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200320 Friday — Gag-Order is Across the Border

200320. Gag-Order is Across the Border.

The idea is that each per­son is to get a page that will examine, legitimate and reasonable purposes that are protected under U.S. laws, their con­nec­tion to the Gag-Order Cases, and, in the case of those who were in­volved in or sup­port­ed prosecutable crimes either at the time or ex post facto, factors such as genetics or upbringing (nature vs. nurture) which contributed to the choices that were made.

PIs (Private Investigators) and the like are a separate group. They go on their own pages.

Hoge Fenton and other SCCBA Legal:

Chris Burdick - TBD

Alison Buchanan - TBD

Karl Chandler - TBD

The Kiralys and relations:

Jim Kiraly - TBD

Tom Kiraly - TBD

Ken Kiraly - TBD


Scott Kiraly - TBD

Lisa Kerechanko - TBD

Riane Kiraly - TBD

James Kiraly #2 - TBD

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