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This page is being restarted. It isn't back yet. It'll dis­cuss the role that Fierce Fibers has played in Minetest as well as legal issues re­la­ted to the company.

191013 Sunday — Fierce Fibers Intro
Fierce Fibers Intro

To the right, or above or be­low, we see a Fierce Fibers image. The image is used here under Fair Use. The mark “Fierce Fibers” is, add­i­tion­al­ly, used under Fair Use and/or Nominative Use.

Technical note: This site is hosted out­side of U.S. jurisdiction. It falls into the jurisdiction of international copy­right laws but DMCA, to be clear, doesn't dir­ect­ly apply. Regardless, for use­ful tips re­la­ted to DMCA, click here.

Kindly note that the watermark in this image has been retained in this copy. This change was made at the suggestion of Mr. Leonard DuBoff, a troll attorney in Oregon with impressive skills.

191013 Sunday — Fierce Fibers People

The contributions of each per­son will be dis­cus­sed here.

Auke-Jan Kok aka Sofar Stacey Serafin of Fierce Fibers Leonard DuBoff

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