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190102 Wednesday — Statements of Fact

1. Statements of Fact.

Parties who have, or claim to have, knowledge re­la­ted to statements of fact that are made on this web­site are invited to offer comments, corrections, or clarifications.

190102 Wednesday — Privacy Policy

2. Privacy Policy.

This site uses stand­ard httpd logs as well as JS code to collect in­forma­tion of most of the types that a web browser typically broadcasts.

As of this wri­ting, this site goes further and “gathers information”, a term used in the 2012 to 2013 gag-order cases, out­side such con­texts for le­gi­ti­mate and reason­able purposes that are pro­tect­ed under U.S. laws.

To review a list of representative le­gi­ti­mate and reason­able pur­poses, click here.

This site reserves the right to make use of in­forma­tion collected for any pur­pose that is per­mit­ted under U.S. State and Federal laws. The right may be exercised to the maximum extent pos­si­ble without further notice.

In particular:

This site can, and probably will, blog, paraphrase, post, publish, quote, disclose, “discuss”, dis­tri­bute, and/or otherwise pro­cess and/or disseminate in­forma­tion that is collected.

The word “discuss” is quoted in the preceding paragraph as a reminder to those who were in­volved in the gag-order cases of where things stand.

To clarify the point:

In gag-order cases that ran from 2012 to 2013, a wife-beater named Jim Kiraly sought to force me to sign a gag order in which I'd agree to go to jail if I were ever to “discuss” him.

We'll be “discussing” Jim Kiraly, Tom Kiraly, Michael Bonetto, Maggie Desmond, John Perrott, and others for years to come.

190102 Wednesday — COPPA Notice

3. COPPA Notice.

To the best of the primary administrator's knowledge, COPPA, a law which limits the use of children's in­forma­tion in commercial or similar con­texts, doesn't apply to this site.

190102 Wednesday — Contact Information

4. Contact in­forma­tion.

To contact OldCoder, try the email address list­ed below.


As a note to attorneys, you're not allowed to assume that email sent has been re­ceived. Additionally, note that “registered email” is a con­cept with lim­it­ed relevance and you may be mocked for attempting to use it.

There's a nice YouTube video re­la­ted to OldCoder at:

OldCoder's own YouTube channel is:

OldCoder's LinkedIn is:

You can talk to OldCoder dir­ect­ly in IRC. The IRC network is:


If you're able to connect to the IRC network, try this IRC command:

/query OldCoder

OldCoder has an IRC bouncer. However, if he isn't present, don't assume that queries will necessarily be re­ceived.

190102 Wednesday — Downloading the site

5. Downloading the site.

It's been the policy of Haggis Hell to make copies of the site available to inter­est­ed parties.

However, the site has probably grown too large for distribution by direct down­load to work. The ZIP-file snapshot that was provided previously is offline while we review the issue.

One option might be to dis­tri­bute the ZIP file by BitTorrent.

190102 Wednesday — Site Technical Notes

6. Site tech­ni­cal notes.

6a. This site uses responsive code. This means that it's sup­posed to work on your phone.

6b. https, i.e., SSL, sup­port is provided by Let's Encrypt.

6c. The orig­in­al content on this site may ulti­mate­ly be released under Creative Commons.

6d. This site is hand-writ­ten HTML5 and CSS3 plus a bit of JS and Bootstrap. Just like Grandmother used to bake it.

More about the theme:

The theme is largely OldCoder's own design. The goals are: sim­ple, responsive, and practical. Like OldCoder :P

The responsive tables are based on a nice trick documented by Chris Coyier in a 2011 CSS Tricks arti­cle.

OldCoder's version of the tables code adds sup­port for mul­ti­ple tables with dif­fer­ent structures on the same page. Transitions are also smoother in general.

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