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190102 Wednesday — Letter to Bethania Lutheran Church

190102. Letter to Bethania Lutheran Church.

This is part of an initial exploratory pro­cess related to mul­ti­ple churches.

My brother Ken Kiraly's like­ly trip to Solvang, CA suggests that P.I. Keith Krasnove was correct and that Jim and Grace Kiraly have relocated to that city.

Thanks for the assis­tance, Ken :)

It had to be you, and not Virginia Chang Kiraly, right? Virginia was back home in Menlo Park raging at a courier. I can place her on Gordon Avenue on one of the days that a cellphone belonging to one of the two of you showed up in Solvang.

There aren't many peo­ple who (1) have cellphone ser­vice based on the S.F. Peninsula (2) are inter­est­ed in Haggis Hell (3) are in­volved enough to try to hide web browsing from me and (4) would have travelled to Solvang at exactly the point when the P.I. said that Jim and Grace had relocated there.

In the whole wide world, that would come down, actu­al­ly, to just you and my sister-in-law.

Scott Kiraly's phone ser­vice is probably based farther East and he's like­ly to be dead from morbid obesity regard­less. TBH good rid­dance.

It isn't con­firm­ed yet that Jim and Grace Kiraly are going to stay in Solvang. The possibility of a move to Austin, Texas or to some property in Cal­i­for­nia, pos­si­bly rural, that is owned by Ken Kiraly or Tom Kiraly remains open.

So, we might need to do all of this over again.

ATTN: Bethania Lutheran, general staff

First, Happy New Year.

My parents, Jim and Grace Kiraly, are pre­sent­ly in the assisted living com­mun­i­ty at 636 Atterdag Road. This may not be for the long term. My un­der­stand­ing is that they haven't ruled out moving to Austin, Texas, to be near a brother of mine named Tom.

I've in­clud­ed a recent photo of Jim and Grace with this let­ter. Perhaps you've met them.

Bethania Lutheran is appar­ent­ly on the same street as the assisted living com­mun­i­ty. May I ask a few re­la­ted questions?

Is the Church located close to the assisted living community?

My father Jim prefers what I'd refer to as a legalistic, or study-oriented, Church envir­on­ment. Grace is definitely on the charismatic side. The two don't always attend the same Churches.

I'd guess that Bethania Lutheran is more on the charismatic side. Would I be far off on that? And would you be able to recommend a pos­si­ble Church for Jim?

Finally, the couple is mobile, but elderly. Is Bethania Lutheran a good choice for an elderly couple that might have minor mobility issues?

Regards, Robert (the Old Coder)

P.S. Independently of issues re­la­ted to my parents, I'm work­ing on a book that will touch on religion in U.S. culture and history. If there's some­body at any level who might like to communicate with me in the future, could you ask them to write to me?

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Jim Kiraly of Solvang, CA and his wife Grace Kiraly
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