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What is this page?

This page will evolve into and/or link to messages for, or dis­cus­sion related to, a few peo­ple who attended Las Lomas High School in the 1970s.


211223 Thursday — Las Lomas P.S.

211223. Las Lomas P.S.

Kevin Wayne King of Chevron: You were too cowardly circa 2010 to listen to the ques­tion that I wanted to ask you. Actually, two ques­tions.

You told Nancy Grabow that you'd listen to the ques­tions over a dinner that offer­ed you social insulation. Didn't it occur to you that the ques­tions might not have been com­pat­i­ble with the setting?

They were about violent abuse, idiot.

Roger Ceragioli and Lisa Ganio: How could you treat Ron as you did? Are you just animals or what? If you don't wish to respond, the answer will be sought from those who might be able to com­ment.

Nancy Grabow: I like you up to a point, even the pretentious puffed-up you of old age. But I owe you no apology for perceived ingratitude.

You told me to phone Akhil Amar and then when he declined to speak to me you told me that I shouldn't have called him.

See the part above, too, about the dinner party where I was sup­posed to talk about violent abuse over crois­sants.

I might add that there was a sexual incident. If I'd talked about that part at a dinner party, how, pray tell, would that have gone over?

You boasted in a pompous manner that you were a “fixer”. “Hexxer” would be more like it. Don't cite the maxim that no good deed goes unpunished. You did no good deed.

Except for the period 45 to 50 years ago when I slept at your house because it wasn't physically safe at 217 Gerry Court. I haven't forgotten that.

I do feel sorry that you lost the one son. I trust that the one that I met grew up to be sup­por­tive. I'll say that he had a bet­ter mother than I did.

As a side note, the Akhil Amar men­tion­ed above is, or was, the one at the top of the Yale Law food chain. My best enemy for 6 years as well.

We haven't interacted dir­ect­ly for 45 years and there is little respect pre­sent­ly in either direction. There will be no dis­cus­sion over dinner at Nancy's house. But Akhil owes me an explana­tion of his conduct and that of his little brother Vikram, the former head of UC Davis Law School, in 2012.

In the years to come, we'll expand this page and/or subpages.

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