Kiraly Gag-Order Cases

This page links to Kiraly Gag-Order Cases material.

We'll break the material into lists. This is the start of the first list. It'll include the history of the cases and closely related documents. Attorneys and legislators will care mostly about this part.

* This link goes to a 32-page PDF history of the cases written in Fall 2019:

The PDF linked above includes mixed personal and legal history. A copy that focuses primarily on the legal history will be produced.

* This link goes to a Legitimate and Reasonable Purposes list related to the “gathering” of information:

* This link goes to another list of documents. That list will be merged into this one:

* Numerous other documents will be added here.

This is the start of a 2nd list. The 2nd list organizes information related to people involved.

* This link goes to a summary of a December, 2018 P.I. report related to alleged title fraud:

* The December 2018 P.I. report included a PDF sub-report containing information related to Jim Kiraly. The PDF may be viewed directly at this link:

This is the start of a 3rd list. The 3rd list includes material that is subjective but believed to be worthwhile.

* December 15, 2018. CodeLicker's comments on a chess game that he'd just completed:

* July 04, 2013. This is a letter to Lisa Kerechanko:

Lisa had written to demand, as so others had demanded, takedowns of web pages. This letter was the response.

* June 2016. This is a 31-part Father's Day letter to Jim Kiraly:

Fathers Day 2016

The Father's Day 2016 letter might be broken up and merged into other sections.

This is the start of a 4th list. The 4th list includes material that needs to be broken up and/or reorganized.

* June 2019. Father's Day 2019:

Fathers Day 2019

* May 2019. Notes on a birthday delivery to Jim Kiraly:

* December 2018. This link goes to posts from Christmas 2018:

* Notes related to churches located near 636 Atterdag Road, Solvang, CA:

* December 2018. Letter to Virginia Chang Kiraly related to her violent behavior:

A printed letter was mass-delivered by courier to Virginia's city block at the time. A copy of the letter is included.

* This link goes to unsorted posts:

Unsorted notes

The posts in question will be broken up and merged into other sections.

Note to self: Add the rest of the links here.

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