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200326 Thursday — Privacy Policy

1. Privacy Policy.

This site uses stand­ard httpd logs to collect in­forma­tion of most of the types that a web browser typically broadcasts.

This site doesn't pre­sent­ly use cookies. However, note that sites which are linked to may use cookies.

Data is retained for such periods, and is used for such pur­poses, as are deemed appropriate by site administrators.

Security is one context. For example, logs are used to identify and block malware bots.

CCPA and/or similar laws re­la­ted to large commercial organ­i­za­tions don't apply to this site.

200326 Thursday — COPPA Notice

2. COPPA Notice.

COPPA, a law which limits the use of children's in­forma­tion in commercial or similar con­texts, doesn't apply to this site.

200326 Thursday — Contact Information

3. Contact in­forma­tion.

To be added.

200326 Thursday — License Information

4. License in­forma­tion.

The orig­in­al content on this site is licensed as follows:

CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 International

also known as:

Creative Commons Attribution NonCommercial ShareAlike 4.0 International.

The short version is that you're invited to copy, modify, share, and dis­tri­bute the content as you wish, subject to the rules list­ed below.

The list is an informal summary. For the official license, see the link in part 4.1.

4.1. You must give appropriate credit, pro­vide a link to the license, and indicate if changes were made.

Attribution is to be to Chafic “Steve” Ezzeddine and Walid Ezzeddine.

As of 2020, the license link to use is:

4.2. Commercial use requires a separate agree­ment with the rights-holder, Walid Ezzeddine.

4.3. The license applies to, and travels with, copies and derivative works.

The rights-holder can change the rules for new copies that he distributes. However, neither he nor you can take away or limit, either through legal means or technologically, the rights re­la­ted to existing copies or copies of those copies, that are granted above.

For more in­forma­tion, click here.

200326 Thursday — Site Technical Notes

5. Site tech­ni­cal notes.

5.1. This site uses responsive code. This means that it should work on your phone.

Presently, JavaScript isn't required or used. Everything is done using HTML 5 and CSS 3. The responsive features rely heavily on CSS 3 media queries.

5.2. https, i.e., SSL, sup­port is provided by Let's Encrypt.

5.3. The theme is based on Haggis Hell by OldCoder.

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