190510. Happy Birthday Jim Kiraly.

Today is Jim Kiraly's 86th birthday. It's an impressive age for an impressive man.


I've been coming to terms with the fact that Jim will probably die from natural causes before I can put him on the stand in Court.

The regrettable fact of my abuser's short-term demise won't stop me from doing what's possible until he goes.

And after he's packed his bags and moved to the undiscovered country, there will be others to demonstrate love and affection to. For decades to come.

Well, 1.5 decades. I should last that long. If Jim's prosecutable crimes didn't manage to kill me, they must have made me stronger. So, I'll dance with delight to the finish line. :)

Additionally, the facts of the matter will outlive me. I'll take steps to ensure that.

The other day, a courier, a polite and conscientious woman, established that Jim and Grace were both still alive. In fact, she met the couple face to face.

The courier was there to deliver a birthday letter and a nice bottle of wine.

Jim Kiraly, SSN 038-20-8134, for his part, threatened the courier, because that's what violent abusers do.

Note: These sites enthusiastically distribute, for legitimate and reasonable purposes that are protected under U.S. laws, SSNs and other information related to parties involved in a diverse and impressive collection of prosecutable crimes.

Attorneys and others are invited to view the Legitimate and Reasonable Purposes List at this link:


Jim Kiraly

I'd thought that my father James Francis Kiraly, mother's maiden name Ann Varsa, might be civil to a calm and polite woman. However, it sounds as though he was scarcely able to refrain from punching her.

Just as Jim's own father Frank punched Ann through a glass door when Jim was age 4 and provided the example that Jim internalized for a long and unpleasant lifetime.

While Jim Kiraly was ranting and making threats, his victim Grace Kiraly, SSN 556-40-1879, signed a short note which demonstrates that a polite effort was made to deliver a document to Jim and Grace, that on this occasion the couple's wish not to receive the document was respected, and that Jim Kiraly's threats against the courier are therefore potentially a prosecutable crime; i.e., the threat to commit the underlying crime of abuse of process.

The note that Grace Kiraly signed and that might be sufficient to justify prosecution of her abuser Jim Kiraly is displayed below.

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Kiraly Documented Refusal
Kiraly Documented Refusal

My next step, or one of them, will be to send, for legitimate and reasonable purposes that are protected under U.S. laws, a few thousand copies of the birthday letter to people residing in the vicinity of Jim Kiraly.

In addition to being protected under U.S. laws, this step and the information that it might lead to will contribute to positive social goals.

Solvang is small compared to some cities. I believe that this step will easily accomplish its protected purposes.

The document that I'll send to most of Solvang, CA will be an expanded version of the birthday letter that the courier was asked to deliver.

Third parties will need more context related to the prosecutable crimes that Jim Kiraly, 636 Atterdag Road, Solvang, CA and his associates have committed.

However, for those who may be interested, the first draft of the birthday letter that the couple declined to receive may be read at the link below:


The PDF is 13 pages. I've written longer documents related to the story. However, this one seemed just right for a goodbye letter to two people who mean as much to me as the avatars of Christ's pure love that are Jim and Grace Kiraly do.

The complex at 636 Atterdag Road, Solvang, CA either has multiple names or houses multiple divisions. The names or divisions include Solvang Lutheran Home, Atterdag Village, and Atterdag Care Center.

The Central Office for the complex is apparently the receiving point for snail-mail. Which means that an interesting legal point has arisen.

A woman in Central Office claiming to be named “Sally” told the courier that my parents didn't live in the complex. So, “Sally” lied.

If the Central Office for Solvang Lutheran Home is registered as the receiving point for U.S. snail-mail to the complex, and practices such lies in that context, has a violation of registration with the USPO taken place? Or is it simply impoliteness?

Inquiring minds will look into the issue.

My courier made it as far as the unit where Jim and Grace Kiraly resided due to a surprising coincidence. She had an uncommon name from past decades that happened to sound like the name of one of Grace's friends. The name confused my biological mother and led to the courier receiving directions to the unit.

It was a once in a blue moon occurrence. One might wonder if divine intervention was involved.

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God sends His blessings
God smiles on Jim Kiraly and Michael Bonetto

The courier says:

“Upon [my] arrival Sally called them and asked if I could come to their apt. Your mom was on the other end of the line and she said yes. Apparently she thought I was her friend CoraLee.”

“When I got to the door and was not CoraLee — Dad was immediately suspicious. I gave him my card and informed him that I was a delivery service and was there to deliver wine and letter each — including that his included a bday message.”

“He insisted on knowing who it was from — once he knew — Dad would not accept the letter and threatened that he would have the DA file charges against me for harassment.”

OldCoder says: Jim was threatening to commit unambiguous abuse of process, which can be prosecuted as a crime. The threat to commit a crime might be treated, in and of itself, as a crime as well.

The courier continues:

“He then got on the phone and told the office to never let my company deliver there again. While he was talking with the office I got your mom to sign a piece of paper refusing the letter. I then left. I stopped back in the office to see if a Doctor or Clergy could assist in the delivery — and Sally stated the official statement of the office is that nobody by that name lives there.”

OldCoder says: This seems odd if Sally is the one who called the couple to begin with. As noted further up, Sally might be involved in a violation of an agreement or registration with the USPO. It might actually be a prosecutable crime.

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