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Are you ready to go down the rabbit hole? To visit a surreal world, where black is white and white is carrots?

A friend, Metacognician in Shanghai, describes the situation as follows: “Life is more absurd than movies. I've gone down the rabbit hole too, when it just becomes more and more strange and you wonder how that all is supposed to make sense.” I asked him if I should just embrace it. He answered, “Why should you ... change the universe?”

It started with a psychotic named Jim Kiraly who resides, we think, at 6329 Twinberry Circle, Avila Beach, California.

Jim Kiraly is a respected citizen. A churchgoer. A Vice President of Transamerica Corporation. And a violent abuser who tried to use an emergency anti-violence measure, one intended to protect battered women, to stop his victim in a wheelchair from writing a book.

Concise enough? :)

For attorneys: Jim Kiraly filed for CLETS against his son and victim, who lived 200 miles away, did not own a car, and was in a wheelchair. His son and victim was not asked to end communications. Jim had no (zero) specific and relevant allegations that were not perjury. But he turned down repeated offers of no-contact and a signed stipulation that gave him everything but CLETS. He insisted on CLETS if his victim ever once “discussed” him with third parties.

In the end, Jim Kiraly signed an agreement far weaker than the ones he'd been offered.

A review of Court paperwork and other materials will tend to confirm that Jim and other parties, including attorneys on all sides, committed multiple felonies, crimes, and faux pas. :P

The word “abuser” is stated here publicly and without equivocation. A formal offer is hereby made to reaffirm the word in writing and under oath. Attorneys will understand the significance of the point. In short, there is little terror of a threatened defamation suit on this side. Actually, we feel that such a suit will fit nicely up Jim Kiraly's abuser ass.

Jim has one son, Ken Kiraly, who invented the Amazon Kindle and is one of the leads at Amazon's secret Lab126. Another son, Tom Kiraly is one of the leads, a Vice President-CFO type, at medical insurance firms, including one of the largest, Humana Corporation.

These people and some of the biggest names in Silicon Valley legal circles have committed or are involved in multiple crimes.

For the next decade or two, we're going to explore the crimes that these people committed, the motivations and the denial involved, the background and histories that led each person to make the choices that they did, and ways to build upon what happened and move towards positive societal goals.

There's plenty to go over. These people committed or were involved in: Spousal abuse, child abuse, DDOS (a highly prosecutable violation of CFAA), extortion, perjury, conspiracy to commit perjury (a possible felony), false police reports, conspiracy to file false police reports (a possible felony), unlawful threats, barratry, defamation, malpractice, civil harassment, criminal harassment, abuse of process, and violations of SCCBA Professional Standards.

The point was to force Jim's oldest son and victim, me, to sign a gag order. I was in a wheelchair. I'd never made a single inappropriate threat against my abuser. I wasn't even asked to not to call anybody. But Jim threatened to put me in a violence database unless I agreed never to write about him.

I won the right to write, but I lost my home of 25 years, most of my possessions, my chances for retirement, everything. Everything but a realization.

I can make a difference. I can conduct research for legitimate and reasonable purposes, document what happened, and analyze the choices of the people involved:

Maggie told me that she didn't know what she could say to me about what happened. However, we have decades to work it out. It will be productive. I'd like to direct the attention of attorneys and other parties to the:

Legitimate and Reasonable Purposes List

Questions or comments are welcome. For technical notes and disclaimers, click here.

Free Downloads

The current free ebook is located at this link:

For details about the ebook, click here.


130708 Monday — God Is With Us

Tags: general
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130708. The past week has been remarkable. But every week is remarkable isn't it? To spend Time irretrievable. Or to save it up and watch it smashed into pieces.

I heard from Lisa Kerechanko regarding the death of Russell Kerechanko. She worked backwards from assumptions. Of course; most people do this. She was sarcastic even about a subject as important as the death of a family member.

And a fake “old friend” wrote to me.

A Las Lomas High School comrade, or so he or she claimed. Surely somebody I'd consider trustworthy if only I knew his or her identity. Naturally I'd burst into endless tears of nostalgia and joy upon receiving an anonymous letter from a liar. And do as I was instructed. Which was to shut up.

The person in question probed for information related to legal actions, plans in general, and progress on the book. Which he or she was careful to imply was not real.

He or she also floated artfully composed sound bites. I suspect that the Kiralys are planning to use the sound bites in question if all of this hits conventional media.

For example, the notion that Ken Kiraly is a “meek” genius, that Tom Kiraly was an “all american kid”, that Grace Kiraly was “sweet”, that Jim Kiraly was respected and therefore things didn't happen, or surely they were insignificant, and that the purpose of the book is financial.

Heh. Who do you represent, “old friend?” If your identity comes out, and if you are what I suspect, do you believe that it will be possible to brush the matter aside?

And now, today, God Is With Us has contacted me. After decades. This is a friend indeed. After I moved out of the Kiraly household in some haste, he helped me for no particular reason, asking nothing in return.

I'd fled the Kiralys in actual terror at age 17. I was picked up by a stranger in Oakland, California. The stranger spotted me and understood the situation instantly. I looked shaken up at the time. He took me home and allowed me to stay. He did not rape me or anything of the sort. Treated me with kindness.

I went back to the Kiralys because I was logical. Just survive half a year more with these people and I'd be free. And better positioned to build a future.

And it worked out. I moved out formally after High School graduation. Went to U.C. Berkeley. Visited Grace in Walnut Creek from time to time.

It was mostly to see the family cat Crystal. To see LittleCoder's favorite picture of the cat, the only member of the household who greeted him with happiness, click here.

The humans in the family made it clear that I was not welcome. I was a reminder of what had happened. Of the events of the decade past. Therefore, in their disordered minds, I was the one who was at fault. The rewriting of history had begun.

This is how it happens
This is how it works
The truth is chased away
And outside it must lurks

There were rough times at college. But two young men, grad students I believe, treated me with kindness. It wasn't like Walnut Creek Intermediate or Las Lomas High School.

They were Philip Loder's older brother and God Is With Us.

Philip lived with me at college for a while. But he wasn't much help. He had sex with a girl a few feet away from me once. They were quite noisy. That is mostly what I remember.

As a note to Philip Loder: If you've forgotten the details, we weren't room-mates. If you and I speak again in this life, I'll explain the sequence of events. If it helps you to remember the details, her name may have been Diane. If I recall correctly myself, I had dated her shortly before you REDACTED her.

Philip's brother and God Is With Us, on the other hand, made me feel, if only for a brief while, that I was part of a small group again. One time God Is With Us and I flew an ornithopter. The damn thing made it up ten stories to the top of Evans Hall. If I remember correctly, he somehow persuaded somebody to retrieve it for us.

And now God Is With Us is here again. If he is here then so, in a manner of speaking, is God.


130708 Monday — The Truth is at Steak Yum

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130708. I've reviewed a building in Dallas, Texas that may be connected to my Las Lomas Mystery Friend. The one at the Lamar St. address posted before.

Lamar St.? Heh. If this person actually attended Las Lomas, he or she might recognize the name Lakhil Lamar. But it's unlikely.

The building houses multiple businesses. Geolocation is not reliable. But it's possible that my “old friend” was at or near the one of the businesses last night (Sunday 130707) at 7:22pm Dallas time. And, oddly, at 4:36am Dallas time yesterday morning. At 10:12pm Dallas time Saturday night 130706 as well.

If it had been just 10:12pm Saturday night and 7:22pm Sunday night I'd guess that he or she was dining at the steak house that's at the address in question. But what should I make of the 4:36am Sunday morning time?

Does this person own or manage one of the businesses in the building? Or does he or she have no actual connection to the street address? It's another puzzle to add to the pile.

I spoke with somebody at the steakhouse in Dallas a few minutes ago. Just to get basic information. What I learned is mostly that I'd like a steak. I've been fasting again and a juicy steak is starting to sound good.


130707 Sunday — I Love A Mystery

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130707. The Mystery Friend from Las Lomas High School has bowed out of the situation abruptly. Actually, the odds are that this person isn't one of my classmates. However, I'm not ruling it out entirely.

He or she has sent me two polite letters. Well, the politeness is debatable. This person made it a point in the second letter to spell out that he or she would not read any responses that I might make to that letter.

Surely this is polite :P

Oh, well. Shrug. The part that's more interesting is this: This person has most likely lied in writing. Whether or not this is the case, I'm intrigued by certain aspects of the letters that stand out.

Depending on who or what this person is, if it's possible to establish his or her identity, I believe that this may improve my chances of succeeding with legal actions in the future.

For what it's worth, here are the main IPV4 addresses that this person seems to have used recently. As Shiing Shen has pointed out, he has checked one of them and it's neither a Tor exit node nor a relay. The others are most likely regular IPV4 addresses as well:

He or she is using an iPad. 768x1024 display. No surprises there.

Connects to the Net through Verizon Wireless. I've checked and Verizon Legal Compliance has standard procedures related to customer records. I need to triage and focus on the most productive avenues. However, there may be grounds in this case to subpoena records for the purpose of establishing this person's identity.

Note: The IPV4 addresses themselves will rotate relatively soon but Verizon will most likely retain the relevant records internally for some time to come.

The two letters were sent from what are apparently throwaway webmail accounts. It's not clear why he or she went to the trouble to create two separate accounts. Both leak the same information.

By the way, as the Privacy Policy of these sites makes clear, all data that is collected lawfully at these sites may be used for various lawful purposes and/or lawfully disclosed.

It's possible that as of Sunday 130707 this person was located near, visiting, or traveling through, an area centered on 1911 North Lamar Street, Dallas, Texas 75202. Regrettably the area in question is home to multiple businesses. Therefore it may be difficult to determine if the street address is relevant or not.

Moving on, my correspondent claimed to be an “old friend”. Those are the first two words of his first letter. Twisted Time, who some of you have met, is the only person in the Las Lomas High School group who is likely to open a letter with those words.

This is not him.

This person is intently focused on the book. In fact, that is the subject line of the first letter. Here is an interesting remark from the letter in question:

“What is the purpose of having google searches of Kiraly return your blogs as the top search results?”

The letter goes on to suggest that the purpose of the book is about money. Echoing the perjury of the people who initiated the Kiraly Cases:

“Do you think this 'book' will [go] to print and make you money?”

It's interesting to see that this person has placed the word book in single quotes. This reminds me of attempts that were made during the Kiraly Cases to suggest that the project did not exist.

Is it possible that this person has not simply lied about being a Las Lomas classmate; but that he or she is involved in an attempt to communicate a message to me in a context that might be described as criminal conspiracy on the part of those involved?

Oh, and yes, “old friend”, though you won't read this... depending on who and what you are, and the reason that you communicated with me, use of the name “llhsclassof76” may have been not simply a lie but, from a legal perspective, inadvisable.

As a separate note, this person is a poor speller. If the mistakes have not been inserted intentionally, one of them may be a clue.

Additionally, this person claims to have four adult children in their twenties. This would place him or her roughly in my generation. But there is no way to tell if the remarks are truth or lies.

If a slight note of asperity can be detected I trust that I will be excused for this. I find that I am somewhat less patient with lies these days.


130707 Sunday — The Cynic Says

Tags: general
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130707. The Cynic is also Old Indeed so Take Heed. He's one of relatively few people I know online who may be older than me.

Hey diddle diddle, a Cat and a Fiddle, the Cow jumped over the Moon, which requires computation, of its orbit's equation, to avoid jumping too late or too soon.

Let Earth's mass be m, gravitation be g and the product must be equal indeed, to the Moon's distance from Earth, cancel out the Moon's mass, multiplied by the square of its speed.

The Cynic says: I think that's right. Learned that in grade school. Might not be correct. Was young and really didn't know what the heck they were talking about, but it sounded cool.

It stuck with me. My memories are precious. All I kept really.

Moments in time stay behind us, unchanged. Never were mine. I keep them because it pleases me to do so. And these days, I keep what I can. Lost bunches over Time.

It comes down to what did we come with and what do we leave with? I live in a rental universe. I don't get to keep any of it. Memories though... very special, can't be taken from you and a pleasure when shared.

I have the beginning of a story I write down sometimes. The GI Joe paratrouper... A great lesson at an early age.

The quick version is I got a GI Joe on Christmas day, ran outside and tossed it into a thermal. Never saw it again. Was 6 years old and totally baffled. They were supposed to come back down.

OldCoder: He is an explorer. Out there still. Who knows. What wonders he has seen.

The Cynic: Sure is.

I've got tonnes of these kind of stories. My life has not been boring. Some blessed and some painful. Murphy's law is strong in me. Can be disappointing, but has saved my life in the same crazy manner.

It's better in person. I used to tell them at the bars I hung out in. Most people would think them false, too crazy to be true. Nonetheless entertaining. But since I sobered up, I don't socialize.

I discovered I could tell stories while on wheat harvest. Was looking for a pool table and ended up in a church rec center telling stories of Australia to about 30 farm kids that had never seen the ocean.

Was 20 then. I bet many of them have been there by now ;)

OldCoder: If not, you were their bridge.

The Cynic: I was their age when I was in Australia, so the stories were about things they loved, like insects, lizards, crazy weather and such. It started with a kid bringing a large beetle. Told him they were much larger over there.

OldCoder: I suspect they remember the stories to this day.

The Cynic: One of those precious moments. Started talking to a couple of them, then it got real quiet and noticed all of them were sitting and listening to every detail. The girl that ran the place was looking at me in a way that kind of made me want to stay.

Lone Wolf, Oklahoma. Can't remember the girl's name. She was my age and pretty. I do remember that :D On that same harvest, saw a guy fly a combine... and live to tell about it.

Major airborne. Coming of a plateau and his combine came out of road gear. He hit the left wheel brake in a panic and shot off the road. Was airborne for a couple hundred feet. The header kept it from flipping. I was right behind him when it happened.

God at work. If it had happened any sooner or later, the angle would have been bad and it most certainly would been fatal.

OldCoder: Do you believe this literally?

The Cynic: Belief is a strong word. I believe there are things at work beyond my understanding.


130707 Sunday — Mystery is Not Yet History

Tags: general
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130707. My mystery correspondent may be moving around a bit. He or she is on an iPad. So it's not surprising that the apparent location varies. But I'm seeing multiple areas in Texas over just a few days.

Of course, it may be an ISP issue and not travel at all. But I think that he or she has been near 1911 North Lamar Street in Dallas, Texas recently. It seems to be a commercial center that includes oil and gas attorneys and businesses of other types.

I'd like to invite him or her to write again. However, I'm reluctant to respond by email myself until things are more clear.


130706 Saturday — Anime Mashup

Tags: anime humor irc
A full Kiraly Cases tags system will be added in 2013.

130706. Background: Manga and anime series are generally divided into categories based on the intended audience.

Most action series such as Blue Gender and Dragonball Z are aimed, in theory, at men and boys. Feelings oriented series such as Please Save My Earth and Evangelion are aimed, in theory, at women and girls. However, there's plenty of overlap.

For example, if I remember correctly, the movie Hunger Games is loosely based on an especially violent manga that's intended for women and girls. And there are feelings oriented series intended for broad audiences.

<QuadCore> I think sourceforge is better
<QuadCore> imma go do some anime watching :p
<OldCoder> Have fun
<QuadCore> I have done a lot of coding
<OldCoder> Which anime?
<QuadCore> its another chick flick :p

<OldCoder> What if they mixed the genres
<QuadCore> they have
<OldCoder> Dragonball Love
<QuadCore> lol
<QuadCore> I can see that
<QuadCore> blowing people up then falling in love :p

<OldCoder> Blue Dresses Gender
<OldCoder> :P
<OldCoder> Dance all night on the bodies of dead giant insects
<OldCoder> It would work!
<QuadCore> LOL


130706 Saturday — Shiing Shen Says

Tags: shen shiing
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130706. Shiing Shen Says:

<ShiingShen> The IP you've provided on your blog is not a relay node for any TOR
<ShiingShen> not to mention it's on a residential link, so it wouldn't accept the high amount of traffic that comes with hosting an exit node

<ShiingShen> You mentioned how he accessed your site a bit, perhaps the articles he read may have had something to do with him
<ShiingShen> probably not
<OldCoder> Of course they did
<OldCoder> It is probably a former Las Lomas High School student as they claim; a family member pretending to be a classmate; or a friend of one of these
<OldCoder> We will see

<OldCoder> Heh
* OldCoder did not use to live a life of danger risk intrigue
<OldCoder> :P
<ShiingShen> hehe

<ShiingShen> OldCoder, I just thought of a way how something like an exit node can compromise SSL traffic
<OldCoder> Exit nodes can do quite a bit. This issue is understood.
<ShiingShen> Let's say the entrance node tells the middle node to tell the exit node to give the ssl cert of a website or something
<OldCoder> Mryddin used to be fond of pointing this out

<ShiingShen> Instead of the website's certificate it returns a self-signed one
<OldCoder> Indeed
<OldCoder> He considered the system to be fraudulent
<OldCoder> Do not trust SSL
<OldCoder> It is there so that people can pretend

<OldCoder> Pretend is important all your life
<ShiingShen> I do not get why SSL has to be so complicated
<OldCoder> It is not real
<OldCoder> Complicated obscures this fact

<ShiingShen> Wouldn't it just be easier to just do the diffie-hellman key exchange between two hosts and communicate that way?
<OldCoder> Reviewing
<ShiingShen> and possibly more secure
<OldCoder> I think that people may prefer something like SSL
<OldCoder> SSL maps onto things that they are familiar with
<OldCoder> Oh, look. A certificate of authenticity. Now I am free to spend money.
<OldCoder> :P

<ShiingShen> Oh I see now
<ShiingShen> heh
<OldCoder> I am no expert in this area; contrary to what my family has said. But I think SSL dominates for reasons that are psychological.
<OldCoder> And I do know people who believe... it is full of holes

<ShiingShen> Now that I think about it, the diffie-hellman key exchange could also be vulnerable to man-in-the-middle attacks

<OldCoder> You are still on the quest
<OldCoder> For the perfect system
<OldCoder> But in the end
<OldCoder> Somehow the key has to get from one side to the other
<OldCoder> And the telephone is not secure either
<OldCoder> :-)

<OldCoder> ShiingShen
<OldCoder> I may be mistaken about SSL. Or anything.
<OldCoder> Do not hesitate to point out mistakes on my part
<OldCoder> The willingness to listen to possible mistakes
<OldCoder> Is something that you should look for in people
<ShiingShen> okay

<OldCoder> Those who cannot accept
<OldCoder> The possibility they have made an error
<OldCoder> Mathematical or moral
<OldCoder> Who must see in the mirror
<OldCoder> perfection
<OldCoder> You may care about them as individuals
<OldCoder> But do not make the mistake
<OldCoder> Of trusting them


130706 Saturday — Soccer

Tags: general
A full Kiraly Cases tags system will be added in 2013.

130706. I played soccer last night. Wanted to write more about that. But worn out after responding to Lisa Kerechanko on the 4th and the mystery correspondent today.

To sum things up, I stopped eating after Friday 130628. Broke the fast six days later on Thursday 130704. The Fourth of July. I went to DNA's house. His wife RNA gave me macaroni and cheese to eat. It was wonderful. Afterward DNA and I sat on his patio amidst the trees and talked. I started to doze off. It was nice.

On Friday 130705 I attended a BBQ event in the afternoon. Lots of food. At night I played soccer for nearly two hours. From 8:00pm to 9:45pm. Somehow I did not die in the process :-) though it seemed likely at times.

I was given a genuine soccer outfit of my own. Allowed to keep it. Shoes, socks, shin guards, shorts, and a jersey. Did not wear the shin guards on this occasion. The most interesting thing that happened, aside from periodic collapses due to exhaustion, was that the ball struck my eyeglasses at full force in one eye.

If the glasses had broken I would not have been able to replace them. The Kiralys would have taken my vision along with everything else. Fortunately this did not occur. I took off the glasses and played the rest of the game blind.

Earlier today, Saturday 130706, I purchased plastic goggles to wear over the eyeglasses. Therefore it should be safe to play soccer now without the tradeoff of blindness.

I've just finished a tuna melt sandwich. But I don't need much food these days and it seems to contribute to problems. We'll see how things proceed from here.


130706 Saturday — Mystery Correspondent

Tags: general
A full Kiraly Cases tags system will be added in 2013.

130706. I was presented with an interesting puzzle on Friday 130705. Somebody sent me an anonymous letter signed “llhsclassof76”.

The signature was a reference to Las Lomas High School. You may read about the school at this link. The place wasn't so bad. It wasn't like Walnut Creek Intermediate School, which is described at this link instead.

Here is a friendly message to the undoubtedly retired people who ran Walnut Creek Intermediate School decades ago: You are old now right? You will die of old age soon? Kindly Burn in Hell. Thank you.

Some of the people who read the sites are Walnut Creek Intermediate School age. I have a word of advice for the kids.

If people break your bones at school, or knock you unconscious, or take electrical cords and strike you with them, or throw your books into water and threaten to throw you in along with them, or you find out they're planning to strip you, or stuff that isn't as much fun as the above happens... Do something about it.

As in, be loud and noisy.

If one of your parents is abusive, adding to the fun, do not withdraw. And remember this: You don't owe anybody “respect” if it comes to issues such as this.

“Respect” must be earned. Got it? Good.

Leverage social media. These days, some of you know how to do this. Phone the police. Go to Child Protective Services. Do it in person. This will change your life. More than you may wish. However, it may be necessary.

It is not your fault. Got it? Good.

In later years school districts have adopted an interesting trick. To protect themselves against litigation, if somebody asks them about bullying, they say, “oh, that was the past... we don't allow that any longer.” But they do allow it. Because society is fine with it.

Most people in society, like the Kiralys, talk a good game. But they're fine with bullying or abuse. Because if a victim complains, there is a perception that he or she is the problem. After all, they are the one who is making the noise.

“It is only logical.” Feh.

The Flames of Hell are made for people who think like this. It is a sensible point. The Flames of Hell are made of Truth and the Truth is what burns. The Flames of Heaven are made of Truth as as well. For those who are curious, this is where the Flames of Heaven in my game BEWorld came from.

Las Lomas was attended by Kevin King, Nancy Meyer, Twisted Time, Akhil Amar, and others who have been mentioned or alluded to. There is a photo taken on the campus at this link. It's the black and white scene with three teenage boys. Bob Westrup, Kevin King, and the short one is Akhil Amar.

The sender implied that he or she had been a classmate of mine four decades ago but didn't disclose his or her identity. They'd set up what appeared to be a new webmail account; possibly in the belief that such an account wouldn't leak information related to their identity.

But access to the webmail account went through their usual Internet service so I was able to obtain an IP address associated with them.

The letter seemed to originate at IP address It might have been redirected through onion routing or similar means. However, as a confirming point, I'd noticed previously that somebody at the same IP address was more than usually interested in the sites. And the IP address had been stable for at least one day; this is unusual when onion routing is used.

Technical note: For those who are curious, onion routing is a network technique that has been patented by the U.S. Navy. It is not mystical or born, as the Kiralys would say, of Satan. I've been amused to find that even kids are familiar with the concepts involved now. It is old hat.

In my day kids rode bicycles on newspaper routes. Times have changed. Today they ride virtual onions on network routes.

The IP address that my long lost “friend” used wasn't as closely tied to a geographic location as most are. I found three possible locations; two in Texas and one in West Virginia. The most likely match seemed to be near 23355 REDACTED Road in the city of Porter. The other Texas location was near 5815 REDACTED Drive in a place that is called Humble. I wasn't able to obtain a street address for the West Virginia location but it was near Charleston.

I looked up residence information for people living in all of the neighborhoods involved. Didn't recognize any of the names that I found. I asked Nancy Meyer about the matter; about Porter, Texas in particular. She said that she didn't know of any of our old associates who might be living there.

Shiing Shen, a mathematics fan and security enthusiast in another country, has commented as follows:

<ShiingShen> The IP you've provided on your blog is not a relay node for any TOR
<ShiingShen> not to mention it's on a residential link, so it wouldn't accept the high amount of traffic that comes with hosting an exit node

I've set the matter aside for the moment, but I'll add some remarks here for the benefit of my correspondent:

1. The sender referred to my brother Ken Kiraly as “kind, humble,, meek and brilliant” (quoted with typos preserved).


Ken is many things, but only one of those four words applies.

2. The sender repeated subsequently that Ken is a “meek genius”. Good Lord.

Ken Kiraly was... savage. Cruel, vicious, and dangerous. Remorseless to the extent that he'd make a fine super-villain. Ender's brother, for those of you who understand the reference, had nothing on this piece of work.

People change. But few of them change that much. When I read the mystery letter, I wondered briefly if the sender was Ken himself. It wouldn't be much of a trick for him to shift his apparent location to Texas or West Virginia.

But when I'd read a note last year that Ken had given the others related to network issues, he'd come across as uneducated regarding the subject of anonymity.

3. To my mystery correspondent: You've read the site. I've reviewed the pages that you looked at. You used your iPad, right? So you know most of the story.

What relevance do the things that you said to me yesterday have to the lies that these people told or to what they did to my life? By the way, not everything has been posted yet. I wrote that legal fees were $28,000. That was only part of the issue. Would you care to guess the total financial cost?

Hint: It was six figures. This was more than the inconvenience that you are imagining. These people erased everything that I had managed to hold onto after half a century. Not just money and my future. They took my right hand. The books that inspired my Grandfather when he was young. My own bookshelves, the ones I'd wept in front of occasionally, late at night, never knowing why until now.

For the sake of convenient lies.

4. And, if you aren't Ken Kiraly, the odds are you know that he isn't “kind, humble, meek”.

Do you have any idea how badly Ken used and misused me? And for how long? What he cost me in the end, even decades before the Kiraly Cases?

Like the other Kiralys, Ken didn't see me as human. As having feelings. Therefore, in his mind, it was all right. At the bachelor party before his wedding, after all he'd done to me, he wouldn't even look at me.

Somebody who is structured as I am, and — surprise — it turns out that I am in fact slightly different — notices that sort of thing. You don't want to know about the rest of the family. What it was like to be around automatons, shamblers, who walked like people and pretended to be real.

Seriously. I'm pretty sure that you don't want to know. Because denial is more comfortable. Isn't that true? But over the past five years, the years since I returned, I've met real people. The difference is startling.

5. And Tom Kiraly... you described him as “the average American 'kid'”. But Tom's own mother, simple as she is, knows what Tom is. Grace is the one who christened Tom's persona using the colorful term “the dark mask”.

Not simply once, long ago. But again and again over the years. Grace is obsessed with the fact that the “Tom” who is visible to the world started out as a pretend game.

The actual “Tom Kiraly” is hiding. Hiding originally, I think, from Jim. But now, as I've posted elsewhere, it would be more accurate to say that Tom is lost. The faded Halloween costume that he wears is all that is left of him.

Even though Jim, the one who used to literally convulse with rage, is gone in a sense as well. Faded into a self-important caricature. God, was I actually terrified of Jim Kiraly for so long?

6. John Blaker is real. He has suffered but the last time I checked he was there and he existed.

Is Kern King real? Are Kevin King and Akhil Amar? Do they possess consciousness? I wanted to find out. And there were questions that I wanted to ask.

Kern King is full of “it”, but at least he talked to me honestly. In his office at Stanford University; he's a Finance Director at the University or something of the sort.

After our conversation, Kern stared at me, literally stared at me. I'd tried to appear normal but it hadn't quite worked out. So, to Kern, I was some sort of alien. But he gave me the wonderful metaphor about the bookshelf that is Life. And Time. The two things that are one and the same.

7. Kevin King... This is the part where Kevin comes across as a cardboard cutout. We talked for a while. I wanted to ask Kevin questions about the things that had happened. But perhaps six months into discussions, I fell ill physically. I ate some food and was very sick.

It was not a “choice”. My body was broken. Did you know that my body temperature ranged ten degrees sometimes in one day? Grace would have called this a “choice” but I'd expected better of Kevin.

Kevin broke off contact regardless because “normal” people do not like unusual situations. But “normal” people wish to see themselves as heroes. To be uncomfortable because somebody is ill... this is not how a hero behaves. So Kevin says, “Why, surely we are in communication. There is no issue.”

Kevin has said this not for four months... but for four years. Delusion. Though it was nice when he spoke to me once after the Kiralys attacked and offered me such advice as he could.

Nancy Meyer, for her part, usually agrees with Kevin that there is no issue. But once she acknowledged that it existed and said:

“Well, you do not read social signals. You interrupt people when they talk. This is a choice. Neurology is not relevant. Therefore the situation is to be expected.”

This is not an exact quote. However, Nancy, as a test, do you recall saying this? Regardless, gee thanks :P

8. Akhil Amar... I knew better than to expect much from *that* one. Despite what happened 40 years ago. He's connected to one of the key threads of my life. But I didn't intend to speak with him as I'd spoken with the others. Until Nancy Meyer pressured me into attempting it. At which point I was told that the attempt was inappropriate.

F*ck. After half a century of this sh*t. Of dealing with fog. The fog that defines the rest of you. I'm weary.

9. And you? The mystery correspondent? If you are not Ken or somebody associated with the Kiralys who are you? Kevin is a possibility but it is unlikely. I don't think that you're Nancy Meyer, John Blaker (the other autistic one), Philip Loder or his brother, Twisted Time, or Bob Westrup. Akhil Amar is out of the question.

You're not Peggy. BTW she was important. I've always missed her. If anybody speaks with her please convey the remark. Most of the other girls don't fit either.

You're not David Gallaher, who would not have spoken as carefully as you did. Not the other Dave, who I did not know that well, either.

You're not Tom's friend Tim Gallaher. Randy Kahrer? Is that you? No. You've claimed to be from the same class as the rest of us. Randy wouldn't lie about that.

Roger Ceragioli is a possibility. But he ran away from his life and left the country, didn't he?

10. Are you Roger regardless? If so, there's an apology that I've been waiting to offer for over 30 years.

You startled me that one day.

Do you understand what the Kiralys were like and their views on the matter were? LittleCoder had grown up in an atmosphere that was filled with pure poison and hatred of the different. But this does not excuse things and I do wish to say that I'm sorry.

11. Despite reading my writing, you lack insighting. You don't seem to get the most important points. The book was meant to be something positive. Would I have asked my parents for help otherwise? But their response was to smash what was left of my life. And to lie every step of the way.

Something good may come of all of this regardless. Changes to the Law so that people who commit perjury as Jim and Tom Kiraly did can be prosecuted more easily. Abuse of Process should carry penalties that are far harsher than at present.

Most importantly, people should understand that facts do matter. That one does not make decisions, as you apparently have, based on who people are. That is the way of the animals; the beasts of the field.

People are not to be judged based on whether or not they seem to be “sweet” to associates that they are fond of. Or who they at least see as human.

People are to be judged, instead, on whether or not they seek to help others; even those who are not members of the pack. The true fundamental unit of society. On whether or not they possess a conscience. Or whether, lacking a conscience, they lie, cheat, steal, or even seek to commit murder.

The Kiralys are remorseless. They have always been thus. I have never observed signs of conscience in them. This includes Grace, who you fantasize is “sweet”.

Grace does as the animals do. She works backwards from impulsive decisions and then she is content. Untroubled by introspection or the possibility that she has done wrong.

For animals, there is no need for guilt of any type. They feel it, in the case of mammals, only if there is an issue at the pack level.

In a nutshell, facts do not matter to animals. They should matter to people. Conscience should be based on things that actually happen. And not on who one likes or does not like.

If there are to be such things as “people” as opposed to animals, if we are to exist at last as something above them, we must focus on the principles that Christ is said to have taught. The principles must become a reality at last.

You do not agree with these points. This is your privilege. But making a difference in regard to abuse, conscience, and what happens to the defenseless is what I seek to do. I will not stop.

12. After the Kiraly Cases, what is the purpose of my life? I will quote a personal letter for you. It was sent to associates a few days ago. This is intended to be reflective. It is not as pretentious as it may sound:

Life is short and much to do. Time is precious. Set aside Time for lunch regardless. Rituals of this nature are positive and important. This is one of the many things that the Martian Child has learned.

The recent cases are over in some respects. In others understand that they will not fade now or for years to come. In the end they will define everybody involved both in the past and in the future.

It is most likely the reason that I am here in the World. To be sacrificed on an altar that is half a century tall so that by the flickering light of the embers of my life the Truth may find passage in and a greater light may shine.

13. Regarding other points that you made or commented on, we'll talk when and if I'm able to confirm your identity.

Regards, Robert (the Old Coder and he is old indeed)


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