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Are you ready to go down the rabbit hole? To visit a surreal world, where black is white and white is carrots?

A friend, Metacognician in Shanghai, describes the situation as follows: “Life is more absurd than movies. I've gone down the rabbit hole too, when it just becomes more and more strange and you wonder how that all is supposed to make sense.” I asked him if I should just embrace it. He answered, “Why should you ... change the universe?”

It started with a psychotic named Jim Kiraly who resides, we think, at 6329 Twinberry Circle, Avila Beach, California.

Jim Kiraly is a respected citizen. A churchgoer. A Vice President of Transamerica Corporation. And a violent abuser who tried to use an emergency anti-violence measure, one intended to protect battered women, to stop his victim in a wheelchair from writing a book.

Concise enough? :)

For attorneys: Jim Kiraly filed for CLETS against his son and victim, who lived 200 miles away, did not own a car, and was in a wheelchair. His son and victim was not asked to end communications. Jim had no (zero) specific and relevant allegations that were not perjury. But he turned down repeated offers of no-contact and a signed stipulation that gave him everything but CLETS. He insisted on CLETS if his victim ever once “discussed” him with third parties.

In the end, Jim Kiraly signed an agreement far weaker than the ones he'd been offered.

A review of Court paperwork and other materials will tend to confirm that Jim and other parties, including attorneys on all sides, committed multiple felonies, crimes, and faux pas. :P

The word “abuser” is stated here publicly and without equivocation. A formal offer is hereby made to reaffirm the word in writing and under oath. Attorneys will understand the significance of the point. In short, there is little terror of a threatened defamation suit on this side. Actually, we feel that such a suit will fit nicely up Jim Kiraly's abuser ass.

Jim has one son, Ken Kiraly, who invented the Amazon Kindle and is one of the leads at Amazon's secret Lab126. Another son, Tom Kiraly is one of the leads, a Vice President-CFO type, at medical insurance firms, including one of the largest, Humana Corporation.

These people and some of the biggest names in Silicon Valley legal circles have committed or are involved in multiple crimes.

For the next decade or two, we're going to explore the crimes that these people committed, the motivations and the denial involved, the background and histories that led each person to make the choices that they did, and ways to build upon what happened and move towards positive societal goals.

There's plenty to go over. These people committed or were involved in: Spousal abuse, child abuse, DDOS (a highly prosecutable violation of CFAA), extortion, perjury, conspiracy to commit perjury (a possible felony), false police reports, conspiracy to file false police reports (a possible felony), unlawful threats, barratry, defamation, malpractice, civil harassment, criminal harassment, abuse of process, and violations of SCCBA Professional Standards.

The point was to force Jim's oldest son and victim, me, to sign a gag order. I was in a wheelchair. I'd never made a single inappropriate threat against my abuser. I wasn't even asked to not to call anybody. But Jim threatened to put me in a violence database unless I agreed never to write about him.

I won the right to write, but I lost my home of 25 years, most of my possessions, my chances for retirement, everything. Everything but a realization.

I can make a difference. I can conduct research for legitimate and reasonable purposes, document what happened, and analyze the choices of the people involved:

Maggie told me that she didn't know what she could say to me about what happened. However, we have decades to work it out. It will be productive. I'd like to direct the attention of attorneys and other parties to the:

Legitimate and Reasonable Purposes List

Questions or comments are welcome. For technical notes and disclaimers, click here.

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The current free ebook is located at this link:

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Friday 2013-02-01 — A few calls

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Tags: Kiraly Cases. A full Kiraly Cases tags system will be added in 2014.

130201. James Kiraly, my abuser, and his attorney Michael Bonetto of Hoge Fenton are hoping to be able to treat consensual interactions with third parties as a crime. Read the document at this link closely. Lawful and appropriate communication and research will continue regardless. I'm tired today but I've made attempts to open discussions with the newspapers listed below.

Newspapers are being told, and will be told, the story behind the Kiraly Cases. Past events, the attempts to do an end run around Free Speech, the Abuse of Process and actual prosecutable crimes that Michael Bonetto and the Kiralys appear to be involved in.

I don't expect newspapers to do stories on what's happening. However I do anticipate that if I speak with 500 to 1,000 newspapers I'll be able to build contacts with people who are interested in Free Speech issues. We'll see where things go from there.

This list may be edited today or tomorrow as more newspapers are added.

  1. Arizona Republic

  2. Charlotte Observer

  3. Contra Costa Times

  4. Los Angeles Daily News

  5. Malibu Times

  6. Paso Robles Press

  7. Sand Mountain Reporter

  8. Salt Lake Tribune

  9. Times Reporter


Friday 2013-02-01 — General

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130201. I spent yesterday, Thursday, in San Jose again. More errands, all day. Didn't get home until about 8:30pm. Too much to do.

On the way home, I stopped by Chilis and found Josef there. We talked a bit. It was nice to see a local face that wasn't a business associate.

I didn't eat anything on Thursday but I fell asleep abruptly regardless. Woke up around 4:30am. I need to continue to triage and to move forward to the extent possible.


Thursday 2013-01-31 — General

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Tags: General. A full Kiraly Cases tags system will be added in 2013.

130131. I am writing this at about 2:30am on Thursday January 31. I have just woken up after sleeping a few hours. I don't know how long. I fell asleep because I ate yesterday. Here is how that came about.

There are tasks to be done. One of them involved a trip to San Jose on Wednesday to meet with the Baron, a business associate, and his staff. The first long meeting in perhaps a decade. So much to do and another day gone. But it was an interesting trip.

The staff and I discussed changing times. I told them a little about IRC. Mentioned BlueDream, MrMeow, and others. Figures in a new mythology. Members of a modern pantheon.

The Baron looked good. He'd lost weight though not as dramatically as I. “You're old,” I said. “How did this happen? How does it feel?” He put on glasses to read. I was startled at that. His reaction to my reaction was to shrug. “It is what it is,” he said.

“I'm interested in Time,” I said. “Twenty years ago... how long ago was that?” He replied, “Six or seven years. That is what it seems.”

“You're doing better than I expected,” he said, in turn. He and I agreed that I'd lost weight but wasn't too thin. “What is your reaction to what is happening?” I asked. “To what they are doing?”

“Well, it s*cks.” he said. This was my chance to find out how he actually felt. I watched him as he spoke. But I could not quite read him. This was regrettable as I'd like to seek his assistance.

The Baron drove me to the buffet in Santa Clara. I ate there and took a bus home. Wrote email for my attorney and tried to catch up in IRC.

I found out that Twisted Time had tried to visit me during the day while I was away. So I missed a rare meeting. He left a message for me about things that had happened. Twisted Time is not well. I wish him well. I love him as I love other people.

I tried to phone Charlie Baldwin. Charlie answered the phone but I had to tell him that I was passing out. It was due to the food. Sometimes Charlie shouts at me when I call him and can't continue the call. He did not shout this time.

I fell asleep hard. I woke up at about 2:15am. There was blood on the sheets from whatever the swellings I've mentioned are. From the legs as opposed to the arms this time.

I'd felt positive during the San Jose trip. This was because I was taking steps and making progress. At 2:15am I did not feel positive.


Thursday 2013-01-31 — Grace Kiraly's Marriage

For the Kiraly Cases story, click here
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130131. Based on remarks I've seen, I should be clear.

James Kiraly hurt more people than me. And there was more to it than physical violence. To Crocodile, an IRC acquaintance: You misunderstood that part.

James Kiraly dominated and controlled his wife and my mother, Grace Kiraly, for decades. Every aspect of her life. She was not, as a minor example, allowed to eat the food she wished.

Additionally, Grace was weary enough to move out once despite the fact she was burdened with children and had nowhere to go. This was not the only occasion that the two separated. In fact, Grace continued to seek ways out of the marriage for decades.

The latter point is not speculation but personal knowledge. If Michael Bonetto of Hoge Fenton wishes, I will speak under oath of details. By the way, Michael, I will speak of details over time regardless. James's plan to silence me is not actually going to work long term.

As a note to others, read the odd document at this link and the follow-up at this link. This documents should make the intentions of my abuser, James Kiraly, quite clear. His attorney has demanded website content takedown and the payment of $5,000 per consensual phone call to third parties, and has set forth conditions that could be used to treat my book or this website as “indirect contact” or “indirect harassment”.

Moving on, Grace felt trapped but she did not see herself as a typical battered or abused woman. James and Grace did share putative Christian backgrounds though their perspectives on God did not line up at all. The two also remained compatible physically. They made a sincere effort to use these points as the foundation of a marriage.

But it did not quite work for decades.

This is Skipper, the Kiraly dog. He was not as happy as it appears here. He bonded to Grace Kiraly and nobody else. Tolerated others but they were of little interest to him. Except when it was time for food or walks. The dog loved walks. Show him the leash and he'd be delighted.

Why did he care for Grace only? Does it say much about the family or is it a minor point? This is one of the questions I wanted to ask the Kiralys. For this they fight at all costs to silence me.



Wednesday 2013-01-30 — General

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130130. Today is Wednesday, January 30. I have not eaten in seven days.

I drank some liquid salsa after Wednesday. Bartenders have also put cherries in diet cola for me. And I've had fake orange juice. So caloric intake has not been zero. But this is longer than usual regardless.

Sleep has become unpredictable again as well. I seem to be sleeping two to three hours at a time at odd intervals. Longer on some days though.

I remain unclear as to whether these issues in general are on one side of the mind-body interface or the other. Most likely they straddle the border.

I am writing this at about 4:30am on Wednesday. I have left messages tonight for a few doctors. The messages are honest about the fact I do not have medical coverage. It will be interesting to see whether or not anybody calls back and what their perspective may be.

130130.2. Recently, Starlight told me that I look better each time she sees me. But a couple of days ago I spoke with a woman I'll call Jeanne. Manager of a local restaurant. I told her about the Kiraly Cases. She said afterward she'd been sure I was going to tell her I was dying. That I had cancer or something similar.

Apparently I seemed very thin to her though I appear normal to myself and Starlight as far as weight goes. Perceptions and interpretations vary. But that is hardly news.

130130.3. Crocodile reviewed this blog. He felt that it was too “New Age”. I was bemused to learn this. I am not a “New Age” person. No chants in front of crystals for me. I have been more introspective in recent years, though. And the things the Kiralys have done... this has had an impact.

How could one go through this and not be affected? Or even transformed? To see the truth of the world, which is that some people are made out of lies? And that other people are made out of truth?

This is the dividing line. The line that will determine whether or not Humanity can succeed. Will people be able to look at things and see them as they are? And then move forward? Or will those who embrace lies, who work backwards from the way they wish things to be, the Kiralys and their type, break Society itself into pieces in the end?

It is not “New Age” to reflect this way. It is part of a process that everybody should go through. The process of looking at what is real and making a decision.

130130.4. I will be focused for a while on finishing some tasks of interest. Posts will continue but the subjects may be more introspective than eventful.

I will try to keep “New Age” to a minimum :-)

This appears to be Scott Kiraly at around the time he entered his most dangerous period. I remember one occasion when the police were summoned. I did not realize something at the time. The Kiraly ethnicity and wealth made a difference. If Scott had had a different skin color his interactions with the police might have turned out very differently.



Sunday 2013-01-27 — OldCoder Internet History

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Tags: Biography, General. A full Kiraly Cases tags system will be added in 2013.

130127. I've written a fun essay that people seem to like. It's a few anecdotes about the Internet of decades ago. This was done at Kappelin's request.

A High School teacher apparently told students to interview folks about the Internet of the past. One student talked to Kappelin, who passed the interview on to me.

To browse a web-page version of the essay, click here. If you'd prefer a PDF document version, click here instead. Note that cell phones may not be able to display the PDF version.


Sunday 2013-01-27 — Kiraly Cases DV150 Filings

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Tags: James, Kiraly, Thomas. A full Kiraly Cases tags system will be added in 2013.

130127. These are DV150 filings for the Kiraly Cases; i.e. they're initial responses that I filed shortly after the cases started. They spell out my view of the cases. I'll probably file expanded versions when time permits.

DV120 for James Kiraly Case — Reasons I Do Not Agree

Plaintiff James, my Father, requests an order to stop “stalking” and “harassing” that never occurred. I was asked in December 2011 not to communicate; I complied 100% in 2012 until my Mother abrogated the request. Phone records will show my Father has committed perjury. I asked my family to work with me on a book and said request came immediately after I did this.

Father claims I made “false allegations of child abuse and spousal abuse,” but has lied about me making some allegations, and the allegations I did make are true. An objective witness from outside the family has offered to testify.

There are claims that I demanded medical care, hacked into Father's email, contacted my parents' church, etc. Other than contacting the church, after my Mother gave me permission to do so (Pastor Ron was cordial and the conversation was pleasant) the other allegations are entirely false.

Discovery is continuing. This response will be supplemented with a much longer point by point rebuttal at a later date that will discuss dozens of misrepresentations and actual lies by Father in detail.

DV120 for Thomas Kiraly Case — Reasons I Do Not Agree

Plaintiff Thomas, my brother, requests an order to stop “stalking”, “harassment”, “emotional abuse” and “threats” that never occurred. Additionally, many of Thomas' Declarations are allegations that do not relate to Thomas at all, and about which Thomas has no firsthand knowledge whatsoever. Those allegations are false.

I phoned Thomas on his birthday in 2012. The call was arranged through Thomas's assistant and he took it voluntarily. Thomas has lied about the conversation and about what happened subsequently. He spoke to me voluntarily a few times and stopped taking calls without warning. He states he indicated he didn't want to talk; this is a lie. It took me a long time to realize he hadn't even shown me the respect of telling me not to call.

I left a message saying we at least needed to discuss the disposition of our Grandfather's books, and that I'd talk to his adult children if he didn't want to proceed. He has characterized my offer to give him the books upon my death as extortion and an attempt to harm his livelihood. I am at a loss for words.

This case is about a book I'm writing and my parents' reaction to the book; nothing else. There are too many falsehoods to address here. Discovery is continuing. This response will be supplemented with a much longer point by point rebuttal at a later date that will discuss dozens of misrepresentations and falsehoods by plaintiff in detail.


Sunday 2013-01-27 — Message from a friend

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130127. The Masked Lua told me something last night. I won't try to explain my reaction except to say that I was moved. Here is what he said:

I noticed a couple of days where everytime I got on... you were non-present, scared the crap out of me.

I thought you may have disappeared. I have never seen your nick absent for more than 2 hours as in not logged in. but then I visited your blog. You did say traveling. but I guess I kind of assumed internet would be readily available.

I thought it was a short flight... so my assumptions were you would be on in the evening and I'd be able to stop and say hey :-) I know nothing about plane travel... so of course my assumptions are likely off.


Sunday 2013-01-27 — Request for Kiraly Cases advice

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Tags: Kiraly Cases. A full Kiraly Cases tags system will be added in 2013.

130127. This is an edited version of a note that I wrote for an acquaintance in IRC today. It's an updated summary of the situation. I wanted to ask his advice. Most of this will be familiar to current blog readers.

Last year was wonderful in some respects.

There are people who will talk to me online. One of them told me this morning that he was worried when I was gone from IRC last week. I was traveling. He thought something might have happened.

By the way, the trip went well. There are photos on my blog. Even of the bank... I walked into the bank and asked to speak with a manager. She and I talked about everything including some of this. I'd never have been so bold in the past.

Online associations are transient. That is all right. I value moments regardless. Tariq talked me through a weekend without water last Spring. And the period in May when I thought I'd lose my right hand. He found the situation to be too much later. But I will never forget that he referred to me once possessively as his OldCoder.

I have not had people in 25 years. Talking to people only started for real in 2008. I went to San Francisco and found Twisted Time in a hospital, floating in a tank of water. The story on my technical site, Shark Devouring Time, is true. Twisted Time lives in a candle flame. Note: He has been to the new channel but I don't know if you've met him.

It was amazing to speak with Twisted Time and others. Even the ones like Kevin King and his little brother Kern who were dubious. Kern is Finance Director of Stanford University now. We talked about Time and I will write up the discussion someday. His point was important.

Some folks online have dropped me at signs of TMI or complexity. REDACTED here did so in June and I don't blame him. He gave me a second chance a few weeks ago. But my Father James came after me again. There won't be a third chance and REDACTED is right again but it's difficult.

I need to decide things. Therefore I'm risking talking to more people.

Story: I am different mentally. It may be thought of as autism but there is more to it. In the 1960s it was simply called “neurological”.

I am a polymath. There is a short Indian kid on my blog. He runs Harvard or Yale Law School, I forget which. My best enemy. I was a step above him in some respects but unable to proceed with life. He played a small role in recent events. He's probably irritated that I mentioned this on my blog. However, I wanted to say goodbye to him and the others.

My biological family was odd. Brother Kenneth Kiraly designed the Amazon Kindle. I let him live with me rent-free for years and got him his first job. I also crushed my hand to protect him from our Father James though he was able to take care of himself.

Brother Thomas Kiraly is VP of Humana. That brother is not very bright. Brother Scott was obsessive and considered dangerous. The police were sometimes called. Scott inherited that from James.

Father James was VP of Transamerica, the company with the Pyramid.

I did a few things myself. However, my companies are dead and there are no people left in real life. Except for Twisted Time. And he lives in a candle flame.

James was an abuser. Hunts me for 13 months now to shut down my book and blog. The true start came in Spring 2012 when I phoned a Church with my Mother Grace's permission. I set up an appointment and talked to Pastor Ron about the nature of a Christ Follower and the responsibilities of a Christian in the temporal world.

continued below photo

There is a story about the globe. LittleCoder wasn't sentimental about the globe but he liked it. It reduced the entire world to a simple and understandable model. The baby is probably Kenneth. LittleCoder helped to teach Kenneth to walk not too long before this scene.

Not long after this scene, Grace Kiraly left James Kiraly. She wasn't frightened of him. But James was controlling and violent. Dangerous and childish at the same time. James tore things up. Sometimes he smashed things. Grace had to go. She flew away with her small children in tow.

LittleCoder was confused. He vomited on the plane. Then he thought about his books and the globe. LittleCoder wondered if his possessions would be all right without him.

Michael Bonetto of Hoge Fenton: Has Grace Kiraly contradicted any assertion that I've made? Specific assertions. If you give Grace a vague statement, she'll rewrite history. The facts will slide off like water off a duck's feathers. You know the truth, don't you, Michael? But you go home and look in the mirror. And you see a hero.


My Father has implied that I called Pastor Ron to rant about past abuse. James has also suggested that I hacked him, Amazon Corporation, and others. There are suggestions of many other things.

Yet there are no specific allegations. None that I can find in the Court papers. Save for a claim of about 70 non-consensual calls in 2011 that is false. Every call was consensual up to the day I asked my parents to help me write my book. James went to the police circa the next business day.

I am told that James may fake a text message from me. I will be disappeared. Even if that doesn't happen, legal costs are now about $25,000. There are not even specific allegations; it is quite odd. But it is my understanding that in the end the legal costs may double.

And I am told that I will be placed in a violence database because I have a blog. The one with kittens, capybaras, and a kids' game that I run. I have 20 virtual worlds. The blog will be cited as evidence that I am “crazy” and “dangerous”.

After I am in the violence database on a formal basis, the blog will be called “indirect harassment”, “indirect contact”, or “stalking”. Then James will be free to knock me to the floor again.


Sunday 2013-01-27 — Calls Down the Halls

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Tags: Kiraly Cases. A full Kiraly Cases tags system will be added in 2013.

130127. Michael Bonetto of Hoge Fenton has expressed an interest in phone calls that I made in Spring 2012. Calls such as the one I made to my mother Grace's church with her full permission. That was the call where I discussed the nature of a Christ Follower with Pastor Ron.

I feel that Michael isn't actually interested. Oddly enough, he's made repeated demands for information about calls that, as far as I know, he has made no specific allegations about — even half a year into the Kiraly Cases.

Why is that, Michael?

There are most likely two reasons for Michael's demands. He wishes, I think, to create the impression that there was something wrong with the calls. And, I feel, he wishes to misuse a standard court process to drive up my costs in the hopes that I'll run out of funds and be unable to defend myself at Long Cause.

But we'll let Michael's peers sort out the truth over the years in lawful and appropriate venues. Michael: It may take a while to get to the bottom of things, but I assume that's all right with you.

For now, as interest has been expressed, here's a partial list of recent calls. Notes related to the calls follow the list.

By the way, no more complete list exists except in phone records. If Michael would like to subpoena the records, he is free to do whatever the Law allows.

  1. Television stations: KTVU, ABC-7, KNTV-11, KTEH-54. This group is located in California.

  2. Television networks: CNN, Fox News.

  3. Newspapers: Baltimore Sun, Daily Californian, Des Moines Register.

  4. California Anti-SLAPP Project. I believe the SLAPP side of things would apply primarily to Hoge Fenton as opposed to James Kiraly, Grace Kiraly, Thomas Kiraly, or Kenneth Kiraly. However, this needs to be verified.

  5. Sidran Institute. Note: Their area of interest is Traumatic Stress Education and Advocacy.

  6. Freedom Forum

  7. Illinois First Amendment Center

  8. National Children's Alliance

  9. First Amendment Coalition

  10. Santa Clara County Bar Association, Professionalism Committee. This was just a preliminary feeler. It will take me a while to understand how things are connected at the Bar Association level.

These were mostly initial calls aimed at establishing communication. In cases where discussions move forward, one goal is to discuss lawful and appropriate ways to deal with a situation.

The situation is odd.

* A past violent abuser, James Kiraly of Pismo Beach, a man who has been dominating and controlling towards his wife and others for decades, files a CLETS action against his victim. There are no injuries, threats of violence, or illegal threats of any kind. There is not even an active request not to communicate. But CLETS is filed regardless.

Michael Bonetto: Evidence related to the last point, request not to communicate, is in the Discovery material. Did you happen to ask Grace Kiraly about her uninvited trip to see me in 2012 and the series of calls that she made to me subsequently?

* The abuser, James Kiraly, submits as “evidence” postcards that were sent after James contacted people and said “don't be afraid... to give me something... to prosecute Bob”.

Postcards that were vetted in advance by the police. Postcards that said, as a response to James's threats, “you cannot stop the book”.

By the way, I am “Bob”. I prefer Robert. “Bob” was James's son and his victim. I am nobody's victim now.

* The fear that James had, as manifested by his reaction to lawful and appropriate calls to a Church and a volunteer group, that his past was going to be discussed. Both in phone calls and in his son's book.

Fear so great that James assumed his past had been discussed and dove into CLETS... and is now in the awkward position of trying to imply that the abuse was discussed without actually asserting this.

* The irony inherent in the fact that the abuser's victim is now forced to speak out about the things that happened in the past. And the things that are happening now.

* Other aspects. “Evidence” such as voicemail transcripts submitted without a single illegal statement pointed out.

* Or the role of an uninvolved brother, Thomas Kiraly, who is reduced to quoting a story told by James that does not even involve Thomas. To asserting that a prearranged birthday call was stalking even though Thomas invited the caller to phone again. The gift of a grandfather's books of religious poetry that is said to be, in some unspecified way, extortion.

continued below photo

LittleCoder, Robert Kiraly, is supporting Scott Kiraly here. Robert did that throughout Scott's life. He was the only brother to visit Scott when the Kiralys put Scott in a Christian prison of sorts because Scott was dangerous. Decades later Scott believed lies that Grace told and told Robert to go away. So Robert went away.

The second tallest boy is Thomas Kiraly. Vice President of Humana Corporation. Thomas's role in the Kiraly Cases is comedy relief. He filed a CLETS action — a fear of violence measure — against Robert despite the fact he lived 3,000 miles away and had never asked Robert not to communicate.

As there was nothing to base charges on, Thomas quoted a story told by James that did not involve Thomas. Also cited Robert's gift of a grandfather's books of religious poetry as an example of extortion.

The boy on the right is Kenneth Kiraly, one of the architects of the Amazon Kindle. Kenneth seems to be siding with James and Thomas but has not filed a CLETS action of his own. Robert's attorney has speculated this is because Kenneth is kindly disposed towards Robert. Robert has disabused the attorney of the notion.


Yes. It's an odd story. A story that goes to the true heart of abuse. The thing that makes it possible. Denial.

It's a story that needs to be discussed. And that will be discussed in the years to come with hundreds of groups or entities that are interested in the First Amendment, abuse, autism, and positive social goals.

This desk belonged to Ivan Kmeta, Grace Kiraly's father and a leading Ukrainian writer. The painting is by Grace and the boy is probably based on Scott. Scott wasn't friendly like the painting boy, though. The young woman in the photo is Grace herself.

Ivan wrote books of religious poetry. Some of them at this desk though he preferred outdoors when it was cool enough. Sometimes he wrote at a Roy Rogers chicken restaurant a few miles away. They never knew that marvelous books were being written right there next to the crispy drumsticks.

Contrary to false statements that Thomas made under oath, Robert obtained some of the books directly from Ivan as opposed to Grace. He asked Ivan to autograph the books for his brothers. Ivan complied but cried when he did this.

Robert gave some of the books to Grace. Grace was a thoughtless woman who did not care about her father's legacy. She lost the books immediately and was offended when Robert asked about the matter. “Why would you press me about something so inconsequential?”

Decades later, Robert tried to give some of the books that he'd held onto to Thomas. Thomas's response was to accuse Robert of extortion.

It is Robert's view that the Kiraly Cases are not only Abuse of Process but a farce. He wishes Michael Bonetto to know that parts such as the Grandfather's Books issue will not rest.



Saturday 2013-01-26 — Bar Association

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Tags: Kiraly Cases. A full Kiraly Cases tags system will be added in 2013.

130126. After seven months and careful consideration, I've started a series of calls to the Santa Clara County Bar Association. The subject is Michael Bonetto of Hoge Fenton and, to the extent other members of Hoge Fenton are involved, other members.

To explain, let's start with a key point. The Santa Clara County Bar Association takes the following position on professionalism:

Members of the Santa Clara County Bar Association have practiced law with a level of professionalism that goes well beyond the requirements of the State Bar mandated Code of Professional Conduct. To make that level of professionalism the standard for practice in Santa Clara County, the SCCBA in 1992 adopted a Code of Professionalism to apply to all lawyers who practice in Santa Clara County. The local federal and state courts adopted the Code to use as guidelines of practice in their courtrooms. The SCCBA Professionalism Committee exists to ensure that the Code is actively used by attorneys practicing in Santa Clara County and to review and comment on State Bar formal ethic opinions before they are finalized.

So the Santa Clara County standard goes well beyond state mandated requirements. This is interesting. I feel that Michael Bonetto may be engaged in Abuse of Process and possibly actual prosecutable crimes. It can be difficult for a lay person to succeed with actions at the Bar Association level. But Michael may be on thin ice even from the perspective of the minimum requirements.

If the Santa Clara County standard goes “well beyond” the minimum requirements, Michael may have miscalculated what he could get away with. I've got plenty to deal already with at the moment. But I'm going to look into this further.

By the way, Michael, my assumption that a win or loss for either of us in Long Cause won't necessarily determine the outcome of Bar Association actions though there may be some influence.


Saturday 2013-01-26 — General

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Tags: Kiraly Cases. A full Kiraly Cases tags system will be added in 2013.

130126. I've reworked the Kiraly Cases Story page. It's similar to the main website index but it's limited to key documents and organized into more of a story. Review and comment if possible.

130126.3. There are so many things to do presently. Not sure there is time. I will need to triage further. I last ate on Wednesday 130123. No inclination to eat again yet.

Starlight, a casual acquaintance, told me yesterday that I look better each time she sees me. I told her that it was the same with her. The irony behind the truth of her words... I do look quite good now at times unless you look closely.


Friday 2013-01-25 — Minetest Virtual Worlds

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130125. Latest changes to my Minetest worlds:

Added Dog Blocks (woof!) by Dogzilla131, Food by Rubenwardy (want fries with that?), and Doc Farming by Doc22. Also updated Home Decor, More Trees, Pipeworks, and Plant Life by VanessaE, who promptly announced new releases, right after I finished :-)

Dropped Animals from Mark Twain World at Veidemaster's request. Finally, as a favor to Sokomine, Calinou World will be unlogged for now.

130125. Here's a group of trees of several different types growing in an icy region. Including, oddly enough, some palm trees.

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130125. And here's Doc22's floating island plus Doc22 himself. He wanted it noted that the aerial island is still under construction. We look forward to seeing future versions.

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Friday 2013-01-25 — Cookie the Cat Wonders What's That

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130125. An online friend is remodeling a house. In the first photo below, we see Cookie the Cat, comfortable but slightly nonplussed by the goings on. Or would it be nonpussed?

The second photo features Cookie's friend Jeannie the Cat. I simply liked the arrangement for this one.

Something about the third photo appealed to me too. Just a light bulb. The light defines the space. Truth defines Reality or is it the other way around?





Thursday 2013-01-24 — Minetest Virtual Worlds

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130124. This is some pixel art by Teco.

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Thursday 2013-01-24 — Coder Field Trip

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130124. I returned to Silicon Valley on Thursday morning. Flew back as I'd come. Here's a few more snapshots from the trip.

Nothing special here but the colors caught my eye. Sort of a popsicle array of buildings.


This is a Sea Dragon. He's smiling but seems tired.


Giant flowers on display at a tourist shop.


This scene would be familiar to James Kiraly. He served on a similar ship decades ago.


In a rare display of whimsy, Grace Kiraly — one of the least whimsical women I know — once gave me a tiny toy duck. It was to keep me company, she said. The toy duck brings me no joy but I don't have the heart to throw it out. Toys are symbols and symbols are real. At some level they matter. So I purchased a cat and a rooster on this trip to keep the duck itself company.



Thursday 2013-01-24 — Thomas Kiraly Birthday

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130124. Thursday January 24 2013 is Thomas Kiraly's birthday. The date is no longer of interest to me as a birthday. It is significant, however, as a symbol of the lies that Thomas has embraced.

In fact, Thomas Kiraly has made a “choice”, to use a word that the Kiralys favor, to use the date of his birth as the cornerstone of a lie. One year ago, on or circa this date, I phoned Thomas Kiraly by prior arrangement, with his knowledge and consent, to wish him a Happy Birthday.

Thomas Kiraly not only took the call voluntarily and spoke at length, he invited me to call back in two or three weeks. And never once, in the months that followed, did Thomas ever once ask me not to call him.

But Thomas has stated, as part of the false and fraudulent CLETS actions that he participates in, that the initial discussion was stalking. He neglects to mention points such as prearranged call, invitation to call back, or no request ever made not to communicate.

Oh, well. To Michael Bonetto of Hoge Fenton, who coordinated the CLETS actions, such details must have seemed minor. Perhaps the stalking assertion is not actual perjury on Thomas Kiraly's part or criminal conspiracy on Michael Bonetto's part after all.


Wednesday 2013-01-23 — Coder Field Trip

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130123. I'm over 400 miles from home. But there is no home any longer.

This city is very nice. And very different. It has been quite a change of pace.

I have talked to people here about what is happening. What James Kiraly, Grace Kiraly, Thomas Kiraly, and Kenneth Kiraly are doing. Every person I've talked to in person has been kind. It's been liberating to talk freely. To step out of the shadows and speak the truth.

I am not going to go back into the shadows again.


Wednesday 2013-01-23 — Oraclencounter

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130123. Something minor but unexpected happened on Wednesday. A gentleman struck up a conversation with me at a tourist place. We were 400 miles from Silicon Valley. But it turned out that he is from the same area as Kenneth and I. In fact, he is an Oracle person based in Campbell. Small world.

As he is Oracle, we discussed OpenOffice, LibreOffice, Java, and IcedTea. Stallman, Torvalds, and ESR. We are both fans of Cathedral and the Bazaar.

We discussed the Kiraly Cases as well. The part about Michael Bonetto of Hoge Fenton demanding $5,000 each for consensual phone calls to third parties.

Michael's attempt to take down the demands after I posted them. Michael's attempt to take down the takedown demand. Michael's request that I take down his website. People get a kick out of that.

And my father James's likely plan to use CLETS, given that my abuser has demonstrated he will not hesitate to misrepresent or lie under oath, to shut down this site.

The Oracle person said that he was an atheist. I responded that, for my part, I will never judge Christians by the Kiraly example again. I have met too many Christians now who are sincere and not full of hatred.

I asked the Oracle person, as I have most people recently, if I was communicating properly and effectively. He said that I was. This is interesting.


Wednesday 2013-01-23 — Bank is Top Rank

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130123. I stopped by the bank in the photo below today and asked to speak with a manager. There was no need to do this in this city. But there were details that needed to be discussed and I had a few minutes free.

Rita at the branch agreed to speak with me. She is the Banking Center Manager. Rita was patient and explained everything. Called the National Call Center and verified what needed to be done. I'd like the company to know that she couldn't have been more kind to a client who simply walked in off the street.

Then Rita and I discussed smartphone apps, diet and health, and the Kiraly Cases. Also tourist places to see in this city.

I am interested in smartphone apps because if the Kiralys can be defeated I wish to develop an app or two. Rita, like most adults, does not use many apps. She has tried a Lumosity app, though. If I've got the link right, you can review Lumosity here.

Rita said that she watches gluten content in foods. Other people have suggested that I do this myself. It is something to consider. As a related note, I ate today for the second day in a row. Was out cold for 75 minutes.

I asked Rita if I was communicating well despite the fact that I was speaking verbally. She confirmed that I was.



Wednesday 2013-01-23 — A Musician's Life

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130123. The musician in the photo is Christopher. If the facts are wrong, he will write to me and suggest corrections.

I decided to speak to Christopher when I heard him playing the Flintstones theme song. Flintstones, Meet the Flintstones... He was hoping to earn money through donations but the area was largely empty today. He was playing for nobody but me.

Christopher worked in Vegas. He was downsized. Replaced, in his words, with a tape recorder. His instruments were stolen. He has one professional grade instrument left. The horn in the photo. He guards the remaining instrument. It is his life.

There is a business center in the city where street musicians like Christopher can earn a living. But only a few musicians are allowed to come and play. Each month he must wait for a lottery to see he can earn his keep. This month he lost the lottery.

The Kiralys, and those like them, are full of loathing for those who have not succeeded financially. The assumption is that people made “choices” that determined their fate. In some cases, this is true. In other cases, it is not.

I wonder, does Christ approve, either way, of the loathing that the Kiralys and their type display? The hatred I've seen dripping from these people when they talk about the poor... or, in the case of my blood relatives, about me... it isn't even sane.

For my part, I'd rather have one Christopher, one street musician striving to create Art, than a dozen Kiralys pumping hatred into a world that doesn't need it.



Tuesday 2013-01-22 — First Flight in Decades

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130122. Today I went on my first airplane flight in a couple of decades. I was concerned about possible problems. But it was all right.

Tonight I am in a city over 400 miles from home. The home that the Kiralys are taking from me. I will do as people have instructed.

Liselle in real life. Light Bringer, Metacognician, Tactician, and others in the more important sphere. I have gone to take the first step.

I ate tonight and went into shock for 24 minutes. I am somewhat tired. But I have Net and people who greet me. I am content.

Kevin King and the others: I'd like to talk. If this is not convenient you have my final word with the photo of the trio at Las Lomas.

Aequus knew of the trip. He requested photos of the city of his birth. A few are included below.

I hope to return to Silicon Valley soon
Perhaps by light of Monday's moon
I can't say if I'll have Net each day
Though for Net I'll surely pray

This is a scene from my first plane ride in decades. It was a novelty. Last time there were no Android gadgets. However, the mountains are unchanged.


This is the harbor at sunset. It seemed empty. Oddly, nobody was there.


This is a little shop that sells little dreams to entertain people. Fun at parties is good. I wish I'd had parties.


This is the city as seen from the water's edge at sundown. It seems smaller than I expected.


I ate here tonight. Far from the home that is lost. First meal in five days. This restaurant started in 1933. Fishermen ate here, then bikers, and now it's trendy. Current owner has had it since 1980. Mannikin on top is a fisherman dressed in uniform to support local team.

This is one of three places that family members run as a group. They are pleased because they are successful as a family. One of their friends said the word to me repeatedly to emphasize it: “Family, family.”



Monday 2013-01-21 — Let's Talk

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130121. The Kiraly Cases have been brutal. And they seem to be evolving. I don't think the Kiralys are even trying to pretend any longer. Things are out in the open.

I'm the subject of CLETS actions, which basically means that I'm accused of being a physical threat to my former abuser, who lives hundreds of miles away, and a brother who lives thousands of miles away. This despite some remarkable facts that people are invited to review.

In the past, the Kiralys demanded $5,000 per consensual phone call and the takedown of website content.

Their goal now is get permanent orders which James Kiraly, my former abuser, hopes will allow him to prevent me from talking to people. Talking to anybody.

Odds are that James plans to call consensual discussions with third parties, or even posting to this weblog, something like “indirect harassment” or “indirect contact”.

The thing is, though, they can't actually stop me from talking to the Justice Department, news media, legislators, child abuse prevention groups, religious groups, or any group that falls into general public contexts.

And, after 13 months of unpleasantness and 7 months of Abuse of Process, I've got a fair amount to say.

I'm getting a feeling for how the whole thing works. I could use input, though. Assume that I'm going to make a significant number of phone calls over time. Direct phone calls and not simply mail. Note that the calls are to be lawful and appropriate.

Also assume I'm willing to travel. Something I didn't do for many years.

How should activity be distributed? Newspapers? Radio? Should I phone your own local newspaper? Do you know a radio reporter who might be interested in a very odd story?

Are you a Fundamentalist of the Kiraly sort? Or one like my attorney Iohannes, the Masked Lua, Tactician, Brazen, and others I've met? Not all Fundamentalists are the same. I understand this now. I want to talk about Christ Followers. I'd like to talk about Christ without being threatened with jail for doing so.

That is what it comes down to. I called Pastor Ron to talk about Christ Followers. That as much as anything else led my abuser to do this. He was afraid of what I might say next.

Do you run an autism advocacy group or anti-abuse group, anywhere in the U.S., and would you like me to speak at a meeting? I'll need a ride to and from the airport plus lodging. That's about it. I don't eat much presently.

Use HexChat or the Freenode web gateway to chat with me live in: #kiraly

Or phone me at United States 650-941-6546; but I have no voicemail on that line and you'll need to unblock Caller ID. Or email me at:

I may be unavailable for a few days this week. I'll explain at a later point. But let's talk. I do that now after 40 years. Sometimes I sound very different than other people. That has happened since preschool. It's why things happened the way they did. But I'm here and I wish to talk. The Kiralys didn't expect that.

Note: I may have my first radio interview in February. If it works out, details will be posted. If not, perhaps I can do something with your group instead.


Sunday 2013-01-20 — Minetest Virtual Worlds

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130120. I may not have time to do much with Minetest for a little while. Hopefully that won't be the case. But for tonight here's a screenshot of a scene that I liked. This is Daystarr's home in Zegaton World:

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Saturday 2013-01-19 — Las Lomas Trio

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130120. The trio below is, from left to right, Bob Westrup, Kevin King, and Akhil Amar. The date is a little over 35 years ago. In other words, yesterday.

Twisted Time, who some of you have met, was part of this group but is not present in this scene.

Bob Westrup, I'm told, turned out to be gay like Roger (not pictured). I'd like both of them to know that I hope they're doing well. Roger, if you see this, Twisted Time would like to speak with you.

LittleCoder had no friends or social interaction for a couple of years starting around age seven. He was in poor shape by age nine. Kevin King came along after that and probably saved his life. By the time this photo was taken, Kevin disliked the odd kid. Today he won't speak with me.

However, Kevin did call me after the Kiralys attacked in 2012 and offered me advice regarding how to fight them. I am grateful. I'd like what happened between Kevin and Twisted Time to be all right, but I suppose it never will be.

Akhil Amar was a pr*ck. He was one of the reasons that I never sought help related to autism. He was also intelligent and quite sharp. The one I measured myself against for years. And one of just four people, along with Kevin, who signed my yearbook one year.

When the Kiralys attacked in 2012, Akhil sent his brother, Vikram Amar, to help me. But I was sick at the time, in and out of consciousness, so Vikram ran like Hell. Not sure why he couldn't tell that it was an Emergency Room situation. In retrospect, it was sort of obvious.

Akhil, I was the next step up. If there hadn't been the abuse sh*t to deal with and, hey, being “neurological” is fun, it might have been interesting to compare our relative trajectories over the decades. But you worked your ass off and you deserve the best.

Actually, all of you deserve the best. The strange kid wishes you well. He wishes with all his heart and soul that things could have been different.



Saturday 2013-01-19 — Kiraly Case Notes First Draft

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130120. O.K. This post is large. But it's important. It's the first draft of a document that may ultimately be used for a number of purposes.

To download a PDF version of the document, click here.

This is the start of documentation for the Kiraly Cases that may be formal enough to serve as the basis for a second book.

A second book that will evolve over the years and be sent, in various iterations and formats, to the Justice Department, First Amendment advocates, Legislators, religious groups, advocates for abused children, autism rights advocates, and other parties working towards positive social goals.

Regardless of the outcome of Long Cause, both writing projects will proceed. In the end, they may be one. We'll see.

As a related note to my little brother, Kenneth Kiraly of Kindle Fame:

First, I didn't know that Mansour Safai had died. I'm sorry to read this. He was a better man than you. I'd have been proud to have him as a brother.

You, not so much :P

Moving on, I've got enough input now. Enough to see the patterns. The gestalt thing. You know about that, right?

This was a foolish move. James Kiraly won't be able to keep a lid on the story long term. This isn't good for anybody. Not for him or for her. But this is his choice. Not mine.

Why did you go along with it?

But my remarks are pointless. You didn't care about either of them. That's fine. Pretty sure that didn't matter to him. And she'll never know. Sees what she wishes to see.

As a side note, wasn't what you took from me enough for one lifetime? Of course not. You're bright, but you're like James and Thomas. In all the years you've never looked in the mirror. I assume your sons believe you're a hero. I suppose that's as it should be.

By the way, don't point to the Multiscope money. That doesn't make up for it.

continued below photo

This seems to be LittleCoder with Kenneth Kiraly on Kenneth's fourth birthday.



If any party did not wish to hear from me last year, 2012, I wish they'd shown me the respect of asking me not to communicate with them. My Brother Thomas, who I phoned by prior arrangement circa his birthday on January 24, 2012 for the purposes of a Happy Birthday greeting, invited me to call back.

Thomas never once indicated during subsequent conversations that he did not wish to speak. My Mother Grace visited me unannounced in early 2012, then initiated a series of phone calls to me, in the process abrogating a prior request not to call her. So I still, to this day, don't fully understand what is going on in James's and Thomas's heads. All these people needed to do was ask.

I'd have continued to work on my book, regardless, of course. My book is what this situation is about. James seems determined to stop me from talking to others who wish to speak with me. But I will write my book. As far as relevant and specific allegations against me go, after vague pronouncements and hand-waving are subtracted, there don't seem to be any. Grace's visit to me ended the single relevant and specific issue that I am aware of, alleged non-consensual calls in 2011.

I ask the Court to review the facts of the Kiraly cases. The gift of my Grandfather's books of religious poetry to my Brother. The nonsense about hacking. Stories about the police calling me when it never happened. Postcards that I vetted with the police in advance. My attempt to reach Corporate Counsel at Amazon Corporation and how that was portrayed.

I ask the Court to understand my perspective: I feel that misrepresentations, actual perjury, and/or Abuse of Process have occurred and that these issues are not only clear but blatant.


The Kiraly cases are CLETS actions. The events in the cases overlap. In fact, one case (Thomas as Plaintiff) is largely a restatement of the other case (James as Plaintiff) with filler material added. This document is intended to apply to both cases. It includes a summary, a bullet item list that addresses key points, and background information. Robert is willing to repeat points labeled as assertions under oath subject to full penalties for misrepresentation or perjury.


The cases involve one family, all of whose members are surnamed Kiraly: James, Father. Grace, Mother. Robert, oldest surviving Brother. Thomas, next Brother. Kenneth, next Brother. Scott, youngest Brother. James and Thomas are CLETS plaintiffs against Robert. The situation dates to circa early December 2011. Actions were filed in late Spring 2012.

Robert has signed a Stipulation that, he has been told, agrees to the original Orders except for CLETS. Robert has offered the signed Stipulation to the other side. However, James, who is believed to be making some or all significant decisions for both cases on the Plaintiff side, is pressing for CLETS.

continued below photo

Some years, books were the only friends that LittleCoder had. He'd sit on the wagon wheel here, back to the wall, legs along the top, and read. He liked the odd green plants below the wheel. They were strange. When his parents moved away decades later, he asked his mother to give him some of the plants as a keepsake. She said she would but she didn't.



First, it is suggested that Robert has made false allegations against James. But no false allegations were ever made. Robert is forced to state the facts publicly and will do so under oath. When James was younger, he was prone to attacks of rage. He literally shook with anger at times. James behaved in a manner that was both domineering and obsessive compulsive. He was controlling and abusive towards his wife and some of his children. Robert has offered to provide the name of a relevant witness.

Moving on, Robert was neurologically different and this was not only acknowledged but stated to the boy by Grace. Robert had difficulties with speech and with making eye contact. James characterized both of these medical issues as “attitude” starting when Robert was no more than eight years old. James terrified Robert. James would do things such as knock Robert to the floor without warning or, shaking with fury, chase Robert out of the house partly dressed.

Robert sought repeatedly to build positive associations with his parents in the decades that followed. There were never any non- consensual calls save as described elsewhere. In fact, Grace often sought Robert's advice about whether or not to leave her abusive husband and what to do about her youngest son Scott. To clarify the Scott issue, Scott was obsessive like James and was considered to be violent and a potential threat to Kenneth.

In mid-2011, Robert was immobilized due to illness for about two weeks, was without food or painkillers for the entire period, and was partly incapacitated for months afterward. During this period, Robert was given food and a wheelchair, met new people, and started to communicate more. He ultimately decided to proceed with a book that he had first conceived of in 1971.

In late 2011, Robert asked his parents to assist him with the book. James's response was to threaten Robert with the police. James then went to the police circa the next business day and made what Robert asserts were false statements. The police never contacted Robert, even once, except later on when Robert requested calls to discuss filing criminal charges against James.

In 2012, Grace visited Robert and abrogated any request not to communicate. Discovery Evidence shows that the visit did occur. Grace then started a series of phone calls to Robert. The calls from Grace to Robert were tiring and even burdensome. However, Robert permitted the calls as he considered them to be part of a final attempt to build a positive relationship with his parents. Discovery Evidence shows that these calls did occur.

Robert resumed work on his book. Robert made a 100% appropriate call to a church with Grace's permission and a 100% appropriate call to a volunteer group. Then Robert learned that James was telling people to “present a united front against Bob” and “don't be afraid” to help James “prosecute Bob”. When Robert learned of James's threats, he sent James and Grace cold but polite postcards that said, essentially, “You cannot stop the book”. Robert discussed the postcards in advance with the police. The police approved sending the postcards.

Things escalated from there until James filed what Robert believes are false and fraudulent CLETS actions.

As Robert understands it, James has repeatedly refused all attempts to settle the actions that do not involve attempts to stop Robert's work on the book. Specifically, James seeks to impose “a priori” limits on consensual interactions with third parties.

Even a casual perusal of the settlement “offer” from James that demands $5,000 for each instance of “indirect” harassment tends to confirm this. Robert feels that James is hoping to use CLETS to do an end run around the First Amendment. Thomas and his allegedly separate case are a side issue, one that Robert characterizes as a footnote to James's action.

continued below photo

I have relatively few photos of Grace where she's real. At least, those pictures are in the minority. Often, she's fake. Not sure how to explain this to people who can't see beneath the surface. This picture is unusual. Here my mother, for a moment, is real.



The Kiraly cases are unusual in that there may be close to zero specific and significant allegations of the types that are usually made in CLETS actions. Instead, numerous things are implied but very little is asserted. Robert feels that the paucity of specific allegations may be related to the fact that the cases are without merit or justification.


Thomas has characterized a phone call that Robert made to him circa January 24, 2012 as stalking. Robert wishes the Court to be aware of the following points, which Robert asserts are simple facts: That call to Thomas was scheduled through an administrative assistant or a similar party who passed a request for communication on to Thomas. Thomas took the call voluntarily and without any signs of reservations. Thomas invited Robert to call him again after an agreed-upon period. Thomas suggested that Robert make the second call two to three weeks later.

Never, on any subsequent occasion, during any of the consensual conversations in 2012 that Thomas not only agreed to but encouraged Robert to make, did Thomas ever once ask Robert not to communicate. To the best of Robert's recollection, Thomas does not even allege that he ever asked Robert not to communicate. Instead, Thomas says that he “made it clear” that he didn't want to talk. If Robert remembers correctly, the truth is Thomas simply stopped answering the phone without stating that he was planning to do so or offering an explanation.


There appears to be a specific allegation on James's part that about 70 non-consensual calls took place in 2011. Robert asserts that no non-consensual calls (zero such calls) ever took place prior to a particular day circa early December 2011. Or that any significant number of non-consensual calls ever took place at all except on that day. That was a day when James threatened Robert with the police and declined to provide a reason for aggressive threats or even to explain what he (James) was talking about.

James's threats came immediately after Robert asked his parents to work with him on a positive book. James told Robert that James would accuse Robert of making 30 non-consensual calls. Subsequently, James proceeded to make the accusation and increased the number to 70. But James simply added up all calls that took place during a period prior to the book request and labeled the calls as “non-consensual” when, in fact, not a single call during the period prior to the book request was anything but fully consensual.

To demonstrate that James's assertions are misrepresentations or possibly perjury, the Court would only need to ask James if even one James-Robert discussion during that period concerned anything but mundane subjects such as repairs to James's house or James's efforts at S.C.O.R.E. Or whether any request was ever made by James or Grace, during the period in question, for Robert not to communicate; even one request of this type.


Robert is not clear as to whether James is making specific allegations of non-consensual calls to James's household in 2012. If such allegations are being made, Robert asserts that he does not recall even a single call made to that household in 2012 during the brief period when a request not to communicate was in effect; save only for a single misdialed call made in early 2012 that was aborted prior to completion.

Simply stated, Grace made a series of burdensome calls to Robert but Robert never violated any open request not to communicate in 2012. Nor does Robert recall initiating communications himself with James or Grace in 2012 until James made aggressive and possibly unlawful threats.


In the absence of specific allegations, the Court will find things entered into evidence whose relevance is not clear. There are cold but polite postcards that Robert sent to his parents. The postcards were approved in advance by the Pismo Beach police. The point made by the postcards was “You can't stop the book”. Robert stands by the postcards 100%. There are also transcripts of voicemail messages that make no unlawful threats of any kind. And, actually, Robert does not presently recall any other evidence that is specific, significant, and relevant.


As there are close to zero specific and significant allegations and close to zero evidence of any of the actions generally associated with CLETS, Opposing Counsel Michael Bonetto has constructed Pleadings that attempt to convey the impression of a startling number of unlawful and inappropriate actions, including but apparently not limited to hacking of multiple types, extortion, stalking, large numbers of nonconsensual calls, making false statements about abuse to a church and to a volunteer group to which James belonged, and being a danger to one's self and others. However, a review will show that much of this material is, to put it simply, low-content filler.

Robert feels Opposing Counsel may have assumed that nobody would look closely at what Robert characterizes as fantasies and possibly outright perjury.


As a notable example of low-content filler, Thomas's pleadings consist partly of a detailed story that does not involve Thomas in any way and that suffers from the deficiency that not only are the events in the story not factual, Thomas does not, to the best of Robert's recollection, even attempt to assert that they are factual. Instead, phrases similar to “I assume” or “I believe” are used.

The story in question is Thomas's essay about the police contacting Robert, a remarkable retelling of James's fantasy and/or perjury that is not connected to Thomas and that never happened in any way, shape, or form.


Thomas characterizes an attempt by Robert to give Thomas books of religious poetry by their Grandfather, Ivan Kmeta, as an unlawful or inappropriate act. As background information, Ivan was a leading writer of the Ukrainian Religious Diaspora and Robert was generally acknowledged by the Kiraly family to be Ivan's spiritual heir. Ivan's books were to be left to Thomas in Robert's will. Thomas does not offer any explanation of the position that there was anything remotely inappropriate about the gift of books of religious poetry.

continued below photo

This is probably Thomas Kiraly. He was the “cool kid”. His reaction to the violent atmosphere in the Kiraly household was, I think, to withdraw more than anybody else but LittleCoder. And yet Thomas pretended to be outgoing at the same time. Thomas became artificial. Not mechanical like his older brother but polished, fake-intense, not real. Thomas's mother Grace Kiraly calls the change a “dark mask” to this day.

Thomas is an ordinary, balding, somewhat dull executive now. He's hidden the past away in a corner of his mind where it can never be seen. The dark mask has become a faded latex Halloween costume. It can never be taken off again.



Robert asserts that, to the extent that Plaintiffs make specific assertions, the assertions are in some cases perjury or so close to it that the distinction is difficult to see. Robert's initial DV120 response to the Court in James's case indicated that Discovery would produce evidence that James had committed perjury. Discovery did turn up evidence that could be interpreted as suggesting perjury on James's part. In particular, phone records were obtained that showed a series of calls from James's residence to that of Robert dated 2012. Discovery also turned up a letter by James and/or Grace acknowledging that Grace had come to visit Robert in 2012.

In short, there was active and ongoing communication, and even face to face interaction, initiated by one or both of the parties in the James-Grace household from early 2012 on. This tends to contradict any assertion by the Kiralys that a request not to communicate was in effect during the period in question.


Robert notes that one phone call, in particular, seems to be particularly important to James in the Kiraly cases. Robert phoned a church that his Mother, and apparently his Father, attended and did so with his Mother's full permission. Robert discussed Christianity with Pastor Ron at the church. Topics included the nature of a “Christ Follower” and the responsibilities of a Christian in the temporal world.

If the Court reviews Pleadings and Discovery, the Court will see attempts to suggest that Robert said inappropriate things to Pastor Ron. Things such as revelations related to abuse committed by James. However, there do not appear to be any actual assertions that Robert did this. This is because no such thing happened during that call.


It is also implied that Robert made unlawful or inappropriate calls to other parties, including the Amazon and Humana Corporations. And, again, it is believed that no specific and relevant accusations of anything unlawful or inappropriate being said in such calls will be found. This is because, it is believed, nothing unlawful or inappropriate was ever said.


Robert phoned Amazon Corporation, Lab 126 in particular, to identify Corporate Counsel for Lab126. The purpose of this was to attempt to schedule consensual service of Kenneth in connection with appropriate legal actions against James. Robert was transferred to a security person, an admitted associate of Kenneth's, who immediately made aggressive threats against Robert without cause or explanation.

5BIt should be noted that Robert reported the possibly unlawful threats by a Lab126 representative to the local police afterward. In fact, Robert initiated discussions with police detectives and supervisors at multiple levels, explained what had happened, and reached agreements with the police related to investigations of Lab126.

Subsequently, circa Robert's birthday or on the day itself, Robert left a goodbye message for Kenneth, who Robert never reached directly at all, on Amazon's voicemail system. It was intended at the time to be Robert's final message in this life to his Brother. Robert stands by the goodbye message 100%. The phone calls to Amazon have been characterized, as part of the filler material that makes up the Kiraly cases, as hacking. But as with other accusations, if Robert remembers correctly, no specific allegations of this type are made and no relevant evidence is presented. Everything is simply implied.


James has stated that Robert has made “false allegations of child abuse and spousal abuse”. It is implied that Robert has made such allegations both against James and against one or more of Robert's brothers. Robert asserts that no such allegations were ever made against any of his brothers. Not once on any occasion. Robert also asserts that any such allegations that were made against his father James were entirely true.

Robert adds that he rarely discussed abuse by James in public until he was forced to do so after James made false statements to the Pismo Beach police in December 2011 and subsequently sought to stop research by Robert related to Robert's book.


Robert notes that, in the interests of resolving the question of whether or not allegations made against James are false, Robert has offered to provide Opposing Counsel with the name of a witness from outside the family who would be able to testify about a relevant incident. Robert has not, as of yet, received a response to the offer. As a related note, Robert asserts that Grace is well aware of the incident and that she has commented on it in recent years.


The following is a bullet-item list of key points. Robert asserts that each point is accurate to the best of his belief, knowledge, and/or recollection. He is willing to repeat the preceding assertion under oath subject to full and severe penalties for misrepresentation or perjury. Robert addresses the Court and states that he is curious as to whether any of the Kiralys will offer to contradict a single one of the following points under oath.

  1. All discussions with James and Grace Kiraly in 2011 prior to the book request were consensual.

  2. All discussions with James Kiraly in 2011 prior to the book request were positive.

  3. In 2012, Grace Kiraly made an uninvited and unannounced visit to Robert that is visible in Discovery Evidence.

  4. In 2012, Grace Kiraly initiated and made a series of phone calls to Robert that are visible in Discovery Evidence.

  5. In 2012, Grace Kiraly abrogated the only request ever made by any party involved in the Kiraly Cases for Robert not to communicate.

  6. In 2012, after Grace abrogated any request not to communicate, to the best of Robert's recollection, communication from the James- Grace household to Robert's household was strictly in the Grace to Robert direction until James made aggressive, unexplained, and unwarranted threats against Robert.

  7. As part of Robert's research, he phoned a Pastor at Grace's Church with Grace's full permission and had a pleasant discussion concerning “Christ Followers” and the responsibilities of Christians in the temporal world.

  8. As part of Robert's research, he phoned Service Core for Retired Executives, a volunteer group, to discuss the group's goals and its perspective on altruism.

  9. During the Spring 2012 calls to the Church and the volunteer group, Robert never once mentioned abuse by James.

  10. During approx. the same period as Robert's calls to the Church and the volunteer group, James told people “don't be afraid” to help James to find a way to “prosecute Bob”.

  11. During approx. the same period as Robert's calls to the Church and the volunteer group, James urged people to “present a united front against Bob”.

  12. During approx. the same period as Robert's calls to the Church and the volunteer group, James began efforts to create the impression that Robert was mentally ill.

  13. Contrary to assertions made by Plaintiffs under oath and/or vague allegations against Robert, Robert has never once made allegations of abuse against any of his brothers, either spousal abuse or child abuse.

  14. Contrary to assertions made by Plaintiffs under oath and/or vague allegations against Robert, the Pismo Beach police never once contacted Robert except on those occasions when they returned Robert's calls regarding procedures needed to file charges against James and the appropriate way to deal with an elderly parent who was showing signs of dementia and obsession.

  15. Robert voluntarily sought the advice of the Pismo Beach police regarding whether or not it was appropriate to send postcards that have now been entered into evidence and received approval to send the postcards.

  16. Robert never once requested money from any party involved and in fact bluntly told his mother Grace that money was not a relevant issue when she unexpectedly raised the subject herself.

  17. Robert never once requested of anybody that they ask any party involved on his behalf for money.

  18. The only request ever made by any party involved for Robert not to communicate was made immediately after Robert asked his Father and Mother for assistance with a positive book that Robert was working on.

  19. Grace is aware of Robert's book project and in fact has criticized the project using words similar to “Do you want to hang your family?” despite Robert's attempts to position the book as a positive project.

  20. Robert has never once in decades caused or threatened physical harm to any party involved.

  21. Both James and Thomas, the two Plaintiffs in the Kiraly cases, have caused or threatened physical harm to Robert, up to and including random violence by James, an incident where an enraged James chased a half-dressed Robert out of the house, and detailed, repeated, and credible death threats made by Thomas involving the use of firearms and bullets that Thomas often stated would enter Robert's skull and have dramatic effects.

  22. Robert has received what he has interpreted as death threats from an unidentified person who, based on a discussion related to Robert's birthday and Amazon Corporation, Robert believes may be one of Kenneth's associates or possibly Kenneth himself.

  23. Robert never once “hacked” Amazon Corporation, Humana Corporation, James, or Kenneth, and there is no evidence to this effect despite attempts to convey the impression that such evidence exists.

  24. Robert presently lives about two hundred miles from James and Grace and thousands of miles from Thomas.

  25. Robert has offered not to communicate with James, Grace, and Thomas, and has even submitted a signed Stipulation to this effect.

  26. Robert, to the best of his knowledge, has never been offered a settlement that did not seek to limit on an “a priori” basis Robert's right to consensual interactions with third parties and, in fact, one “offer” could, Robert believes, be interpreted as demanding $5,000 per phone call for such interactions.


Robert asserts that he was notified as a child by his parents on multiple occasions that he had been found to be “neurologically” different or that he had “neurological” difficulties. Robert does not recall that he was offered treatment for related difficulties except for two instances. He was sent briefly for a class for stutterers though he did not stutter. He was also sent to a class for disobedient children of Fundamentalist Christians that focused exclusively on strict obedience. In Robert's adult years, doctors confirmed that neurological differences were present. Robert is unable to provide details as the examinations involved were decades ago. Medical records are believed no longer to exist. Robert's score on the Cambridge Autism Quotient test is or has been at the top end of the scale for that test.


Robert is fully mobile at the present time. However, Robert has been immobilized periodically since around 2001, has been in a wheelchair occasionally since mid-2011, was diagnosed as experiencing “necrosis” when the mobility situation started, and experiences significant pain at times. He has had to relearn typing due to a partial loss of hand function that Grace observed personally during her unannounced visit to Robert in 2012; the same visit that abrogated any request on the part of the Kiralys for Robert not to communicate.

Robert has not eaten on more than two or three days per week for most weeks in recent months. Robert has experienced a recent weight loss of more than 65 pounds. Robert frequently goes into a condition that he refers to as “shock” but the term is used loosely; there are minor but distracting issues related to breathing, consciousness, and sometimes body temperature. Robert is presently experiencing intermittent but persistent swellings of different sizes in multiple areas.

Robert has no reliable access to medical care except through the use of savings that are presently reserved to cover legal bills in the current cases and to pay for rent and utilities.


Robert alleges that he was never lawfully served for any action. Robert vigorously asserts that he did not learn about any action until a few business days before the first hearing in June 2012, that he experienced distress due to the difficulties inherent in locating representation during such a short period, and that he suffered physically for related reasons to the extent that much of the day prior to the first hearing was spent in an Emergency Room. Robert notes that this issue is the reason that he was unable to stand for part of the first hearing.


Robert asserts that the physical issues in June 2012 connected to unlawful service, though readily treatable, were serious in that they caused him to lose consciousness repeatedly and to become confused during periods of wakefulness. Robert feels that, due to the fact he lived alone, the unlawful service placed his life at risk. Robert adds that if he had slipped into a prolonged state of unconsciousness, no one would have been there to discover this fact and he would quite possibly have lost his life.


Due to the absolute fact that Robert was never lawfully served, Robert asserts that he was under time pressure to locate an attorney. He therefore wrote multiple versions of a document related to the Kiraly cases. The document was intended to persuade attorneys to represent him. It was also designed to attract media attention and therefore, Robert hoped, the attention of attorneys.

The document was written during the period in June 2012 when, Robert asserts, he was experiencing physical issues for reasons connected to unlawful service. Robert does not apologize for the wording of the document but he wishes to make it clear that colorful wording or imagery such as the scene where Christ is physically ill at the sight of Robert's parents should not be interpreted as unlawful or inappropriate “threats”.


Saturday 2013-01-19 — Coderheim

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130119. The photo below is where I live. Coderheim.

The parrot lives behind the photographer and to his left. The little shopping center mentioned before is behind the photographer and to his right.

It's a large old complex in Mountain View, California. Good location near San Antonio Road. There's not much to see around here. Google and the other dot-coms are on the other side of town. However, the building is close to San Antonio Shopping Center, Fry's Electronics, Stanford University, Know Knew Books, Radio Shack, Armadillo Willys, Chilis, and other useful places.

The complex dates back to the 1960s. I've lived here about 25 years now. Astonishing.

I don't think there's anything left to show for the 25 years. Professionally. Financially. People. Health. In every respect, my life is probably behind where it was when I moved into this building.

Grace Kiraly, Christ Follower, would say it's because I made “choices”. Funny thing is, she wouldn't be able to articulate a single choice. She'd work backwards from the assumption that I must have done something wrong. Struggle to find a way to assign the choices of other people to me.

Ultimately, Grace would settle on the old standby: “You must not have accepted Jesus Christ into your heart.” I think I'd react more with sadness these days than with mockery. I'm not sure. But. my feelings have evolved, either way, as I've come to know genuine Christians.

People very unlike the Kiralys. Regardless, it's the choices of the Kiralys that shape my life now.

I've been paying my rent using dwindling savings. And the Kiraly Cases have evaporated more months of rent than you'd believe.

I had work. That had to be suspended though I hope to repair the situation. I had the option of a hand surgeon to repair some fingers. That's gone for now too. What remains needs to be set aside for attorneys and rent.

And my home. I had to choose it decades ago in a hurry. Because of choices that Ken Kiraly made. Long story.

It wasn't a modern place. There were minor issues. Took years to settle in and get accustomed to things.

No reason to be sentimental either. There are no special memories that live here. To the contrary, for the past decade, the most vivid memories are of screaming pain at night.

I don't think I had a visitor in 25 years except for Grace Kiraly roughly twice. There were apartment managers, repairmen, people who helped me to move things, of course.

Charlie Baldwin, you helped me to carry some food in once, right? When you and Li Ping took me shopping once at Costco back around 2006.

Not a lot of memories. In a sense, Time itself hasn't really passed here. But I'm used to the place now. I've grown old here. And in the end, James Kiraly, Grace Kiraly, Thomas Kiraly, and Kenneth Kiraly won't take just my reputation, my jobs, and my hand using lies.

They'll take my home too.



Saturday 2013-01-19 — Kiraly Cases Status Update

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130119. As I write this paragraph, at around noon on Saturday 130119, the rest of the weekend is scheduled to go primarily to a Kiraly Cases legal document. I'll also finish something more fun; a friend asked me to answer some questions about the Internet for a High School student's history project.

Regarding the Kiraly Cases, a number of people favor an approach that's been discussed off and on for months. I may be away for a few days in the next couple of weeks proceeding to find out if it's actually an option. If it is an option, I'll explain here and post details over time.

Moving on, Charlie Baldwin phoned me the other night. That was a surprise but the conversation went fairly well.


Saturday 2013-01-19 — Coderhealth

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130119. There have been some interesting moments recently from a physical perspective.

I'm feeling fine today but the “shock” issue has happened about eight times despite the fact that I haven't eaten recently. There hasn't been a day like today in that respect for a while.

On the other hand, none of the incidents lasted very long. Breathing shifts, I can't sit up or keep my eyes open, need to alter breathing, then just minutes later things snap back to normal.

My sense is that if the time period for each incident continues to be brief, that particular issue may not be a big deal. If it's food related, there may be a zone somewhere between eating too much and eating too little that will work.

Something else is puzzling but doesn't seem to be getting worse. The thing in the photo below. It's in a number of places at times. There's about 75 of those in one region. Most of the obvious possibilities don't match up. I continue to believe that it may be the same issue that's twisted some fingers. But Josef confirmed the other night that it resembles scurvy.

Also not a major issue. But Thursday night was about something else. More difficult. Details may be posted another time.



Saturday 2013-01-19 — Minetest Virtual Worlds

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130119. Some minor Minetest changes were made on Saturday: Updated Animals, Industrial, More Trees, Pipeworks, and Plant Life. Removed a number of mods from Mark Twain world at Veidemaster's request.

130119. The screenshots below show some new-style Minetest sheep that Sokomine rounded up for me. The setting is Calinou World near coords 178,16.5,-453.




Thursday 2013-01-17 — General

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130117. I don't know when I slept Wednesday night. I know that I went to San Jose for most of the day on Thursday to visit my attorney again.

I wasn't hungry but I ate at the Santa Clara buffet on the way home. This was my first meal since Monday 130114. Three days ago. It may be the last meal for a while. Food and I do not agree with each other at this time.

At the buffet, I encountered McNally, the Christian Soldier I wrote about before. For that post, click here. I showed McNally the post and he was pleased with it. It makes me happy to remember the tone of his voice as he thanked me.

I also spoke with the manager who'd given me meals before. He gave me a meal this time as well. We discussed the restaurant's business model again.

I finished eating at 5:00pm and arrived home, by bus, at around 6:11pm. Back at the keyboard around 6:21pm.

The usual “shock” problem hit in the evening. It wasn't bad. However, I slept abruptly from about Thursday 11:00pm to Friday 1:00am. It was more the breathing issue than normal tired.


Thursday 2013-01-17 — I need a doctor

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130117. I couldn't help people on Thursday, either before or after the San Jose trip. I disappointed them.

I've thought about what I've thought. Metacognition. One of the things the Kiralys would not do.

I see calm. Reflection of reflection. There are no strong emotions. But I do not wish to be here. I wish to be far away. In a world that never was. A world that may be home. I wish to have a home. I wish to be safe at home.

One of my online friends has said that he is homesick. For the place where God dwells and can be seen. I know exactly what he means. That is not the place that I am homesick for. But there is no place for me here.

There are good people in the world. I have met them. But there are those who abhor that which is different. Note to the Baron: This is the fact of the fur. The games that you play on Wednesdays are nothing more than that. Pretend.

I need a doctor. But I am not permitted to go. The Kiralys will not let me go.

This picture was an experiment. Wanted to see how a relatively low quality device would handle the clouds. It came out better than I expected. Is it a picture of dark? Of light? The past or the future? What is happening here?



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