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211006 Wednesday — Grace Kiraly Birthday

211006. Grace Kiraly Birthday.

Grace Kiraly

Grace Kiraly of Solvang, CA is, or was, a odd case of a Fundie who strap­ped on a dildo made of self-delusion, raped Jesus Christ, and was pleased to imagine the praise that He offer­ed to her in return for her self­less act.

There's little nostalgia on this side for the woman in ques­tion. Still, I'd hoped to arrange for a posi­tive and pro­duc­tive 88th birthday pre­sent.

Grace was born on October 01, 1933, 88 years and 5 days ago as this is writ­ten. So, if she's still alive, she's older than f*ck by usual standards. The occa­sion should have been remark­ed.

I was distracted, though, because Jake aka Poikilos, a Baptist mini­ster type on the U.S. East Coast, exper­i­enced a PTSD after-shock last week.

The issue was that Jake's parents were simi­lar to mine. It takes some­thing out of you when you're forced to deal with shamblers of that type.

I spent Grace Kiraly's birthday last Friday helping Poikilos to write a public let­ter related to his family. The last page of the letter is rele­vant enough to be use­ful to Grace. This assumes that that she's learned how to reflect, a point that is doubtful at best.

If you're located near Solvang, CA, there­fore, you're invited to help to get a copy to the whore in ques­tion before she goes to the undis­cover­ed country.

If she's already down there, sing­ing hymns and pleasuring her new Master, no harm done and the world is better off.

I'll feel bereaved, of course, at the loss of pos­sibi­lities. But I'll have Grace's hus­band Jim Kiraly and other family mem­bers to comfort me.

To view or down­load the docu­ment, click on the link below:


For the rest of Jake's story — one of my books in progress — you can visit the follow­ing link. We're pleased with how the book is coming along:


For right now, though, the goal is that Grace Kiraly ought to read the last page of the Octo­ber 01, 2021 PDF. Are you able to help? If you're like to do so on a paid or unpaid basis, feel free to email this site at:

grace at oldcoder dot org

Grace's putative (puta­tive is long for puta in this case) con­tact and other rele­vant infor­ma­tion is as fol­lows:

Name: Grace Violet Kiraly
DOB: October 01, 1933 | U.S. Social Security Number: 556-40-1879
Father's Surname: Kmeta | Mother's Maiden Name: Kerechanko
Last known street address: 636 Atterdag Road, Solvang, CA 93463. Unit number varies.

Phone: Grace has rarely, if ever, been per­mit­ted to have a phone or phone num­ber of her own. (805) 556-0301 defin­ite­ly used to be a land­line at a pre­vious resi­dence. (805) 595-2890 may or may not have been one. These two num­bers may or may not be valid pre­sent­ly.

There's a bit more.

I spent much of the past year in the State of Washing­ton. I got to meet Quadcore IRL there and even Six Years of Dreams at the end.

Quadcore's parents — actually, his biologi­cal father and step-mother — are Fundies. So, they rejected him when he came out as “bi” at the end of High School. In fact, they threw him out of the house.

Quadcore is age 24 now and that family has unexpectedly become close again. I visited them for Christ­mas 2020. Quadcore's father, about a decade younger than me, gave him and his lover Calvin sex toys for gifts.

It's a mod­ern world.

There will be no humorous outcome in the con­text of Jim “wife-beater” Kiraly or the vic­tim that he could never live with­out; Grace Kiraly, who chose what she chose and gloried in it.

I could have visited my nephew James Kiraly, Tom's son, in Seattle, assum­ing that he was still there. I elected not to do so but per­haps next time.

But the short-term question is, where should I go now for legi­ti­mate and reason­able pur­poses that are con­sis­tent with and in some cases protect­ed under U.S. Laws?

I should have tried Santa Barbara years ago as Grace used to urge me to do. And Solvang is certain­ly a nice town and area. But it may or may not be worth the effort to set up there now. We'll see.

I had a potential job offer in Winter 2021 that would have dictated Texas. Kappelin intro­duced me to an IBM pro­gram mana­ger and we hit it off. He was old-ish and didn't mind the fact that I was old.

That job was going to be with IBM. It might have meant that my be­loved brother Tom Kiraly of Hanger, Inc. and I would have had oppor­tuni­ties to become reacquaint­ed.

However, IBM's pipes froze along with every­body else's at the end of Winter. Every­thing shut down for weeks and the pro­posed project was cancel­ed. C'est la vie.

Austin, Texas, a city whose modern nature belies its Fundie and Donald Trump sur­round­ings, remains a legit­i­mate and reasonable option in the medium term.

I can say this much about the future. While I'm still in the temporal world, I'll do what's pos­si­ble. And I'll make a posi­tive promise right here to Jim Kiraly and Grace Kiraly:

I swear on Ivan's grave that I'll do what I can to make a produc­tive dif­ference to the world in the con­text of Christians. Especially Fundies. Jim and Grace inspire this vow.

The scope of the vow includes, certainly, family mem­bers who will feel bereaved sub­se­quent to Jim's and Grace's depar­ture. I'll con­tri­bute as posi­tive­ly as pos­si­ble to the life of each person.

Jim Kiraly and Grace Kiraly and what they stand for won't be for­got­ten.


200410 Friday — Easter 2020

200410. Easter 2020.

Sherrill was a neighbor of Grace Kiraly's 50 years ago. Laurie, one of her daughters, is now a woman in her 40s who I remember as a toddler. I'm old.

This post shares a 57-page story that went to Laurie in Spring 2020:


Laurie told me, “I'm no Erin Brockovich” but she found the legal details intriguing regardless.

200320 Friday — Michael Bonetto Site

200320. Michael Bonetto of Hoge Fenton has moved to his own site:


A mirror is available as a subdirectory of this larger site.

Haggis Hell asserts the right under Fair Use to use the photo below of Michael Bonetto here and elsewhere.

Your phone or window is too narrow for the image. If it's a phone, try rotating the phone or switching to a PC. Or click here to go to a copy that may be zoomable.
Michael Bonetto of Hoge Fenton
Michael Bonetto of Hoge Fenton

200320 Friday — Maggie Desmond Site

200320. Maggie Desmond has moved to her own site:


Click on the link preceding and confusion about Maggie Desmond will soon be receding :P

A mirror is available as a subdirectory of this larger site.

As a related point, updated pages will be online in the medium term for Michael Bonetto, John Perrott, Karl Chandler, Tom Kiraly, and others.

Haggis Hell asserts the right under Fair Use to use the photo below of Maggie Desmond here and elsewhere.

Your phone or window is too narrow for the image. If it's a phone, try rotating the phone or switching to a PC. Or click here to go to a copy that may be zoomable.
Maggie Desmond of Hoge Fenton
Maggie Desmond of Hoge Fenton

200320 Friday — Geolocation tools

200320. Geolocation tools have moved.

The geolocation tools have moved to:


200229 Saturday — Happy Leap Year

200229. Happy Leap Year.

<Grinch> O/ I'm stealing Christmas. Watch out and lock your children inside. ~ sing sing a song let's ring ring along ~
<Loome> reading beneath the lines, I see your inner confict
<Loome> You recognize your evil ways, but give out warnings lest you lose control of yourself and harm us all. You're a tender soul, Mr. Grinch.

<OldCoder> For Mr. Grinch, ethics are a cinch
<OldCoder> He's a practical type
<OldCoder> Mr. Grinch needn't give an inch
<OldCoder> Holidays are marketing hype
<OldCoder> Holidays from Holy Days are derived
<OldCoder> It's nonsense. I trust that you've all survived.

<OldCoder> Grinch, Phenek, Metacognician, and Loome
<OldCoder> Let not Holidays be emotional doom

<Grinch> for doom there is always room
<OldCoder> :D
<OldCoder> Merry Solstice!

I don't think Loome and the others have understood, over the years, how much this sort of thing has meant to me.

140313 Thursday — What Happens to Older Developers?

This post is old but will remain on the front page for the time being.

140313. Jeff Jenkins posted these questions and others recently at Ask Hacker News:

What happens to older developers? Is there a plateau in pay? Is there a drop in pay switching jobs after a certain number of years? Is becoming a specialist rather than a generalist the answer?

To read the original post, click here. Note: The link was valid as of March 2014. However, it may have broken since then.

This is my response:

Developers who go on long enough are expected to obtain high-level titles by their 50s or to retire at about that time.

I'd like to discuss an issue that you might not have thought about: What's going to happen if you lose your job?

Employment in the 50s can be problematic. If somebody is skilled and employed, and has a high-level title or is a specialist or has useful connections, they should be able to obtain a new position.

Otherwise, they might go from well-off to homeless. It happens. I'm 55, my resume is pretty good, and I was worth $1M a decade ago. I'm a transient now. I've got some medical issues, no medical care, and no dentists. Potential jobs are largely unskilled physical labor, which I'm not able to do.

I'm taking a shot at tutoring. However, I don't expect that to provide more than gas money. The head of an admin assistant firm said that I can't be a secretary unless I already am one.

Two people considered sending me to care for elderly relatives, but we didn't proceed. My title at one of those positions was going to be “poop scooper”.

Don't let this happen to you. For what it's worth, here's my advice:

1. Don't fall off of the employment ladder.

2. Become a specialist. Try to remain broad enough, though, that you don't become obsolete.

3. Build a network of people. Make it a large one.

4. Diversify your investments.

5. While you're employed, don't let medical issues, even minor ones, go untreated for long. If you lose your job and your assets, you'll lose medical care too and the issues may become serious.

6. Be kind to people. But don't be a fool. Most people that you help are not going to return the favor.

Regarding specialists, I did recruiting for a while in 2011 and I can confirm that the filters are weighted against generalists.

I've spent about 35 years myself as a generalist. My jobs called for it. The place where I spent most of my career took any project that came along, code of any type. At a dot-com that followed, after the money ran out, I handled all of the technical roles; IT, websites, development, support, documentation, etc. I was able to do a bit of everything.

Later on, none of this made a difference. There are few job listings that say “a bit of everything”.

After the dot-com shut down, 2003, I made $1M in the stock market. Lost most of it afterwards and reentered the job market. Learned that middle-age generalists were not in high demand.

In my case, there were other factors that won't apply to you. It's a story for another time. But if you're a generalist who falls off of the ladder in middle age, you can expect things like this:

“With a resume like that, why isn't he a CTO? Why doesn't he even have a job?”

You'll be asked questions about algorithms that you haven't thought about for 30 years. Or you'll go through coding tests under adverse conditions that don't allow you to show what you can do.

Plan ahead. Understand that the best-laid schemes of mice and men often go awry.

My own resume is located at:

this link

These are my links. Yes, the technical site needs Twitter Bootstrap :P

  1. Technical site (oldcoder.org)
  2. My GitHub
  3. My LinkedIn
  4. My Twitter
  5. OldCoder Nerdcore Song

Regards, Robert (the Old Coder)

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