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181231 Monday — Tindeck Page

Tindeck music page

Tindeck was a free MP3 upload site that helped peo­ple to share orig­in­al music and audio with others around the world. The site in ques­tion no longer exists. This is a simplified and updated version of OldCoder's page from the site.

A state­ment by Tindeck is in­clud­ed at the bottom of this page.

To play a song in your browser, click on its title. To down­load the song instead, click on the ZIP-file link next to the title.

Artist Title/Play Download Year Time Notes
CodesStuff OldCoder ZIP 2012 00:27 Humor
Edgy1 Go Tell It On The Mountain ZIP 2018 01:57 Hymn
DSirijus B Blues For B ZIP 2013 02:51
Anunakki the God Internetz ZIP 2013 06:00 2012 allegations. Warning: Adult language.
Eihei Dogen Butterfly ZIP 2014 01:22
Skittles Yilsasteiononon ZIP 2013 01:15
Elkien3 Lonely Night Tide ZIP 2017 03:14
Anunakki the God Their World Not Ours ZIP 2014 03:50
CodesStuff Island Vybez ZIP 2012 02:02

Music files were provided by the creators. They're dis­trib­u­ted under a Creative Commons license; spec­i­fic­al­ly, CC BY-NC-ND 4.0 International. Attribution, in each case, is to the creator or creators of each piece.

Statement by Tindeck aka Savvas Dimitriou (edited for length and clarity):

In light of the European Union's insistence on destroying the free and open internet, Tindeck permanently ceased oper­a­tions as of August 1, 2018.

Mr. Dimitriou is referring here to Article 13 EU General Data Protection Regulation, a European copy­right enforcement law that overreaches to a remarkable extent.

The law in ques­tion makes no pro­vi­sion, it ap­pears, for Fair Use of copyrighted material. Reasonable peo­ple seem to feel that the law should be disrespected to the extent pos­si­ble.

Tindeck continues:

This is the end of Tindeck, and if the copy­right abusers who are spending millions of dollars lobbying the EU to pass changes to Article 13 of the European Union Copyright Directive get their way, it will like­ly be the end of hun­dreds of thousands of similar communities around the world.

These changes will not just affect peo­ple who live in the European Union, they will affect every web­site that allows EU citizens to use their services — which is basically every site on the internet.

Tindeck continues:

On a personal note, I would like to offer my eternal thanks to the hun­dreds of thousands of musicians, artists, podcasters, broadcasters, tinkerers, dabblers, and experimenters who between them contributed over half a million tracks that were enjoyed by hun­dreds of millions of listeners around the world.

In the fifteen years since I launched Tindeck, I've been lucky enough to meet and befriend many of those creators and listeners, each of whom have contributed their time and talent to this com­mun­i­ty and who ulti­mate­ly deserved more than I was able to give them. I'm sorry that things have ended in this way.

So long, and thanks for all the fish.

— Savvas Dimitriou

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