, a U.S. State located next to Mississippi, briefly before returning to California. Elvis Presley, a U.S. singer of the 1950s to the 1970s, is a cultural icon in Tennessee.
I don't know how Grace Kiraly and Tom Kiraly feel about Elvis

Jackie Smith, Dr. King Museum Protestor
I spoke with this protestor, Jacqueline Smith, outside the Civil Rights Museum in Memphis, Tennessee. She feels that the museum, the manner in which it was set up and its goals, is/are an insult to the memory of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Based on discussions with Civil Rights Museum staff and Ms. Smith, I have to wonder... Who would Dr. King feel was carrying on his work, a slick for-profit operation or a lone protestor calmly calling attention to a situation that she feels is inappropriate. To visit Ms. Smith's website, you may click here. Note: Regrettably, she uses Flash.
I don't know how Grace Kiraly and Tom Kiraly feel about Elvis


140822 Friday — Stallmanquest TNG

Tags: humor
A full Kiraly Cases tags system will be added in 2014.

140822. RMS (Richard Stallman) is an important figure in FOSS. The hacker kids like to poke fun at him. I'm not sure why, but it seems to be good-natured. I think that RMS responded to one of their letters once.

One of the hacker kids sent me the Stallmanquest TNG webcomic panel below tonight. It's the start of an Order of the Stick take on RMS.

The panel is distributed under the following license: Creative Commons Attribution Noncommercial No Derivative Works 3.0. For attribution purposes, the rights holder is Sir Wilson. For more information about the license, click here.

Michael Bonetto and Jim Kiraly should try Gentoo I also received the Grand Theft Gentoo scene to the right. No information on the creator.

Stallmanquest TNG
Stallman and Neckbeard consider their next move.
Tom Kiraly and Riane Kiraly are not familiar with Stallman


140822 Friday — Phenek Phair Photo

Tags: phenek
A full Kiraly Cases tags system will be added in 2014.

140822. Phenek is on a vacation with his wife and daughter in Málaga, Spain. He offers us the colorful scene below. This is a Feria, or fair. Phenek explains as follows:

The Feria of Málaga commemorates the taking of the city by the Catholic Monarchs, Isabella I of Castile and Ferdinand II of Aragon, on 18 August 1487, five years before the completion of the Reconquista, at which time Málaga was incorporated into the Crown of Castile.

The photo is distributed under the following license: Creative Commons Attribution Noncommercial No Derivative Works 3.0. For attribution purposes, the rights holder is Phenek. For more information about the license, click here.

Phenek Photo: Feria of Málaga
Festivals promote diversity, they bring neighbors into dialogue, they increase creativity, they offer opportunities for civic pride, they improve our general psychological well-being. In short, they make cities better places to live.
Tom Kiraly and Ken Kiraly are my biological Brothers


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