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Tindeck music page

Tindeck was a free MP3 upload site that helped people to share original music and audio with others around the world. The site in question no longer exists. This is a simplified and updated version of OldCoder's page from the site.

A statement by Tindeck is included at the bottom of this page.

To play a song in your browser, click on its title. To download the song instead, click on the ZIP-file link next to the title.

Artist Title/Play Download Year Time Notes
CodesStuff OldCoder ZIP 2012 00:27 Humor
Edgy1 Go Tell It On The Mountain ZIP 2018 01:57 Hymn
DSirijus B Blues For B ZIP 2013 02:51
Anunakki the God Internetz ZIP 2013 06:00 2012 allegations. Warning: Adult language.
Eihei Dogen Butterfly ZIP 2014 01:22
Skittles Yilsasteiononon ZIP 2013 01:15
Elkien3 Lonely Night Tide ZIP 2017 03:14
Anunakki the God Their World Not Ours ZIP 2014 03:50
CodesStuff Island Vybez ZIP 2012 02:02

Music files were provided by the creators. They're distributed under a Creative Commons license; specifically, CC BY-NC-ND 4.0 International. Attribution, in each case, is to the creator or creators of each piece.

Statement by Tindeck aka Savvas Dimitriou (edited for length and clarity):

In light of the European Union's insistence on destroying the free and open internet, Tindeck permanently ceased operations as of August 1, 2018.

Mr. Dimitriou is referring here to Article 13 EU General Data Protection Regulation, a European copyright enforcement law that overreaches to a remarkable extent.

The law in question makes no provision, it appears, for Fair Use of copyrighted material. Reasonable people seem to feel that the law should be disrespected to the extent possible.

Tindeck continues:

This is the end of Tindeck, and if the copyright abusers who are spending millions of dollars lobbying the EU to pass changes to Article 13 of the European Union Copyright Directive get their way, it will likely be the end of hundreds of thousands of similar communities around the world.

These changes will not just affect people who live in the European Union, they will affect every website that allows EU citizens to use their services — which is basically every site on the internet.

Tindeck continues:

On a personal note, I would like to offer my eternal thanks to the hundreds of thousands of musicians, artists, podcasters, broadcasters, tinkerers, dabblers, and experimenters who between them contributed over half a million tracks that were enjoyed by hundreds of millions of listeners around the world.

In the fifteen years since I launched Tindeck, I've been lucky enough to meet and befriend many of those creators and listeners, each of whom have contributed their time and talent to this community and who ultimately deserved more than I was able to give them. I'm sorry that things have ended in this way.

So long, and thanks for all the fish.

— Savvas Dimitriou

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