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Kiraly Gag-Order Cases

This page links to Kiraly Gag-Order Cases material.

We'll break the material into lists. This is the start of the first list. It'll include the history of the cases and close­ly re­la­ted documents. Attorneys and legislators will care mostly about this part.

* This link goes to a 32-page PDF history of the cases writ­ten in Fall 2019:

The PDF linked above includes mixed personal and legal history. A copy that focuses primarily on the legal history will be produced.

* This link goes to a Legitimate and Reasonable Purposes list re­la­ted to the “gathering” of information:

* This link goes to another list of doc­u­ments. That list will be merged into this one:

* Numerous other doc­u­ments will be added here.

This is the start of a 2nd list. The 2nd list organizes in­forma­tion re­la­ted to peo­ple involved.

* This link goes to a summary of a Decem­ber, 2018 P.I. report re­la­ted to alleged title fraud:

* The Decem­ber 2018 P.I. report in­clud­ed a PDF sub-report containing in­forma­tion related to Jim Kiraly. The PDF may be viewed dir­ect­ly at this link:

This is the start of a 3rd list. The 3rd list includes material that is subjective but be­lieved to be worthwhile.

* Decem­ber 15, 2018. CodeLicker's comments on a chess game that he'd just completed:

* July 04, 2013. This is a let­ter to Lisa Kerechanko:

Lisa had writ­ten to demand, as so others had demanded, takedowns of web pages. This let­ter was the re­sponse.

* June 2016. This is a 31-part Father's Day let­ter to Jim Kiraly:

Fathers Day 2016

The Father's Day 2016 let­ter might be broken up and merged into other sections.

This is the start of a 4th list. The 4th list includes material that needs to be broken up and/or reorganized.

* June 2019. Father's Day 2019:

Fathers Day 2019

* May 2019. Notes on a birthday delivery to Jim Kiraly:

* Decem­ber 2018. This link goes to posts from Christ­mas 2018:

* Notes re­la­ted to churches located near 636 Atterdag Road, Solvang, CA:

* Decem­ber 2018. Letter to Virginia Chang Kiraly re­la­ted to her violent behavior:

A printed let­ter was mass-delivered by courier to Virginia's city block at the time. A copy of the let­ter is in­clud­ed.

* This link goes to unsorted posts:

Unsorted notes

The posts in ques­tion will be broken up and merged into other sections.

Note to self: Add the rest of the links here.

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