191009 Wednesday — DMCA note

As a technical note related to photographs and other material that may fall under copyright:

1. DMCA applies only to sites hosted in the U.S. This site is presently hosted outside the U.S. So, it doesn't recognize or cooperate with DMCA.

2. Copyrights per se are a different matter. Copyrights are recognized and enforced internationally. However, the procedures applicable to each country need to be followed.

Although DMCA doesn't apply to this site, here are some useful tips for people interested in the subject:

3. DMCA can only be invoked by rights-holders. Subjects of photographs are not necessarily the rights-holders. This is in the case of photographs published in or on certain types of periodicals or websites.

4. Copyright must be formally registered prior to initiation of a DMCA action or you lose.

5. There are specific steps to be followed and deadlines apply. Miss a step or deadline and you lose.

6. If a defendant is able to establish Fair Use, you lose. The Minetest story is, of course, dripping with Fair Use.

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