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This page includes legal disclaimers, contact information, a privacy notice, etc.

What is this site?

Haggis Hell is simply the personal weblog of Robert Kiraly, aka OldCoder, a software developer for 40 years. It started due to an unusual pair of gag-order cases that ran from 2012 to 2013, but it collects threads of different types now.

Pieces will jump around to different pages, but the original short links listed on Twitter should continue to work.

Haggis Hell has resumed after a pause of one year.

The Kiraly Cases will continue to be one thread. We look forward to legitimate and and reasonable steps, protected under U.S. laws, related to colorful characters such as:

Jim Kiraly (VP of Transamerica), Grace Kiraly (Christ Follower), Tom Kiraly (CFO of Hanger, Inc.), Ken Kiraly (VP of Amazon and a lead at Lab126), Michael Bonetto (a Rising Star attorney), Maggie Desmond (a noble woman, certainly), John Perrott (a Fundamentalist Family Law attorney of distinction), and other people that you'll come to know and love.

OldCoder welcomes email. New addresses will be posted when the contacts page is redone. If you write, note that he doesn't give a quacking duck if you feel he's too detailed. He's made of details and, these days, he's comfortable with the fact.

180701 Sunday — Statements of Fact

1. Statements of Fact.

Parties who have, or claim to have, knowledge related to statements of fact that are made on this website are invited to offer comments, corrections, or clarifications.

180701 Sunday — Privacy Policy

2. Privacy Policy.

This site uses standard httpd logs as well as JS code to collect information of most of the types that a web browser typically broadcasts.

The primary administrator goes further and “gathers information”, a term used in the 2012 to 2013 gag-order cases, outside site contexts for legitimate and reasonable purposes that are protected under U.S. laws.

To review a list of representative legitimate and reasonable purposes, click here.

The primary administrator may publicly disclose and/or reuse information collected in any manner that is deemed appropriate.

In particular:

The right to analyze, blog, post, quote, “discuss”, or otherwise distribute or make use of information collected or actions or documents or information of any type that is deemed appropriate to use is reserved and may be exercised to the maximum extent possible without further notice at any point in the future.

The word “discuss” is quoted in the preceding paragraph partly as a reminder to those who were involved in the gag-order cases of where things stand.

For others:

In gag-order cases that ran from 2012 to 2013, a wife-beater named Jim Kiraly sought to force me to sign a gag order in which I'd agree to go to jail if I were ever to “discuss” him.

180701 Sunday — COPPA Notice

3. COPPA Notice.

To the best of the primary administrator's knowledge, COPPA, a law which limits the use of children's information in commercial or similar contexts, doesn't apply to this site.

180701 Sunday — Contact Information

4. Contact information.

I haven't settled on the final email address to use, but this one might work for now:

My Twitter is:

There's a nice YouTube video related to me at:

My own YouTube channel is:

My LinkedIn is:

You can talk to me directly in IRC. For more information about IRC, scroll down.

If you're familiar with IRC, you can talk to me directly some days in the following IRC network:


Ping OldCoder. However, if I'm not present, don't assume that either pings or PMs will necessarily be received.

180701 Sunday — Site Technical Notes

5. Site technical notes.

5a. This site uses responsive code. This means that it's supposed to work on your phone.

5b. https, i.e., SSL, support is provided by Let's Encrypt.

5c. The original content on this site may ultimately be released under Creative Commons.

5d. This site is hand-written HTML5 and CSS3 plus a bit of JS and Bootstrap. Just like Grandmother used to bake it.

More about the theme:

The theme is largely OldCoder's own design. The goals are: simple, responsive, practical. Like OldCoder :P

The responsive tables are based on a nice trick documented by Chris Coyier in a 2011 CSS Tricks article.

OldCoder's version of the tables code adds support for multiple tables with different structures on the same page. Transitions are also smoother in general.

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