This page links to pages that link to or host music tracks or video clips such as funny cats or movie trailers.

The Tindeck page is specifically for open-license music and contributions to that page are welcome.

200318 Wednesday — Media pages

200318. Media pages.

Christmas 2015:

The preceding link goes to a YouTube video page. This video was a gift to OldCoder on Christmas 2015.

The OldCoder Tindeck page:

The Tindeck page was originally located on a now-dead music site that hosted open-license music.

Standard Vector Trailers page:

The Standard Vector Trailers page hosts or links to funny-pet videos, movie trailers, and other miscellaneous clips. Comments related to the video clips are included.

The Mia Meow page includes a couple of video clips of Mia the Cat in animated GIF format. No player is needed to view those clips, but, warning, they make the page slow to load.

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