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191009 Wednesday — DMCA note

As a tech­ni­cal note re­la­ted to photographs and other material that may fall under copyright:

1. DMCA applies only to sites hosted in the U.S. This site is pre­sent­ly hosted out­side the U.S. So, it doesn't recognize or cooperate with DMCA.

2. Copyrights per se are a dif­fer­ent matter. Copyrights are recognized and enforced internationally. However, the procedures applicable to each country need to be followed.

Although DMCA doesn't apply to this site, here are some use­ful tips for peo­ple interested in the subject:

3. DMCA can only be invoked by rights-holders. Subjects of photographs are not necessarily the rights-holders. This is in the case of photographs published in or on certain types of periodicals or web­sites.

4. Copyright must be formally registered prior to initiation of a DMCA action or you lose.

5. There are specific steps to be followed and deadlines apply. Miss a step or deadline and you lose.

6. If a defendant is able to establish Fair Use, you lose. The Minetest story is, of course, dripping with Fair Use.

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