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Are you ready to go down the rabbit hole? To visit a surreal world, where black is white and white is carrots?

A friend, Metacognician in Shanghai, describes the situation as follows: “Life is more absurd than movies. I've gone down the rabbit hole too, when it just becomes more and more strange and you wonder how that all is supposed to make sense.” I asked him if I should just embrace it. He answered, “Why should you ... change the universe?”

It started with a psychotic named Jim Kiraly who resides, we think, at 6329 Twinberry Circle, Avila Beach, California.

Jim Kiraly is a respected citizen. A churchgoer. A Vice President of Transamerica Corporation. And a violent abuser who tried to use an emergency anti-violence measure, one intended to protect battered women, to stop his victim in a wheelchair from writing a book.

Concise enough? :)

For attorneys: Jim Kiraly filed for CLETS against his son and victim, who lived 200 miles away, did not own a car, and was in a wheelchair. His son and victim was not asked to end communications. Jim had no (zero) specific and relevant allegations that were not perjury. But he turned down repeated offers of no-contact and a signed stipulation that gave him everything but CLETS. He insisted on CLETS if his victim ever once “discussed” him with third parties.

In the end, Jim Kiraly signed an agreement far weaker than the ones he'd been offered.

A review of Court paperwork and other materials will tend to confirm that Jim and other parties, including attorneys on all sides, committed multiple felonies, crimes, and faux pas. :P

The word “abuser” is stated here publicly and without equivocation. A formal offer is hereby made to reaffirm the word in writing and under oath. Attorneys will understand the significance of the point. In short, there is little terror of a threatened defamation suit on this side. Actually, we feel that such a suit will fit nicely up Jim Kiraly's abuser ass.

Jim has one son, Ken Kiraly, who invented the Amazon Kindle and is one of the leads at Amazon's secret Lab126. Another son, Tom Kiraly is one of the leads, a Vice President-CFO type, at medical insurance firms, including one of the largest, Humana Corporation.

These people and some of the biggest names in Silicon Valley legal circles have committed or are involved in multiple crimes.

For the next decade or two, we're going to explore the crimes that these people committed, the motivations and the denial involved, the background and histories that led each person to make the choices that they did, and ways to build upon what happened and move towards positive societal goals.

There's plenty to go over. These people committed or were involved in: Spousal abuse, child abuse, DDOS (a highly prosecutable violation of CFAA), extortion, perjury, conspiracy to commit perjury (a possible felony), false police reports, conspiracy to file false police reports (a possible felony), unlawful threats, barratry, defamation, malpractice, civil harassment, criminal harassment, abuse of process, and violations of SCCBA Professional Standards.

The point was to force Jim's oldest son and victim, me, to sign a gag order. I was in a wheelchair. I'd never made a single inappropriate threat against my abuser. I wasn't even asked to not to call anybody. But Jim threatened to put me in a violence database unless I agreed never to write about him.

I won the right to write, but I lost my home of 25 years, most of my possessions, my chances for retirement, everything. Everything but a realization.

I can make a difference. I can conduct research for legitimate and reasonable purposes, document what happened, and analyze the choices of the people involved:

Maggie told me that she didn't know what she could say to me about what happened. However, we have decades to work it out. It will be productive. I'd like to direct the attention of attorneys and other parties to the:

Legitimate and Reasonable Purposes List

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Monday 2012-10-29

121029.1. Slept 2:15am to 7:00am Monday. Two significant IRL phone calls.

  1. Ken Y., a Fundamentalist, phoned me. This was unexpected as most people are avoiding calls from me. In general, they aren't making them.

    Ken Y. leans towards a school of thought which says, Robert should choose to pray to God more. If Robert is experiencing difficulties, these are his responsibility as he must be doing something wrong.

    Most likely, people in this group feel, the issue is that Robert is not praying sufficiently or is not sincere about prayer. Or perhaps this is all of God's Plan; in which case, Robert should pray for the wisdom needed to accept things and to avoid troubling others about them.

    The last point is the crucial one. I'll write more about it in the future.

    Ken Y. feels that this description of his perspective is inaccurate. But if it is inaccurate, I'm unable to understand what he's said. I've asked him to clarify and will edit here if necessary.

  2. I phoned the Baron, a business associate who's involved with altruistic ventures. I think of him as a friend as well. I'll need to write further about the word “friend”, though.

    I told the Baron I may not be able to take my wheelchair with me or even be able to have somebody hold onto it. I demanded he demonstrate that human society as he imagines it even exists.

    IIRC the Baron said that if I wasn't allowed to keep my wheelchair, this reflected negatively on society. However, he added, the fact I didn't know anybody who'd hold onto my wheelchair was an “indictment” of me. That it was my fault; the way things have been for half a century. He acknowledged that this might be going too far.


Sunday 2012-10-28

121028.1 I've been talking with more people in IRC regarding options. Most offer useful advice similar to “think positive”.

121028.2. I've notified Twisted Time that I'll probably need to give up my home of 25 years. I don't expect to hear back soon. Those who know about his situation will understand why.

121028.3. I think about Twisted Time often. The key point is simple. I found him in the hospital four years ago and we talked. There was some closure. He had no obligation to speak further. But he chose to do so despite what had happened to him. This type of choice is what defines things.

Two years later, by way of comparison, my mother Grace Kiraly told me she was dying of cancer and therefore, she said, “I can't talk any old time”. I learned later that the cancer was long since passed and that she was headed out for a vacation.

This is the difference between good and evil. It's truth versus lies. Altruistic, the decision to give even a small part of one's self, versus selfish, the focus on convenience and the unimportance of reality. The scales are all part of the same thing.

121028.4. As a separate issue, the fact Twisted Time is still around after four decades may have affected the Kiraly legal cases.

James Francis Kiraly, my father and abuser, and Kenneth Paul Kiraly, the brother I taught and gave a home to, didn't expect this. I've noticed something about Michael Bonetto's current Demands for Production of Evidence that I suspect is related to Twisted Time. Further review is called for.


Saturday 2012-10-27

121027.1. Woke up around 2:00am for a while. Worked online and managed to sleep more.

121027.2. On Friday, I was quoted a price of $2,500 to transport boxes. Not including furniture, which I probably can't keep, or myself. Or the wheelchair.

That price seemed a bit steep. After more calls on Saturday, looks like I could get it done for about half that. But I wish I didn't need to give up the bookcases or the file cabinet I've had since about age 11.


Friday 2012-10-26

121026.1. I spent most of the afternoon traveling to Santa Clara and back. There was something that I needed to take care of there unexpectedly. I ate nearby and so I was unwell later. Last meal was Wednesday the 24th and the next one will probably be next Tuesday or Wednesday.


Wednesday 2012-10-24

121024.1. Not sure when I fell asleep. Wednesday was busier than usual.

I spent the entire day on errands, primarily another visit to attorneys. Tiring because travel was entirely by bus, cab, and foot as usual.

Several cities were involved. First stop was to get passport photos taken nearby. Second stop was a laptop repair shop. I had a low-quality keyboard installed in the laptop. They didn't have a good keyboard in stock but I ordered one.

Next I traveled to San Jose to meet again with my attorneys. After that I went to a county building a few miles away to ask questions related to passports.

Then I took a bus north and ate in Santa Clara. It was the first meal since Saturday. Pretty good but I knew it would make me ill not too much later.

121024.2. Made it home, though it probably wasn't my home any longer. Set up my laptop again, tried to catch up online, and fell asleep.


Tuesday 2012-10-23

121023.1. Woke up at 3:00am. Wrote to my attorneys, set up this blog, and caught up online. Slept a few more hours. Shaky. Not sure what happened medically Monday night. There have been fewer issues of that type since the food issue became more pronounced and I largely stopped eating.

121023.2. The keyboard on my main laptop was broken. I'd been reseating some of the keys a few times a day. That was no longer enough. I'd replaced the keyboard a month or two before but the new one had turned out to be defective.

121023.3. Made some calls looking for movers and firms that expedite passports. Got a haircut; the idea was to prepare for passport photos.

121023.4. In the evening, Mr. Meow reported that his VPS had been hacked. I downloaded most of the existing system files for him. He'll rebuild things after the integrity of the download has been verified.

121023.5. madmoo moved to a VPS. This basically meant that she was safe and could run 24 hours a day.


Monday 2012-10-22

121022.1. My attorneys asked me to come to San Jose to review OPC demands for production of evidence. I was familiar with most of the material. A couple of pieces that came as a surprise were amusing. Kenneth Kiraly, as one example, had submitted a list of accesses to a system and had speculated that they were from me. There was no particular basis for this.

121022.2. Liselle IRL feels I should consider China as a destination. She's offered to talk to me further about the steps involved. Metacognician seems to agree that China is an option.

121022.3. My attorneys suggested that I ask Light Bringer to extend his offer related to Ruby on Rails work. I didn't want to impose on Light Bringer further but he did so without hesitation.

I told Light Bringer I'd like to discuss people and this type of decision further for the book. Meant it. Why are some people like the Kiralys? And why are others like Light Bringer, Tactician, etc.; those who are kind when they are not required to be?

121022.4. Exhausted. Shaky. Slept around 10:00pm Monday to 3:00am Tuesday.


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