170227 Monday — OldCoder Deserves a Hand

170227. OldCoder Deserves a Hand.

This is a letter to Grace Kiraly, my mother, “Christ Follower”, and victim of abuse committed by James Kiraly, aka Jim Kiraly, of Pismo Beach and Avila Beach.

Grace Kiraly
6329 Twinberry Circle
Avila Beach, CA 93424

Whore, hello.

The Old Coder had minor hand surgery today.

It was nowhere near as serious as the rebuild that your arm required 22 years ago. Still, it was a matter for concern, as I rely heavily on my hands for typing purposes.

I work by typing. In 41 years, I've typed uncountable millions of characters.

In 2012, my right hand was swollen to the point where I feared I'd lose it. It wasn't a “choice”, Grace.

The swollen hand wasn't about lack of prayer or refusal to take Vitamin C or anything else that would permit you to assign a moral component.

I was in a wheelchair at the time, but, mostly, I was concerned about my hand.

This was the point where I learned that your abuser and mine, James Francis Kiraly, aka Jim Kiraly, was stalking me.

The medical issue was comprehensible. Jim Kiraly's actions were not.

What were the two of you thinking?

I didn't lose my hand. My fingers were swollen and misshapen, but I could still type.

I could still write. In fact, I lost my fear of writing for the public eye and started to do so.

I'd be willing to bet that you didn't expect *that* :D


Other issues occurred with my hands.

One that continues is something I'm told is neurological. If I eat certain foods, my fingers sometimes contract of their own accord. When this happens, the pain is screaming level, but I'm accustomed to that.

There was something else. An unidentified mass was growing inside my right hand.

It's not uncommon. Perhaps you've had one of these yourself. However, note that I'm not referring to a typical cyst.

You've had a brush with cancer. Of course, you lied about it. You said that you needed to focus on treatment when you were actually going on a cruise.

But any experience with cancer, even a minor one, must have had some effect on you. You're familiar with Kiraly and Kmeta family history. What's the total number of Kiralys and Kmetas dead from cancer?

A growing mass inside your hand would be unsettling, wouldn't it? But it wouldn't, actually, because you'd have it looked at.

For a rich b*tch like you, medical care isn't an issue. You assume that it's your right and that it'll always be there.

And you assume that others who are sick, if they're not rich, are morally suspect anyway.

That's how you felt about your brother Anatol. And how you talked about him. I didn't understand it until you smashed my life in 2012 because you thought that I was sick. And that I was going to “blackmail” Jim over the abuse.

To Hell with you, Grace Kiraly. Literally, actually. We'll come back to your role in the Divine Plan below.

Review of the mass wasn't an option for me. Thanks to you, actually. For years after the Kiraly Gag Order cases, there was no way even to find out what this thing was.

Shall I tell you what happened when I tried to use the “services” that Tom ranted about in 2012? But we'll save that story for another time.

I was slightly concerned about the mass. I can do without my legs. I did so, off and on, for much of a decade. But I need my eyes and my hands.

One doctor injected the mass with cortisone as an experiment. This was simple, but it didn't shrink the mass. In fact, the mass seemed to grow more rapidly.

But, subsequently, I was able to see a hand surgeon, something that I'd hoped to do before the Kiraly Gag Order Cases hit.

The hand surgeon confirmed that repairs to my fingers, at this stage, weren't an option. Gee, Grace, thanks for that. But he said that he'd remove the mass.

Surgery was scheduled for a few weeks down the road.

While I was waiting, I realized that nobody had mentioned the cost. So, I called and asked, “What's the bill going to be?”

They told me that it was going to be $3,000 to $4,000. And that this was simply an estimate. I wouldn't be told the actual cost until afterward.

I canceled the procedure and researched the issues involved. It turned out that the surgery had been scheduled at a surgery center. Such places cost up to $10,000 per hour.

I called the surgeon's staff and noted that a surgery center wasn't required in my case. The staff agreed and changed the venue. This led to a month's delay, but it reduced the cost.

Your phone or window is too narrow for the image. If it's a phone, try rotating the phone or switching to a PC. Or click here to go to a copy that may be zoomable.
Hand surgery

The procedure was performed today. It went well. The mass was circumscribed, which means that it had a border. So, clean removal was possible.

We're not sure what it is, but we'll know in a couple of weeks. It probably started as something minor and got out of control. That happens.

My hand is asleep as I type. The anesthesia hasn't worn off. It's supposed to hurt later. So, it's awkward to type when everything is numb, but I'm writing this now.

Jim Kiraly and you smashed my life, Grace, in a failed attempt to shut me up when I wasn't even going to talk.

You lost the battle, but you took my home of 25 years, my life savings, and most of my possessions.

And you tried to take my hands.

When you pass away, your destiny, your role, will be that of an unremarkable cell in Lucifer's vagina. One that pants with excitement when caressed with lies.

Until then, Grace, in a legitimate and reasonable sense, one that is protected under U.S. and other laws, you belong to me.

Regards, Robert (the Old Coder)

170226 Sunday — Kiralys on the Move

170226. Kiralys on the Move.

Welcome to a special edition of “Kiralys on the Move”. Today, there's updated information on not 1, not 2, not 3, but 4 Kiralys: Tom, Ken, Jim, and Riane.

As a note to attorneys and others, I'm “gathering information” related to the parties in question for legitimate and reasonable purposes.

Information gathered may be disclosed to the public as part of the process of gathering additional information.

For a discussion of the legitimate and reasonable purposes in question, visit the following web page:


1. Tom Kiraly Update is Great.

We've suspected since late 2015 that Tom Kiraly, the one who's committed multiple felonies, is associated with 9520 Westminster Glen Ave, Austin, Texas 78730.

There was evidence that Tom had purchased the property in 2015 through a trust, Breeze Hill, that had been set up by local attorneys.

However, confirmation was difficult to come by.

A party acting as my agent took a legal letter to the residence on Tom's 56th birthday in 2016, along with a bottle of wine, and tried to deliver both items. He reported that the residence seemed to be unoccupied at the time.

It's been reported to me now, though, that Tom's Texas driver's license, the one issued on December 5, 2016, has the Westminster Glen Ave address on it.

If this is true, the address in question is apparently confirmed after a year.

2. Note to Tom Kiraly.

Tom, Hi! :)

You owe me $5,000.00 for your multiple violations in 2013 of an agreement that you signed in the Spring of that year.

Additionally, as you agreed in writing at the time, you owe me, as a 2nd debt, expenses incurred in demonstrating that the 1st debt is owed.

These two categories of debt are separate from damages related to the multiple felonies that you've committed.

Tom, my brother and my b*tch
Scratch the legal itch
The causes of action
Are significant enough for traction
If deadlines have passed
The felonies you've amassed
Mean I might be able to file

Either way, Tom, smile
No need to shed a tear
We've got year after year
In a legitimate and reasonable sense
Present and future tense
You're my property, brother dear

As a note to news media, Tom Kiraly is apparently the CFO of an Austin, Texas firm named Hanger, Inc. He has not, however, met his legal obligation to notify me of his job change, so this is unconfirmed.

Tom is also, in a legal sense, my b*tch. For more about this part, speak with his former attorney, Michael Bonetto of Hoge Fenton. In a legitimate and reasonable sense, though I need to do more research, Michael is also my b*tch.

You can visit Hanger, Inc.'s website at this link.

3. Ken Kiraly meets Snuffy Smith.

Tom Kiraly is my next younger brother. Ken Kiraly is the next younger one after that.

Kiraly Tip: There were four brothers, counting me, roughly two more if you count the miscarriages or abortions. The youngest brother, Scott Kiraly, has been confirmed to be alive, but he is of little consequence.

Ken and his wife Virginia, a minor political figure in the Menlo Park, CA, area, have apparently purchased a house in Dorrington, CA.

The new house is a small residence, 900 square feet, located at 3735 The Jug Handle, Dorrington, CA 95223 (or) 3735 The Jug Handle, Arnold, CA 95223.

To explain the dual address, Dorrington is so small, 700 people, that the name of a larger town nearby, Arnold -- all of 4,000 people -- is sometimes used instead.

The house itself is rural in nature. Heating is apparently from a fireplace and a stove.

Note: I haven't looked at the real estate records yet, so the purchase is unconfirmed. One step at a time.

The thing about Dorrington is that there isn't much there but trees. There's a satellite photo of Ken's new neighborhood to the right or below. Check it out. That's a lot of trees.

It's probably not investment property. And I doubt that Ken and Virginia will *move* to the Jug Handle house. Or that it's a gift to one of their sons; i.e., my nephews on Ken's side.

The most likely explanation for the purchase is that it's a romantic hide-away.

However, Dorrington is an 8-hour round-trip by car from Ken's and Virginia's last known residence in Menlo Park, CA. And these are busy people.

Tom and Ken used to think nothing of driving back and forth between the S.F. Bay Area and Southern California on a lark. But Ken doesn't have as much free time these days.

Unless Ken has picked up a private plane, which is possible, I can't see him traveling for that long these days just for a weekend of Amazon Coder lovemaking in a forest shack.

Your phone or window is too narrow for the image. If it's a phone, try rotating the phone or switching to a PC. Or click here to go to a copy that may be zoomable.
Ken Kiraly Dorrington, CA house

For that matter, I wasn't aware that Ken was all that fond of trees. I'd have expected him to go for rural accommodations that were closer to home and less Snuffy Smith in nature.

I wondered, initially, if Ken and Virginia might have fronted as buyers and if the house was actually for James and Grace Kiraly.

But no attempt was made to conceal the purchase. Tom Kiraly bought the Westminster Glen Ave property in Austin, TX through a trust and had somebody else sign the deal. Ken's Jug Handle purchase, is, instead, right there in the public record.

Additionally, James and Grace are aging. They'd need a home -- even if it was a vacation home -- with actual heating and closer to major medical centers. Plus more churches to hop around to.

So, this is probably just a rural love nest for Ken and Virginia.

But I'll put Dorrington, CA on the research list. Perhaps I'll make arrangements to travel there and ask around. Not that there's that many people to ask.

3. Abuser is a confuser.

Speaking of James Kiraly, the next update isn't about new property but, as with Tom Kiraly, incremental evidence.

I don't have proof, as in photos, that James Kiraly actually resides at his 6329 Twinberry Circle, Avila Beach, CA address. But I've been told that he still owns a 2010 Toyota Prius, a 4-door hatchback, with the following VIN:


I haven't seen garage records for the vehicle yet, but a mailing address for the owner reads as follows:

PO BOX 2247, Avila Beach, CA 93424-2247

Other sources indicate that PO BOX 2247 is, or has been, associated with my father. Or putative father; Bill Kiraly isn't ruled out 100%.

If the preceding information is correct, it tends to confirm that James is physically located in Avila Beach or at least that Grace Kiraly's abuser travels through the area on a regular basis.

Questions for Grace Kiraly of Avila Beach:

When, exactly, did Bill Kiraly and you last have physical relations?

And were the miscarriages actually miscarriages or were they abortions? Shirley told me a story related to Anatol that casts the official timeline for the pregnancies into question.

Shirley is senile now, by the way. Ercie isn't, but she's going downhill. Has she told you how many animals she has? Or has the city taken them away?

Shirley is detritus. She's basically you, though two tiers less intelligent. Not that you're the sharpest pencil in the drawer. But I care about Ercie.

The last thing that Anatol asked of me before cancer got him was to take care of Ercie. I did so for 15 years. There was nobody else. Jim Kiraly gave her the shudders, so she hated to call you. Jim usually answered the phone and she thought that he was creepy.

As a related note, I won't forgive you for your treatment of Anatol Kmeta. He was a saint. He deserved a better sister than you.

You hated Anatol for being sick. Therefore, Christ reviles you.

Do you question this? Let's seek the counsel of your current Pastor. We'll ask him to interpret the Word of God. If you like, Grace, we'll talk to as many Pastors as necessary.

Regarding your relations with Bill, I deserve to know what happened. I have a right to know, for sure, who was the biological father of who.

Grace, by the way, you know that Ken used to consider any woman who had sex out of wedlock to be a “slut”, right? That was one of his favorite words for a while.

Me, I'm more flexible. Not about everything. The abuser that you married, whether or not he's my biological father, he belongs to me.

As the past meme said, “Oh, the irony”. What did you people think that committing actual felonies was going to accomplish?

You're expected to outlive Jim. Ivan Kmeta, who'd be sick at the sight of you now, made it to age 97. You're good for for at least another decade.

Before you go, you're going to answer the latter question.

4. Riane and spouse in new house with nary a mouse.

Riane Kiraly, Tom Kiraly's daughter and my niece, is mentioned in a 2013 document of interest.

As I've noted before, Tom has committed multiple felonies and the document in question ties into this.

Riane needs to explain whether the mention was with, or without, her consent. Either way, it gives me a cause of action, in civil litigation contexts, against her father. But I need to know which it was.

The update today, in the case of Riane, has to do with her first actual house. Congratulations are in order.

Tom Kiraly and/or Riane herself filed the following address for Riane in connection with Texas Corporation 0801183522:

1138 North Point Road APT 216, Madison, WI 53717

Riane was supposedly associated with the North Point Road address from mid-2013 at least to Fall 2016. But she shows up at the following address as well for the same 3-year period:

8315 Blackwolf Drive, Madison, WI 53717

As a note to others learning about research, this type of inconsistency often isn't significant. Records are often full of mistakes.

Riane and her husband, Eric Holub, purchased the Blackwolf Drive residence on August 5, 2016. The part about a connection to Blackwolf Drive prior to 2016 is probably incorrect.

It's likely that Eric and Riane were at the North Point Road apartment for 3 years, that they saved diligently, and that they bought a house in Fall 2016.

Eric and Riane apparently put down $50,000, or 23%, of a $220,500 purchase price. Mortgage payments should be affordable and HOA dues are only $165 per month.

The details are unconfirmed. But it's a nice house. 3 bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms. Large deck, family room, formal dining room. Pleasant neighborhood.

As shown in the Google analysis to the right or below, the house is just 1.4 miles from the apartment. So they didn't even need to change neighborhoods.

People new to research may wish to note that the proximity of the old address to the new one tends to support the validity of the move hypothesis.

As any rate, this is a step forward in life for a young couple. I trust that the next generation, my great-nephews and nieces, will appear in due course and grow up happy here.

I wonder what they'll know about their mother's side of their family. Actually, I wonder, to this day, what Riane herself has been told and believes.

Note to researchers:

Riane's redacted SSN is believed to be [redacted]-14-3342.

For the unredacted SSN, contact me. You'll need to state that the SSN will be used for legitimate and reasonable research purposes. For legal notes related to the disclosure of SSNs, click here.

Your phone or window is too narrow for the image. If it's a phone, try rotating the phone or switching to a PC. Or click here to go to a copy that may be zoomable.
Holub House to be Proud Of
170124 Tuesday — Tom Kiraly Birthday

170124. Tom Kiraly Birthday.

This post presents a letter that directly addresses Tom Kiraly, believed to be CFO or VP of Hanger, Inc., Austin, Texas.

As a related note, information connected to Tom Kiraly is actively solicited. Cash will be paid for information that isn't available from the major data brokers. However, such information must be obtained using legitimate and reasonable means.

As a note to attorneys and others, such solicitation is for legitimate and reasonable purposes. For a partial list of such purposes, visit the following web page:


One way of putting it is that, in a legitimate and reasonable sense that is protected under U.S. and other laws, Tom Kiraly is my property. This was his decision and his decision will stand up in Court.

Here are some basics to get researchers started:

Tom's Employer: Tom Kiraly seems to be the CFO and/or VP of Hanger, Inc. in Austin, Texas. However, this is unconfirmed. Tom hasn't notified me of the connection as he was required to do under past agreements.

Hanger, Inc. may be found on the Web at this link:


Tom's Current Address: Unknown. There are two possible candidates for current address:

  1. 9520 Westminster Glen Avenue, Austin, Texas 78730
  2. 3100 Esperanza Xing APT 6506, Austin, Texas 78758

Tom is supposedly connected to 9520 Westminster Glen Avenue through a trust named Breeze Hill. But nothing has turned up that confirms this.

The 3100 Esperanza Xing address is actually part of the public record. Tom filed this address with the State of Texas in connection with Texas Corporation 0801183522.

Additionally, this address seems to be a current or recent DMV address for Tom. It's also one of his past voting registration addresses.

But, as with 9520 Westminster Glen Avenue, nothing confirming that 3100 Esperanza Xing APT 6506 is a current address has turned up.

Additional addresses are listed further down.

Tom's mother's Maiden Name: Kmeta

Tom's SSN: [redacted]-13-7011. Unconfirmed.

For the unredacted SSN, contact me. You'll need to state that the SSN will be used for legitimate and reasonable research purposes. For legal notes related to the disclosure of SSNs, click here.

Tom's DOB: January 24, 1960

Tom's Photos: Past and present photos of Tom may be found at the following link. He's the one who's (a) age 50s, fat, and bald or (b) young, brown hair, and cool in appearance in different photos.


The glowering man with black hair and acne isn't Tom. It's his abuser and mine, James Kiraly of Walnut Creek, Pismo Beach, Avila Beach, and possibly Newport Beach in California. Twice as much will be paid for information related to James.

The cool, in appearance, age-20s young man with shaggy brown hair is Tom's son James, named after Tom's abuser James. When he was age 3, he was quite fond of dinosaurs but slightly concerned about sharks.

A separate Tom's Photos page will be set up on these sites in the future.

Tom's Tax-Dodge Corporation:

Tom has a Texas corporation, State ID 801183522, that was incorporated in 2009 with his three children, then in their teens, as the members. Tom listed himself and his wife Karen as managers.

The corporation is a tax dodge of some type. It's probably legal, but interested researchers are welcome to check it out at the following link:


Tom's wife: Tom is married to Karen Louise Kiraly née Washmon.

I was, as it turned out, the wedding photographer. The real photographer messed up, I was told, so most of the important wedding photos that exist were apparently taken by me.

Karen Kiraly is the daughter of Don Washmon and Jean Washmon. Don passed away shortly after Thanksgiving in 2008. Jean may or may not still be alive; it hadn't occurred to me until today that I ought to check and see how she's doing.

Karen Kiraly's DOB is January 17, 1959. She's just about a year older than Tom.

Karen Kiraly's SSN is [redacted]-27-1066. For the unredacted SSN, contact me. You'll need to state that the SSN will be used for legitimate and reasonable research purposes. For legal notes related to the disclosure of SSNs, click here.

Note to Karen Kiraly:

Happy 58th Birthday, by the way, Karen.

You're not getting older, you're getting, um, better. Probably. Or maybe we're all just getting older. By the way, your husband Tom Kiraly, CFO of Hanger, Inc., is sort of a coward, isn't he?

Oh, and Karen, you know that Grace Kiraly talked about you behind your back for decades, right?

Grace didn't like the way that you raised your kids or how your marriage worked. And her #1 fear, in the context of her son Tom, was that she might slip up and appear less than perfect in front of you.

Grace had to be superior to you.

At the same time, understand that Grace didn't have an easy life. You know that everything I've stated for 5 years as a fact is a fact, don't you?

And you know what else that makes Tom, don't you?

Tom's daughter Riane:

Tom has a daughter named Riane Kiraly, age approx. 27.

Riane's last known address is 1138 North Point Road APT 216, Madison, WI. Note: This address is public information that Tom Kiraly and/or Riane Kiraly filed with the State of Texas in connection with Texas Corporation 0801183522.

Riane was an adult at the time that her name appeared in past agreements between James Francis Kiraly of Avila Beach, CA, the older abuser as opposed to Riane's younger brother James Thomas Kiraly; Tom Kiraly, Riane's father; and myself.

Riane needs to explain if her name appeared in the agreements with, or without, her consent. Either way, this will give me a cause of action against her father, Tom Kiraly. But I need to determine which it was.

Tom's son James:

James Kiraly, Tom's son

Tom has a son named James Thomas Kiraly, age approx. 25.

James's last known address is 1942 Westlake Avenue APT 1616, Seattle, WA 98101. Note: This address is public information that Tom Kiraly and/or James Thomas Kiraly, filed with the State of Texas in connection with Texas Corporation 0801183522.

James Thomas Kiraly was an adult at the time that his name appeared in past agreements between James Francis Kiraly of Avila Beach, CA, the older abuser as opposed to James Thomas Kiraly; Tom Kiraly, James Thomas Kiraly's father; and myself.

James needs to explain if his name appeared in the agreements with, or without, his consent. Either way, this will give me a cause of action against his father, Tom Kiraly. But I need to determine which it was.

James works for Amazon's Redshift group in Seattle. He probably got the job through his uncle, my younger brother and Tom's younger brother, Ken Kiraly. If this is true, there is some irony in the story.

Tom's son Michael:

Tom has a younger son named Michael Kiraly. I haven't checked Michael's age and location yet.

If Michael wasn't an adult in 2013, he's less relevant to the Kiraly Gag Order Cases than his sister Riane and his brother James are.

However, he needs to understand what his grandfather did to his grandmother. And what his father did to me.

Tom's Driver's License:

Tom seems to have had the same Texas Driver's License number, 12160487, for about 35 years. But he also had one in Florida, K640-825-60-024-0, in 2013. There was one, in Kentucky, too, K12289021, date unknown.

The Law typically requires that a driver surrender their old driver's license when they get a new one in a different State. But Tom presently has the same Texas driver's license number that he's had all along despite the existence of the Florida driver's license.

On the other hand, Texas seems to list the two occurrences of Texas Driver's License 12160487 as separate licenses. So, it's possible that Tom formally surrendered his Texas license when he went to Florida and didn't commit a prosecutable crime in this context.

I assume that Tom has formally surrendered his driver's licenses from Kentucky and Florida. He'd most likely be in violation of the law otherwise.

Tom's possible past addresses:

These addresses are listed in reverse chronological order, i.e., most recent first, based on the last known date of connection to Tom.

Address: 3100 Esperanza Xing APT 6506, Austin, Texas 78758
Time period: 2013 to 2016
Connection: DMV, voting, and corporate address; see notes below

Tom's most recent DMV address, or one of them, seems to be the one at 3100 Esperanza Xing. Note: The street may also be known as Esperanza Crossing.

The 3100 Esperanza Xing address is also the one that Tom used as his mailing address when he registered to vote as a Boca Raton, Florida, resident in 2013.

And this address is associated with the tax-dodge corporation mentioned previously.

Address: (partial) 3801 North Capital Of Texas Highway PMB 434, Austin, Texas 78746
Time period: 2015 and 2016
Connection: See notes below

Tom shows up at this address in two contexts. One context, in 2015, isn't clear. Another, in 2016, seems to be that of a private mailbox, PMB 434.

Address: 3611 Glenview Avenue, Glenview, Kentucky 40025
Time period: 2011 to 2016
Connection: Residence address

Address: (partial) 500 South Ocean Blvd, Boca Raton, Florida 33432
Time period: 2013 to 2014
Connection: Possible residence. See notes below.

500 South Ocean Blvd is a residential building or community of some type.

It appears, based on changes in ZIP codes, that Tom resided in two different units at this address. The unit numbers are unknown.

This was Tom's residence address, in Florida, when he registered to vote there in mid-2013.

Address: 1300 Cardinal Drive, Unit 508, Louisville, Kentucky 40213
Time period: 2014
Connection: Possible residence

Address: 2600 North Whitehaven Drive, Colleyville, Texas 76034
Time period: 1994 to 2012
Connection: Residence

Address: 528 Post Oak Road, Grapevine, Texas 76051
Time period: 1988 to 2003
Connection: Residence

Address: 3960 North Story Road, Irving, Texas 75038
Time period: 1985 to 2003
Connection: Residence

Address: 425 East Harwood Road APT 435, Euless, Texas 76039
Time period: 1986 to 1994
Connection: Residence

Note that some of these addresses overlapped each other, time-wise, for years. In some cases, addresses may have been businesses or residences that were turned into rentals.

1. Tom, Happy Birthday!

Break out the beers
Tom's birthday is heres
Joy unbounded, a life that's rounded
Tom's birthday is heres
Celebrate is great, love is the fate
Tom's birthday is heres

Caring and sharing, no souls are tearing
It's all about love
Love is commitment and devotion
It's commitment in motion

Tom, this above all, Winter, Summer, Spring and Fall
Love is a dove from above

2. Little Things Matter.

Tom Kiraly, sweets, first, Jim Kiraly and you violated past agreements, like, before the ink was dry, so you owe me $5,000 plus expenses related to demonstrating that that you committed the violation.

By the way, who was the amateur in Dallas, Texas who you asked to threaten me and to commit other prosecutable crimes, including felonies?

3. A Special Day Hoo-Ray.

But today is a special day. Let's focus on that. It's your birthday and the fifth anniversary of a special birthday at that.

You remember, right?

In January 2012, I scheduled a Happy Birthay call to you, in advance, with your admin assistant.

You took the call with evident pleasure, though there was one odd part that we'll come back to. We chatted about different subjects. You invited me to call back and, in the months that followed, you never once asked me not to call you.

But in legal papers later that year, you stated that the initial call was “stalking”.

Tom, in a legitimate and reasonable sense, one that is protected under U.S. and other laws, the crimes that you've committed, including but certainly not limited to the crime of perjury described above, render you my property.

In the legitimate and reasonable sense in question, the one that is protected under U.S. and other laws, you belong to me.

4. Tom is a Silly Billy.

The best part of the Tom Kiraly Birthday Call 2012 made no sense at all at the time. You understand that I had no idea what it was about for the better part of a year, don't you?

You asked me how I was.

In years past, I'd avoided answering that question, regardless of who asked it. I was autistic and didn't quite know what I was supposed to say.

It took me half a century to become comfortable with the fact that the question usually isn't sincere. In 2012, you seemed sincere, so I decided to respond accurately. I said, “I've been sick” or something similar.

You shrieked, literally shrieked, “Services! There are services!”

It made no sense. I begged you to stop shouting. You didn't explain what you were shouting about. And I didn't find out for months.

Five years later, I have a rough idea of what was in your head. But I have no idea of how it was possible for it to be there.

There's lots to talk about, Tom.

5. The Harlot of Hate She is Great.

Tom Kiraly, where are the count-
ryman Jim Kiraly and the Harlot of Hate Grace Kiraly?

As a note to attorneys and others, I'm making the inquiry for legitimate and reasonable purposes that Jim and Grace will be unable to contest under oath. For related remarks, click here.

I don't believe, not really, that they went to Newport Beach, but evidence connecting Jim Kiraly to 304 Morning Star Lane in the latter city keeps popping up.

They still own the house at 6329 Twinberry Circle, Avila Beach, CA, directly or indirectly. But evidence that they're actually there, such as active memberships in local churches, is difficult to find.

What are the b*tches up to?

6. Love, Sweet Love.

Tom Kiraly, I'd like to reaffirm the ties of brotherly love that bind us and will do so for Eternity.

You're the brother who's been kind to me all my life. No, wait, that's in TV shows that I watched decades ago.

Actually, you're the brother who used to threaten to shoot me and to laugh as my brains ran out. And who ended up committing felonies in failed attempts to shut out the reality of past abuse and the fact that I exist.

It's all right, Tom. Love is here for you. Wherever we go, in this life and in any other, Love will always be here.

There's a pleasing thought that often springs
to life in me, because it speaks of you
Nature craves Love and crowns Love King
It makes the heart a palace where He'll stay
Honor in a virtuous brother's heart
Makes the soul yearn; all should learn
Love is a dove from above

See the mountains kiss high heaven
And the lion embrace the lamb;
And the sunlight caresses the earth
And the mice taste the brie
What is all this sweet work worth
If thou are not there for me?

Regards, Robert (the Old Coder)

161225 Sunday — Christmas Letter to Jim and Grace

161225. Christmas Letter to Jim and Grace.

This is a letter to Jim Kiraly and Grace Kiraly, my parents. The focus is Christmas Love.

Oh, and there's a bit in the letter about confusion related to Jim's and Grace's location.

December 25, 2016
Jim Kiraly and Grace Kiraly

304 Morning Star Lane, Newport Beach, CA 92660: unconfirmed, possible former address

6329 Twinberry Circle, Avila Beach, CA 93424: current or former address

32 La Gaviota, Pismo Beach, CA 93449: former address

217 Gerry Court, Walnut Creek, CA 94596: former address

Honored Father and Mother, inepte daemonibus, never far from my heart and my soul, sanctis in Christo cacat.

As you know, in theory, under past agreements that you supposedly spent over $100,000 to get, I'd need a legitimate and reasonable purpose to address you directly.

In practice, as you violated the agreements immediately after signing them, I haven't been bound by them since mid-2013.

3.5 years, already. Imagine that.

However, I have a legitimate and reasonable purpose regardless.

Due to your violation of the agreements, you owe me $5,000 USD.

This obligation is separate from damages that I may be entitled to in connection with abuse of process and multiple other crimes that you've committed.

1. So, I plan to see you to collect the $5,000 that you agreed in a legally binding contract to pay.

You know, you're the ones who insisted that the contract be legally binding :)

There are other legitimate and reasonable reasons to meet:

2. I've got a few questions that I'd like to ask you.

For example, what was the deal with Jim Kiraly, a violent abuser, filing CLETS, an emergency anti-violence action, against his immobilized victim in a wheelchair, 200 miles away, with no specific allegations that weren't perjury and with no request or even suggestion on your part provided as an alternative to legal actions?

As phone records have proved, you, Grace Kiraly, were the one who phoned me repeatedly as opposed to the other way around. But you tried to suggest that I'd made non-consensual calls to you. What was that all about, cunnus ad Luciferum?

Where the Hell did the suggestions that I was a lazy bum trying to blackmail you come from?

I worked harder than either of you ever did for decades. And I never asked either of you for a thing except for references for work and to help me with a book.

Will you deny this under oath, b*tches?

The violations of procedure and possibly the Law that your attorney Michael Bonetto tried to get away with... Did you think that, ultimately, they wouldn't go up your *sses as well as his?

There's more, of course; enough to fill a book. Oh, wait, that's how all of this started :P

The most important question is, do you feel any guilt? But we know the answer to that.

Would you like to know what Christ is going to tell you?

“You are the failed crop, the seed that came up wrong
You hate the different
You are not to be treasured or even measured
You are the chaff, the part that does not belong”

Christ didn't come for you. You're what He came to fix.

3. Jim is going to be the star of a series of short videos. The project will surely lift Jim's spirits and improve his declining health.

4. I need to serve the two of you in connection with litigation. The two of you will be respondents this time. It's your turn :D

Let's play, b*tches.

Legally, I can't be the one to hand you the papers, but I'll bring somebody with me for the purpose.

5. I plan to offer Jim the opportunity to eat, on a consensual basis, a jar of excrementum meum, sapidum et salubri, in the expectation that this will, again, lift Jim's spirits and add years to the unpleasant life that I hear is close to its natural end.

6. We should discuss the churches that you're attending. If they're of the Light that you've rejected, I'd like to learn more about them.

But, before we can move forward, you need to stop, apparently, hopping about.

Actually, it's difficult to believe you're actually hopping about. My guess is that a clerical error has been made somewhere. However, this said, there is a lack of clarity about the following address:

304 Morning Star Lane, Newport Beach, CA 92660

Here's the tally so far:

* 2 private investigators say you've stayed at that address
* 3 data brokers say the same thing
* 1 phone number with Jim's name and that address shows up
* 1 neighbor seems to be confirming the connection

That's a persuasive list. However, everything but the neighbor could be explained by a single typo in a single database if somebody made the mistake long enough ago.

On the other hand, a retired police officer went by the Avila Beach house last week and didn't see any lights on.

On the other other hand, you could have been on a trip to see one of the grandkids.

And Jim's health isn't up to a lot of actual moves right now, is it? His health is one of the things that I'd like to discuss with the County departments that deal with deranged older people.

But... which County? I'm so confused.

Your phone or window is too narrow for the image. If it's a phone, try rotating the phone or switching to a PC. Or click here to go to a copy that may be zoomable.
I'm so confused about Jim and Grace Kiraly

At any rate, I intend to show you plenty of love and respect. But, Jim Kiraly, if you happen to pass away of natural causes before we speak again, don't worry. It's all right.

In the name of Love, I'll bring you back from Hell.

If there's a Singularity, which some people feel might be a different way of looking at the Rapture, it might be possible to do this.

I hope so. Because, Jim, we have unfinished business. And not only am I no longer frightened of you...

...so many years spent in fear of a creepy adult baby...

...but, in a legitimate and reasonable sense that is protected under U.S. and other laws, a sense that is connected to the prosecutable crimes you've committed throughout your life....

you're my property, b*tch.

In your absence, the rest of us will be comforted by the presence of Grace Kiraly.

Grace should last for another decade. She'll have plenty of time to understand and appreciate the love and respect that is her due.

With deepest love
With respect beyond measure
Love is a dove from above
The Kiralys are there to treasure

Robert (the Old Coder)

Ivan and Olga Kmeta, Grace Kiraly's parents, debate cake. This is one of the best photos of these two that I have.

I cared a lot about them. They may have thought about me sometimes as well. I know they'd be sick at the sight of Grace.

Your phone or window is too narrow for the image. If it's a phone, try rotating the phone or switching to a PC. Or click here to go to a copy that may be zoomable.
Grace Kiraly's parents
161018 Tuesday — Birthday of Kiraly Ken is More Fun than Zen

1. Birthday of Kiraly Ken is More Fun than Zen.

Birthday Letter ahoy to my pride and joy
Happy Birthday to my brother Ken
Enigma to some, open book to me
Ken's no simple-minded Pharisee
Ken's no fool, he's never-ending cool
Pride joy fool cool, Ken is fun now and then

Ken Kiraly
2181 Gordon Avenue
Menlo Park, CA

Ken, Happy Birthday. You're 53.

It's a prime number but not a prime age
No need to rage about not a prime age
What shall we do as the years ensue?
It's simple, brother unique, if advice you seek
Age doesn't presage rage be sage as turn the page
Happy Birthday, Brother Buzz

For a birthday gift, Ken, I thought I'd offer you two photos of books and related recollections.

The photos are blurry, especially the 2nd one. Excuse the blurriness; the photos were taken using an old phone under poor lighting conditions.

However, they capture a significant day well enough.

Ivan Kmeta's Books

Ivan Kmeta, my grandfather and Ken's as well, was a writer, but these aren't the books that he wrote. This is a set of The Universal Anthology. You can read more about the set at this link.

Ivan owned the set shown below about 100 years ago. I was Ivan's spiritual heir. The books belonged to me from an early age. They were mine and part of me.

I took care of them for decades.

In 2011, I fell ill and lay on my living floor for two weeks. I nearly died. During my recovery, I decided to work on a book of my own. At Thanksgiving 2011, I asked my parents Jim and Grace Kiraly to help with the book.

My father, Jim Kiraly of 6329 Twinberry Circle, Avila Beach, CA, was an abuser. He assumed that the book was going to be about the abuse and was enraged.

In 2012, Jim and one of my brothers, Tom Kiraly, initiated legal actions in an attempt to obtain a gag order. I shoved the actions up their fundaments in some respects; most notably, they spent a huge amount of money on legal bills and got less than I'd have given them for free.

But the actions lasted a year and wiped out my life savings. In 2013, I realized that I was going to lose my home of 25 years and made preparations to leave.

This including disposing of most of my possessions. Including the Universal Anthology.

Ivan Kmeta's books are shown below sitting on the kitchen tiles next to my refrigerator, waiting for whatever destiny I might be able to arrange for them.

The set was probably worth about $500.00 USD, but it proved to be difficult to find a collector who'd accept it even as a gift.

I knew a writer associated with the Free Software Foundation. He expressed interest in the set. But he came down with the flu and discussions fell through.

My cousin Puzzle offered to take them. But Puzzle's mother Shirley Mayton, an odd and senile woman, didn't want them in the house that Puzzle and Shirley shared.

Shirley said that they should be given to a garage sale, along with the books that Ivan himself had written.

To download a higher-resolution, though still blurry, copy of the photo, click here.

Your phone or window is too narrow for the image. If it's a phone, try rotating the phone or switching to a PC. Or click here to go to a copy that may be zoomable.
Ivan Kmeta's books

A few of my books

Bob started to collect books at about age 7. Walnut Heights, the grade school that he attended in Walnut Creek, CA, had programs that encouraged reading, and this included in-class book sales sponsored by Scholastic.

Bob purchased a lot of the Scholastic books using dimes and quarters that he'd saved. He started to pick up more books at flea-markets and used book-stores. Eventually, he added 30 years worth of a magazine named Analog (formerly Astounding).

Bob typically read or re-read a book or the equivalent each night for decades. This ended in the 2000s, but he continued to value his books.

He'd wander out to the bookshelves in the middle of the night and look at them. Sometimes, he'd cry when he did this. He didn't know why he cried. However, I know why. These were the occasions when I was looking out through his eyes.

The photo was taken while the books were being sorted after I realized that the Kiralys had taken my home. Some of the books were allowed to stay and others, like the Universal Anthology, had to go.

Your phone or window is too narrow for the image. If it's a phone, try rotating the phone or switching to a PC. Or click here to go to a copy that may be zoomable.
My books

Gently do I wish to pat my father Jim Kiraly's shoulder as I thank him respectfully for all that he's done.

I wish to kiss my brother Tom Kiraly in a kind manner and offer him a hug.

My mother Grace Kiraly... I'd speak to her of how Christ will greet her.

I feel love for the Kiralys. Love that will last forever. Love is a dove from above.

161002 Sunday — Ye Kirallye Rallye Historye

161002. Ye Kirallye Rallye Historye.

This is a minor Kiraly Gag Order Cases note.

I was researching a report that Jim Kiraly, my father, was associated with a property in Newport Beach when, oddly, the S.F. Bay Area record shown below popped up:

Your phone or window is too narrow for the image. If it's a phone, try rotating the phone or switching to a PC. Or click here to go to a copy that may be zoomable.
Kiraly Rallye Record

For the complete PDF, click on this link.

A Rallye is a competition where that involves driving a vehicle along a specified route, possibly solving puzzles along the way, and making it to a finish line either first or by a specified deadline.

The record shows that Ken Kiraly, my brother, was the driver in a S.F. Bay Area Rallye on June 7, 2014, with Randy Kahrer as the navigator and Ken's son James as a passenger.

The most significant point here, a minor one, is that Ken and Randy are in communication despite the passing of four decades. I didn't know this.

The Rallye took place on the day after my birthday in 2014. Ken and Randy should have invited me :P

It appears that Ken attended or participated in Rallyes before 2014. He shows up in Rallye Records going back to 2010. Randy shows up in Rallyes from 2014 to this year, 2016.

The PDF was obtained originally from the following link (broken into two lines here):


161001 Saturday — Kiraly Cases on Birthday Grace's

161001. Kiraly Cases on Birthday Grace's.

Today is my mother Grace Kiraly's birthday. It seems right to share, on this festive occasion, one of the PDF's that is being delivered by snail-mail, courier, process server, and other means to different people as part of a process of “gathering information”.

The PDF version is at this link. A browseable version is presented below.

This document is a work in progress. This is simply a snapshot of the current version.

ATTN: Parties familiar with Jim Kiraly (aka James Francis Kiraly) or Grace Kiraly (aka Grace Violet Kmeta Kiraly)

For the PDF version, click here.

1. Introduction.

This document is part of a process of “gathering information” (Jim Kiraly's attorneys suggested the term) for documented purposes related to the two people indicated above. Who happen to be my biological parents, though the paternity side isn't definite.

Attorneys are invited to review the Legitimate and Reasonable Purposes list linked in section 6.8. I'd like to ask some questions related, directly or indirectly, to a failed attempt by Jim Kiraly to seek a gag order related to spousal and child abuse. I'll include context and close with contact information and a short poem.

This document is not a communication to the two people indicated above. Nor is it a communication to Riane Holub, though it is, in fact, a communication to Eric Holub.

This document is licensed under Creative Commons CC BY-NC-ND 4.0. For attribution purposes, the rights-holder is OldCoder. For more information on the license, visit the following webpage:


Copies of this document, possibly revised and updated, will be posted periodically to the Kiraly Gag Order cases websites. To locate one of the websites, do a Google search for these three words: Jim Kiraly Abuse

As a technical note, the websites have recently switched to a mobile friendly design. This means that people can read them on their smart-phones. However, only the first page has been converted to the new format so far.

Additional links and search terms will be provided throughout the rest of this document.

2. Individuals and culture.

For purposes of further identification, and for other documented legitimate and reasonable purposes, descriptions of the individuals involved follow:

James Francis Kiraly, DOB May 10, 1933, SSN xxx-xx-8134, declining health, possibly deceased from a stroke, former Vice President of Transamerica Corporation, current or former member of Retired Active Men SLO Branch #2, current or former member of Service Core for Retired Executives (S.C.O.R.E), visibly obsessive compulsive (neighbors have commented on this part), Fundamentalist, and abuser (Jim will not deny this under oath).

Jim Kiraly comes across well when he deals with men and women in business contexts. However, in his personal life, he has a history of controlling and physically violent behavior towards his wife Grace Kiraly. Additionally, he seems to be perceived as unsettling by women who he talks to if Grace isn't present and the context is personal.

Grace Violet Kmeta Kiraly, DOB October 1, 1933, SSN xxx-xx-1879, believed to be healthy aside from a brush with cancer and a shattered and reconstructed arm, Fundamentalist, “Christ Follower”, superficially pleasant in social contexts, shallow and unpleasant beneath the surface.

Grace Kiraly's birthday is today. She's old now, but she looks younger than her age. However, she shows early signs of dementia, despite her young-ish appearance.

There's more of a history of dementia and, actually, infidelity, suicide, and physical violence on Jim Kiraly's side of the family, the Kiralys. I'm not presently aware of any of these things on Grace's side of the family, the Kmetas.

So, Grace's decline ought to parallel that of her father Ivan Kmeta, who retained most of his mental facilities until he passed away in his late 90s. However, the fact is, Grace started to fade years ago.

Grace's young-ish appearance is related both to diet and exercise and to a genetic predisposition to cancer. For more information on the subject, Google for the word: telomeres

Last known addresses for Jim and Grace:

* 217 Gerry Court, Walnut Creek, CA for about 32 years
* 32 La Gaviota, Pismo Beach, CA for about 17 years
* 6329 Twinberry Circle, Avila Beach, CA for 1 year

The couple are church-goers, but they don't agree on interpretations of the Word of God. Jim strongly favors dry and legalistic. Grace is drawn more to Charismatic. Under different circumstances, she'd be one of the “speaking in tongues” people.

Jim and Grace both subscribe to the school of thought that spousal abuse, if it occurs, is the Will of God. This perspective is by no means universal among Fundamentalists. However, it was a core principle in the Fundamentalist culture that I was raised in.

Jim and Grace are opposites in other respects, but they're similar in their views of Black people.

In this context, the Kiralys are happy to have “safe” Blacks, such as the ones that they meet at Church, as acquaintances. However, they believe that Blacks in general deserved to be slaves and, additionally, have a tendency towards shiftlessness and crime.

3. Me.

I'm Robert Kiraly, the Old Coder. I'm the eldest surviving son of Grace Kiraly. The odds are that my biological father is Jim Kiraly. However, it appears that Grace was in a prior relationship with Jim's brother Bill later than she's acknowledged. So, the matter isn't 100% clear.

I'm an autistic software engineer with a few small accomplishments. I was semi-retired a decade ago but have had to come out of retirement. I spent part of the past decade in a wheelchair due to psoriatic arthritis, but I'm mobile presently.

I have one primary project left in life; one task that, more than others, needs to be completed. This document is part of the project.

Feel free to follow the primary project and others at Twitter. My handle there is BoldCoder and the link is:


4. Family history.

Grace's parents, Ivan and Olga Kmeta, escaped from the Soviet Union with their son Anatol not long after its founding nearly a century ago. This was a good thing, as Ivan was a religious leader and the Soviets had a tendency to shoot them. To read more about Ivan's life, visit the following webpage:


Grace was born in Canada, but the Kmeta family, renamed to “Mayton” due to the fact that the surname “Kmeta” sounded too foreign, relocated to the U.S. and eventually settled on the East Coast. There, Grace, as a young lady, became romantically involved with a young man named Bill (or William) Kiraly.

Grace seems to have become pregnant at least once by Bill, but the baby either miscarried or was aborted. There may have been more than one baby. The facts aren't clear.

Grace didn't see Bill as marriage material, so she moved on to his brother Jim, a sailor who showed promise as a business-man.

Bill married another woman, became one of Reagan's “Star Wars” engineers, and died of cancer circa the end of the 1980s. I visited him in the 1970s and one thing that stands out in my recollection is his resemblance, physical and emotional, to my brother Ken, another engineer who was one of the inventors of the Amazon Kindle.

To be clear, Bill couldn't have been Ken's father. There's a slight chance that Bill was my father, but Ken was born years later. Regardless, family traits, genetics, nature vs. nurture, these are subjects of interest.

Grace told me, decades later, that Jim was good in bed, but the prospect of marriage to a stable and sensible provider was more important than the physical part.

Grace found part of what she was looking for. Jim proved to be, not a stellar figure in business, but a respectable organization man who rose to Vice President of a then-major corporation and stayed there for decades.

Regrettably, Jim proved to be mentally ill as well, a violent person who literally shook with rage on a regular basis. He smashed things and sometimes people.

Jim's eyes used to bulge when he was shaking. Looking back, it was odd that people, both inside the family and outside it, were able to pretend that things were normal. The ability, and the decision, to pretend this way is something that I'd like to write about.

The part that I, personally, didn't fully realize until old age was that nobody was actually afraid of Jim except for me.

Jim was a bully, he injured his wife, he tore things up and broke them, and he had no concept of civility even when he wasn't enraged. He used to pick his nose where he wished, mocked both adults and children like a child himself, and pouted like a child about trivial things until his wife spent, literally, hours talking him out of the pout.

The last issue, pouting, is one of the clearest sets of recollections that I have of Jim Kiraly that run all the way from preschool to adulthood.

Aside from the rages and the bullying and the unpleasantness of the environment, Grace used to need to go speak to Jim, submissively, in the right tone of voice, and find the right words to soothe Jim's feelings and to assure him that he was in charge.

It wasn't a rapid process.

But my mother and brothers understood that Jim was, in fact, simply an adult child. Physically dangerous, yes, to the point that I had to smash my own hand in a car door once to distract Jim before he could injure or kill my brother Ken. But Jim was a child regardless.

And nobody in the family saw fit to explain this to me. It was all part of the strange “pretending” issue. Somehow, what was happening was supposed to be normal.

As a related note, Ken was never even slightly afraid of Jim and so didn't mind provoking him. This didn't help matters. In addition to the smashed-hand incident, I had to take Ken out of the house on multiple occasions to avoid Jim's explosions.

By age 17, I was strong enough to fight back against Jim physically. I could have used lethal force to protect myself and nobody would have blinked. Not even Jim's wife Grace; she was weary of Jim at this point, exhausted physically and emotionally, and would have welcomed his removal. But I saw Jim as frightening and continued to see him this way until 2012.

That's all gone now.

I understand, now, that Jim Kiraly was a 4-year old all his life.

A “creepy” figure, certainly, but also a boy frozen emotionally at age 4, when Jim's father Frank punched his mother Ann through glass and left forever. Jim internalized that type of behavior and was unable to grow past it as the decades passed.

For Grace Kiraly's part, she left Jim Kiraly not long into the marriage, small children in tow, but returned because there was nowhere to go. I was one of the small children. I remember vomiting on the plane and wondering if my toys would be all right without me.

Less than a decade after Grace left Jim and returned, she ordered Jim out of the house.

Grace let Jim back into her life after he insisted on returning, but she considered leaving him for good as late as the 1980s. She used to phone me, night after night, asking me what to do about Jim and about my youngest brother Scott.

Scott, a retarded boy, figured into Grace's exhaustion. He could only be helped to an extent, but Grace threw herself into mainstreaming him. I did what I could to help, myself.

At one point, Jim and Grace sent Scott to a Christian prison in rural California, and I was the only one of Scott's brothers to visit him. On another occasion, Jim and Grace feared that Scott would kill Ken, so they sent Ken to stay with me.

Scott was incapable of empathy, as much as Jim was. He lived a pointless life, full of hatred of the different, and was expected to be dead by now due to weight in the 300 to 450 pound range. People of that weight tend to pass away before age 50. However, I've seen somebody who seems to be Scott visiting my websites, so he's apparently still alive.

As you might imagine, needing to deal with both Jim and Scott, Grace was burdened to a remarkable extent.

To read my 2016 birthday poem for Scott, click here.

Things settled down in the 1990s. But, still, Jim was furious if Grace wanted to go out on errands at night without him. Grace was also forced to eat meat despite her desire to be vegetarian. Jim liked meat and Grace had to eat what he did.

Today, there is a word for it: “Controlling”. Grace Kiraly had to be where Jim Kiraly was, when he wasn't working. She had to eat what he ate. She had to sense his moods and respond to them or it was seen as a betrayal. A betrayal that would lead, at best, to pouting and, more often, to quivering rage, literal shaking, eyes bulging.

I need objective views. Is this type of thing normal? If it's combined with physical violence, doesn't it cross a line? At what point does one say that something is no longer cute, but is sick instead?

I should have told Grace to leave Jim when she asked me for my advice. But I was always the sensible one, the one who sought balance.

I was the fool.

5. The gag-order cases.

We're not to the main questions. I should bridge the gap. This part is more difficult for me.

5.1. I was a success as a software engineer. I retired in my 40s or, rather, went into semi-retirement. I continued to work, indirectly, for the U.S. military at Northrop-Grumman. I both designed and implemented fighter-jet software.

5.2. Throughout my career, I was never a “people person”, but I was respected and was told more than once that I'd been a mentor.

One Russian consultant that I managed in 2000 didn't speak English, but as he left to fly home, he hugged me and said, “You good man, Bob”.

This happened with a few homeless people as well. I didn't talk much to people outside of work. I did notice homeless people walking around. Until I lost my car in a 2000 auto accident, I'd drive them places. Even after I lost the car, I'd find them, try to check up on them, treat them as human.

Sometimes, they'd hug me. I was always startled when this happened.

The helping part is what somebody like me does. It's natural. To be honest, after seeing how “normals” treat the different ones, I don't hold a high opinion of “normals”. They seem like animals to me.

But it's also natural for somebody like me to be objective. I know that different people are different. I seek the ones who see others as real and who therefore are real themselves. I collect such people and value them.

They aren't as common as they ought to be.

5.3. I worked, typically, 80 hours a week. During the dot-com era, it was up to 120 hours a week despite the fact that I was in my 40s. I slept on concrete floors for a few hours at a time, got up, worked as long as I could, and napped again.

I did my job.

5.4. I lost my mobility in 2001. I used a cane for a while and ultimately ended up in a wheelchair. I lost most of my life savings in the Crash of 2008 as well. But I rebuilt and was on my way back to a normal life by the end of 2011.

I never asked family members for help with medical care. Or for anything at all but connections related to jobs. The latter request was denied despite the help that I'd offered people over the decades.

My brother Ken Kiraly, in particular... Ken was frightened of differential equations, so he dropped out of college. I let Ken live with me for 2 years rent-free, got him his first job, and taught him to code in 'C'.

A few years later, to show my faith in Ken, I put more money into his startup, Multiscope, than Ken did initially. When the money ran out, I told him not to worry about it. Ken denied later that all of this had happened.

Years later, Ken, now a lead at Amazon Corporation, wouldn't discuss the possibility of a reference for a job for me. Oh, well.

BTW if you're interested in startups, feel free to Google Multiscope and Ken Kiraly.

5.5. In mid-2011, I was largely immobilized for 2 weeks. I ran out of food and it took from half an hour to an hour to crawl to get water. Bathroom issues were complicated.

My apartment manager was in the hospital with the cancer that would eventually kill him, so there was nobody to talk to about letting people in to help.

Eventually, I made enough of a fuss that people came into my apartment. They were irritated at first, but this seemed to change after they found me sprawled on the living-room floor, using a pile of clothes as a nest.

I was given food. It tasted very good. I was given a wheelchair. I took a job as a recruiter by phone. It took me 6 months to recover.

I went out on crutches too soon, twice, and wasn't able to make it back home either time. The issue wasn't pain. I leaned on the crutches and felt all right, but I couldn't move. The ability to move simply wasn't there. It was odd.

5.6. An acquaintance, Paul, killed himself during this period because I wasn't there for him. I phoned Paul's wife to see how he was doing. She sounded odd and I made a joke about it. Then she explained that Paul was dead.

Paul killed himself because he was an older developer who couldn't find a job. I was supposed to help him by teaching him Linux.

5.7. I made two new friends in 2011.

One was an unusual elderly attorney named DNA. Actually, his name was Gene, but DNA served for a while as a code-name used to protect Gene from the Kiralys. You can watch my videos of DNA on the following website:


And one of the applicants that I helped as a recruiter thought that I was nice. Eventually, he came roaring up on his motorcycle to visit me in person. We've stayed in communication. I pass through his area sometimes.

I've had dinner with him and his wife. I've taught knock-knock jokes to his 5-year-old son. This is as close to family situations as I'll be able to have now.

This was std::vector, another code name intended as protection against the Kiralys. He is Victor in real life. If you'd like to see a photo of std::vector and read a poem about him, visit either of the following two webpages:

http://jameskiraly.org/vector      https://thomaskiraly.com/victor

“http”, “https”, “vector”, and “victor” should all work. I try to be flexible as the Kiralys have DDOSed the websites and may succeed in taking some of them down. DDOS is a felony, by the way, but felonies are perceived to be O.K. if wealthy people commit them.

5.8. In Fall 2011, I spent a lot of time thinking about life.

I had a number of positive phone discussions with my abuser Jim Kiraly. We talked about Jim's volunteer work, his computer experiments, and his household repairs. Not a single conversation was unwelcome to Jim. Jim won't deny a word of this under oath, but attorneys should note that it needs to be under oath.

I also talked to Grace about the past. She was game and never once asked me not to call.

5.9. At Thanksgiving 2011, I felt confident enough to tell my parents that I was working on a book about relationships. My father, Jim Kiraly, immediately ordered me never to call again or he'd go to the police. About what wasn't clear.

Jim did go to the police on the next business day. The police never contacted me, but I learned months later that they'd dismissed him as a crank.

I didn't understand any of this until later. The issue was, of course, that Jim Kiraly feared the book would be about the abuse. This was the last thing on my mind, but Jim never even asked. He just assumed.

5.10. About a month later, in early 2012, Grace Kiraly drove 200 miles unannounced to visit me. We ate at the Olive Garden in Mountain View, CA.

Subsequently, Grace initiated a series of phone calls to me in which she lectured me about the merits of Vitamin C.

I didn't phone Grace; instead, she phoned me. As a note to attorneys, there is no “he said she said” about this. I obtained Grace's phone records later on in Discovery. The records confirm that Grace called me on a regular basis.

I asked Grace for permission to interview her Pastor, at New Life Pismo Church, regarding the meaning of the term “Christ Follower” and the role of a Christian in the temporal world. Grace said, go ahead.

The Pastor and I made an appointment and chatted pleasantly. I also phoned a volunteer group that Jim had told me about and discussed the group's mission and the meaning of the word “altruism”. The phone calls, I learned later, enraged Jim Kiraly. He was worried that I'd talk about the abuse.

5.11. Jim started to tell people, “Don't be afraid to give me something to prosecute Bob”. Which was ludicrous, but I'm autistic and was still easily frightened at the time. That part has been burned out of me now.

I phoned Jim Kiraly and I said one thing, and one thing only: “You can't hurt me any more, Jimmy. Wife-beater. Child abuser.”

5.12. I proceeded with my life. On my birthday in June 2012, I left everybody chilly but polite “Goodbye Forever” messages. Then I learned that Jim had filed for emergency anti-violence actions a month before. And I hadn't been served or even notified.

I say “actions” plural because Jim persuaded one of my brothers, Tom Kiraly, CFO of Hanger, Inc., in Austin, Texas, to file for emergency anti-violence protection against me. This, despite the fact that Tom lived 3,000 miles away at the time and had never asked me not to call him. In fact, he'd invited me to do so.

If I understand correctly, Jim Kiraly got Tom Kiraly to do this by telling Tom that false statements were going to be made related to Tom's having had sexual relations with his children Rianne and James and also to Tom's having committed violence against his wife Karen. Tom, being an idiot, jumped into the litigation pool feet first.

5.13. I didn't understand the point of the actions, the gag-order part, until months later. I was too busy to think about this part for a while.

I phoned Nancy Grabow, a High School acquaintance I'd talked to occasionally in recent years. Nancy was a former romantic partner of our mutual classmate Akhil Amar, a lesser Supreme Court Candidate in 2008, and the head of Yale Law School.

Nancy asked Akhil if he'd help.

Akhil sent one of his brothers, Vikram Amar, then of U.C. Davis Law School, a few days later. However, I was dying, literally, at the time, so Vikram took off. I like to joke that he went “Whoosh” and left a vapor trail. By the way, gee, thanks, Vikram :P

More about the dying part in a minute.

5.14. This is the same Akhil Amar who was honored recently by Obama. To be clear, Akhil and I were never friends. In fact, he's the reason that I never sought treatment for autism or even acknowledged that I was autistic until all of this happened.

Akhil was a pr*ck. But I valued him as my best enemy and measured myself against him for six years.

I'd have done better than he did in life, I think, if it hadn't been for the violent-abuse issue. If I'd accepted that I was autistic, this might have made a difference; I'm not sure. Akhil worked hard, regardless, and deserves credit he's earned.

As an amusing footnote, Akhil and/or his staff seem to have studied my weblogs carefully to see what I've written about him. However, it might have been a random Yale student. I'm only sure that it was somebody at Yale who was very interested in Akhil. They reviewed every reference to him, no matter how minor.

5.15. Akhil and I were considered intelligent. My brother Ken was intelligent as well, but not at the same level. Grace told me once that Ken had stated this; it came as a surprise that he'd been so objective.

Grace Kiraly ranks a few notches below Ken Kiraly. Our brother Tom Kiraly has basic skills, but I'd consider him normal. Jim Kiraly is a dullard, but his OCD, which runs deeper than I'd realized as a boy, helps him to get things done in business. My youngest brother, Scott Kiraly, doesn't fit into conventional rankings.

One related, and amusing, part of the Gag Order cases came at a point where Jim and Tom told the Court, in writing, that “Bob thinks he's smarter than the Law”. I've told Jim and Tom, since then, “I'm not smarter than the Law, b*tches, but I sure as Hell am smarter than you”.

Tom is my younger brother, but not much younger. He and Jim have known me for all my life. They both have a sense of my abilities as well as the degree of commitment that I demonstrate when it's necessary. In fact, the Pleadings actually say something like this: “Bob is smart enough to have hacked us, so he must have done it.”

Jim and Tom must have known that their decision to commit abuse of process, and multiple prosecutable crimes in addition to this, was likely to lead to legitimate and reasonable consequences for the rest of their lives.

If you know Jim or Tom, tell me, what were they thinking? I'm not being facetious. It's information that is needed.

5.16. As Court approached, I was distressed enough that I'd forgotten to drink water for most of a week.

It appears that I went past the threshold that American Indians used to cross on vision quests. On the other side of the threshold, I met the Angel of Death.

I'm a literal, autistic, Coder, focused on that which is real. But I met Death, regardless, and felt the touch of His wings as they brushed agains my face. It was simply a glitch, of course, brought on by dehydration.

Or, at least, I assume that it was a glitch. We're of the World and can't really be sure of what is beyond it.

5.17. By the day before Court, I was semi-conscious. I spent the day in the Emergency Room where I was treated for dehydration. I don't know for sure what I looked like, but I was told that my flesh had caved in.

The next day, I made it to Court, a long distance without a car for somebody who'd left the hospital late the night before. I had no attorney and couldn't quite stand up.

Sometimes, I'm facetious about the Gag Order cases and say, “It was loads of fun”. But, really, it wasn't fun.

5.18. When the Court got to the part about proof of service, it was missing. This was because I'd talked to Michael Bonetto about the issue. He insisted that I'd been served, but it appears that he quietly removed a faked proof of service from the file when he realized that I might try to make an issue of it.

I started to tell the Court that I hadn't been served, but they shut me up immediately.

5.19. The condensed version of the year that followed, mid-2012 to mid-2013, is that Jim Kiraly refused to settle unless I agreed to a gag order.

I was supposed to go into a violence database, and possibly to jail, if I ever talked about the abuse or wrote about it.

A violent abuser, Jim Kiraly, was going to put his non-violent victim, in a wheelchair, into a violence database for talking about the abuse.

I was never going to sign that.

As a note for attorneys, when I received the demand that I sign a gag order, I immediately posted the demand online.

Jim's primary attorney, Michael Bonetto of Hoge Fenton, suggested that I was breaking a law, Evidence Code Section 1152, by posting the demand for a gag order. I posted a rebuttal which demonstrated that he was lying. He didn't seem to have much to say after that.

5.20. I wasn't accused of violence, or of threats of violence, or of anything specific and relevant. I wasn't even accused of unwelcome phone calls in 2012; after all, my mother had been the one who'd phoned me and who'd come to visit me unannounced. I should have filed for emergency anti-violence protection against her.

As a bonus, I was in a wheelchair, I'd lost the use of my right hand, I lived 200 miles from Jim Kiraly, and I didn't even own a car.

In short, the case was awkward for Jim Kiraly's attorneys. It was abuse of process, which can be classified as a crime. Hoge Fenton, the law firm involved, took the case primarily, I think, because Jim told them that I was a pauper and would be trying to defend myself. In other words, I was supposed to be easy pickings.

5.21. Jim Kiraly claimed, without specifics, that I was making false claims of abuse. So I produced a witness, a 1970s boy from outside the family, and shoved the witness up Jim's abuser fundamentals.

I offered to let Jim's attorneys be photographed with the witness. Who they wouldn't be able to smear, I noted, because he'd grown up to be the quadriplegic head of a disability foundation. The claim of false claims of abuse was quietly dropped.

5.22. Jim Kiraly submitted postcards I'd sent him as “evidence”. Evidence of what wasn't clear, as the postcards were about asking Jim to stop threatening me.

But the best part was that I'd asked the Pismo Beach police to approve the postcards in advance. I mentioned this and the postcards quietly disappeared from the case.

5.23. I demanded Jim's phone records in Discovery and demonstrated that Grace had been the one to phone me, not the other way around. I heard less talk about phone calls after that.

5.24. Jim Kiraly demanded all of my medical records back to birth. This is considered inappropriate. I instructed my attorney (I'd found one by now) to tell the other side, “Look in my diapers, b*tches”.

I don't know if my attorney followed my instructions. However, I didn't hear anything further about infancy immunization records subsequently.

5.25. Ultimately, I realized that my attorney, John Perrott of Thomas Chase Stutzman in San Jose, was charging me thousands of dollars a month, but not doing anything. Most of the non-pro forma paperwork was being written by me, but somehow the legal bills were running up to $5,000 to $8,000 per month.

As a bonus, John Perrott's law firm turned out to be headed by an attorney, Thomas Chase Stutzman, who was a borderline sex offender. Better still, one of the firm's paralegals, Lisi Zhang, told me to drop her firm because John Perrott was just going to take my money and not do anything. Those were close to her exact words.

5.26. Imagine that you're fighting to keep your abuser from sending you to jail for talking about the abuse. Which you weren't even going to do. Now imagine that you learn you're standing on quicksand with limited options.

It was too late, in my view, to drop John Perrott. His firm wasn't going to return any of my funds. And I couldn't represent myself; i.e., act as a “Pro-Per”. This was exactly what Jim Kiraly had expected and hoped for.

The plan was to dispose of me easily as soon as I made the slightest procedural error. The facts of the cases were never going to be examined.

I don't think that Jim's attorney, Michael Bonetto of Hoge Fenton in San Jose, expected initially that Jim's and Tom's Pleadings were ever actually going to be read.

I was supposed to show up without an attorney and get locked up through the simple equation that a wealthy person usually beats a poor person in Court regardless of the facts.

5.27. So, I started talking to the public. Everybody seemed surprised, but it was an obvious move. Probably the only move that I could have made.

It was a good move.

Jim Kiraly was ridiculously vulnerable. Nobody was going to care about me personally, some broken down Old Coder in an obscure legal battle. But positioning is everything.

Jim Kiraly was a violent abuser seeking to place his non-violent wheelchair-bound victim in a violence database for talking about the abuse. Which his victim wasn't even going to do. It was all out of fear and rage on the abuser's part.

If I'd been able to get my message down to that short but striking paragraph in 2012, and had spent my remaining funds on publicity instead of watching my life savings burn, I'd have gotten much further much faster.

5.28. As part of my move into the public eye, I set up Free Speech websites in the name of each person involved, including Michael Bonetto. His site was, and is, located at:


One result was sort of funny. I don't know if the story is true. However, I was told that Michael wandered the halls of his law firm, asking for help to get my websites taken down. If I understand correctly, he was told to clean up his own mess.

5.29. Jim suggested that I'd “hacked” Amazon Corporation.

There was no specific accusation. Just vague remarks which suggested I must have done something unspecified wrong and therefore an emergency anti-violence ruling was appropriate. The cases were like this all the way through.

The Amazon story is funny. I wanted to get a message to my brother Ken, the inventor of the Amazon Kindle. So, I left a 10-minute voicemail related to what was happening for an entire division of Amazon. Amazon had an unusually generous time allotment; my view is that it was perfectly reasonable to take advantage of it.

You can say a lot in 10 minutes. My recollection is that I did so.

But this was neither “hacking” nor illegal. It was legitimate and reasonable use of a facility that a company had offered to the public. And, from a technical perspective, a bright chimpanzee could have done the same thing.

5.30. As a related note, one consequence of Ken's involvement with Amazon Corporation was that I received two death threats.

The 1st death threat was supposedly from the company itself. The 2nd death threat was odd. So odd that I've wondered, for 4 years, if the person who threatened me was Ken himself.

5.31. Jim Kiraly stated that I must have “hacked” him personally.

Once again, there was no specific accusation. Just vague remarks, nothing to fight back against, but I had to respond to such allegations regardless and it cost thousands of dollars total.

This “hacking” allegation, the second one, had to do with my knowledge of Jim's plans.

I knew that Jim was hoping to try to charge me with “blackmail”, even though I'd never even suggested that I was going to talk about the abuse. I knew because a cousin had told me. But Jim told the Court that I must have found out by “hacking” his PC.

I went through a year of this.

5.32. Jim Kiraly said that I'd demanded money for medical care. He provided no specifics. Once again, he made an allegation that I couldn't fight back against because there was no specific accusation.

And I had to pay to respond to these allegations despite the lack of specifics. Somehow, this was legal. Though, really, in context, it was abuse of process and a prosecutable crime.

Michael Bonetto seemed bored by the time that this issue was addressed. He asked me if this had happened, I stated under oath that it had not, and the subject wasn't raised again.

5.33. Tom Kiraly, whose legal case was technically separate from Jim's, but connected to it, submitted Pleadings that, I noted at the time, were so inept that they practically drooled on the floor.

Tom stated, under oath, that I'd started to “stalk” him by phoning him in early 2012 to wish him a Happy Birthday. Tom neglected to mention that the call was arranged through his secretary, that he took the call with evident pleasure, that he invited me to call back, and that he took calls for months afterward and never once asked me not to call. In short, the statement was demonstrable perjury.

The rest of Tom's pleadings contained nothing that even made sense. He included a story about Jim in which he, Tom, didn't even appear. The story was worded carefully so that it didn't actually state that anything had happened. It was like this: “We think that the police called Bob and warned him that he must not commit crimes, but we are not actually saying that the police did call him.”

Tom also accused me of offering to leave copies of Ivan Kmeta's books of religious poetry to him in my will. There was language similar to this: “The offer of the books was in some way an attempt to harm my livelihood”.

I stated in my response that I was at a loss for words. This part is no longer true. Tom and I will be discussing what he was thinking.

5.34. Try to imagine living like this for a year.

You've had a rough few years, but you've started to rebuild your life and your life savings. Then your abuser comes and files paperwork that never accuses you of anything specific and relevant. But you need to spend $5,000 to respond to one document, $3,500 to write another document. Month after month until everything is gone.

And it won't stop unless you sign a gag order. A gag order that will send you to jail if you talk about your abuser.

5.35. In the end, Jim Kiraly had nothing left. He'd thrown a lot of bric-a-brac at me and I'd turned most of it into rubble. Without an attorney's help, I might add. I did most of the non-pro forma work. John Perrott mostly sat there and took my life savings.

Jim had one thing left, and one only: Frightened voicemail messages that I'd left for my brothers. In the messages, I was clearly angry and therefore “frightening”. But I made no illegal threats nor even used profanity that I recall.

More importantly, I don't recall leaving Jim any voicemail messages in 2012 save for one chilly but polite “Goodbye Forever” message. Technically, the voicemail messages to my brothers shouldn't even have been admissible in Jim's legal case.

I asked my attorney, John Perrott, to take actions related to sorting out the voicemail messages and filing a motion to have some of them declared inadmissible. He declined to do so.

Jim, on his side, still had money to spend and Michael Bonetto was happy to take it. Michael decided to force me to be filmed so that my autistic manner of speech could be portrayed as frightening.

I think it was at this point, the demand that I be filmed so that the way that I spoke, the voice that I'd had since infancy, could be portrayed as monstrous simply because of its rhythm and patterns, that I changed forever.

I became that which I am now. Adult, no longer frightened, and in full possession of the capabilities that I was born with.

I'm wise enough to understand my limits. We all have physical, emotional, and practical limits and this includes me.

At the same time, my position when I encounter an attorney or other party who crosses the line is, “In a legitimate and reasonable sense, friend, one that is protected under U.S. and other laws, you belong to me now. You're my property.”

And it's true.

It's odd. I'm the person I was supposed to be now. Perhaps more like myself than I've been since 1971. 45 years ago now. I was always kind and now I'm kind consciously. It's a choice. But I'm different from who I was for all the years in-between.

5.36. Michael Bonetto dropped the attempt to film me when Jim ran out of money and Michael decided that the cases were over. It was partly due to the fact that a plan to cheat Jim Kiraly had fallen through.

I know that Michael Bonetto was cheating Jim Kiraly, or planning to do so, because my attorney, John Perrott, tried to involve me in a scheme that he and Michael had cooked up.

The idea was to drive up Jim's costs by bringing my autism into the cases. I was forced to introduce the autism issue due to things that Michael had said, but I'd like to be clear that I had no involvement in the plan to cheat Jim, which I'm pretty sure was illegal.

5.37. In the end, I signed agreements that I co-wrote.

There was no gag order. Instead, there was a page or two detailing my right to talk about the abuse, and the cases, to the entire world in email, on YouTube, in every possible venue.

Jim got fewer concessions than I'd tried to offer him for a year. I'm told that Jim may have spent as much as $100,000. Whatever the actual figure, it was a lot and Jim got less than he could have gotten for free. I like to remind him of that.

I managed to slip in a little edit that Jim's attorney Michael Bonetto didn't catch. It was intended to be a loophole for fallback use. It would probably have helped to some extent, but this wasn't guaranteed.

A contract specialist that I consulted told me that my edit could go either way because agreements are interpreted “as a whole”. My response was that Jim's “as-whole” behavior would be the deciding factor.

5.38. It all proved to be moot, because Jim and Tom violated the agreements less than a month after the cases ended. They had a blackhat in Dallas, Texas contact me to threaten me. I haven't been bound by the agreements since that day.

As a note for attorneys, I repudiated the agreements publicly. This gave Jim a presumptive violation. However, he'd violated the agreements himself and had committed felonies as well. I felt pretty good about the repudiation.

So, not only did Jim spend perhaps $100,000 to get agreements weaker than the ones he could have gotten for free, he threw them away.

Technically, in fact, Jim Kiraly and Tom Kiraly owe me a $5,000 penalty each now for their initial violation of the agreements, the violation that released me from any obligation to comply with the agreements myself.

Contract specialists will raise an eyebrow at some of this, but, again, it isn't just agreements that are assessed “as a whole”. If Jim and Tom weren't wealthy, and I was worth now what I was worth a decade ago, they'd be in jail.

Will anybody deny that this is how the Law in America works? If you'd like to deny it, how was what Jim Kiraly and Tom Kiraly did to me for a year even possible?

5.39. It's been three years since Jim and Tom broke the agreements and a difficult year ended.

But their actions cost me my life savings, my home of 25 years, most of my books that the boy loved, any chance for a family of my own, time to write, time to live, everything.

There is nothing left but the book that I set out to write in 2011. Actually, I first planned it in 1971. So, withhold judgment based on animal instincts.

“I know Jim Kiraly and he's an upright citizen. So, it's wrong to talk about the abuse and Jim's attempt to get a gag order.”

Feh. Tell me what I need to know. Which we now come to.

6. Questions for you.

I've asked a few questions in the preceding text. Answer them, if you can. But the primary questions are below.

6.1. What, if anything has Jim Kiraly stated to you, either verbally or in writing, regarding his actions and my own in 2011, 2012, or the years since then?

This information is needed for legal actions against Jim Kiraly or, in the event he's deceased, against his estate, Grace Kiraly, Tom Kiraly, Jim's former attorneys, and other parties.

6.2. If Jim Kiraly's health has improved, has he returned to volunteer work? If so, is he around children?

This is perhaps the most important question. What children, either grade-school or teenagers, is Jim Kiraly around and is he ever left alone with them?

If you live near Jim, do you allow your children to visit his house without you being present?

6.3. Or, may I inquire, has Jim Kiraly passed away?

I know that his health declined prior to the move from 32 La Gaviota. There is information related to the decline in publicly accessible records.

Additionally, Jim's friends at Retired Active Men confirmed directly to me that he was fading. And I suspect that the house at 6329 Twinberry Circle was chosen partly due to this issue. The layout at the new house is better for somebody with limited mobility than the layout at the old house was.

I had an odd dream about Jim in January 2016. It's discussed on my weblog. But I don't believe in supernatural telegrams. My subconscious was reminding me, I think, that Jim's time is short and I'm on a schedule as far as dealing with him goes.

I haven't checked for a death certificate yet because my feeling is that Jim isn't dead yet. Which is positive, because there are matters to be addressed such as the multiple felonies that Jim has committed since 2011.

And, more importantly, answers to some of my questions. Questions such as, “How was this possible? What should I tell others to do about the Jim Kiralys in their lives?” Feel free to comment on those issues yourself.

If Jim Kiraly has passed away, when and how did this take place? Was he the same self-centered brutal but comical figure as always to the end? Did he show any signs of reflection?

6.4. Jim Kiraly had an associate in Dallas, Texas threaten me right after the end of the legal cases in 2013.

The context was that a second cousin, Russell Kerechanko, died at age 30 from a drug overdose. I wrote an obituary and posted it on my weblog.

The dead man's sister, Lisa Kerechanko, wrote to me demanding that I take down the obituary. I spent the night of July 3, 2013, writing a response that I was proud of. I sent the letter to Lisa on the morning of July 4. This was my Independence Day celebration. You can read my letter to Lisa at:


My letter led to a threat from Jim Kiraly made through a family friend located in Dallas, Texas. The family friend is what is known “in the business” as a “blackhat”. Fortunately, he isn't very good at what he does.

Jim's blackhat friend provided evidence that he were closely associated with Jim and told me that I'd be “hurt” if I didn't take down my weblog.

I traced the route of the blackhat's car as it traveled across Texas and to the corner in Dallas that his building is on. But I only know street addresses. Not suite numbers and the buildings on that corner aren't small.

The blackhat responded with a DDOS attack on one of my servers. As I've noted, Jim's involvement in the DDOS is a prosecutable felony; specifically, a violation of CFAA (Computer Fraud and Abuse Act).

Has Jim Kiraly ever talked about somebody in Dallas, Texas who has rudimentary blackhat skills? If so, this information is needed to aid in a criminal investigation and, ultimately, prosecution of Jim and Tom Kiraly on felony charges.

6.5. Whether or not Jim has kicked the bucket, Grace is good for another 10 years. Physically, at any rate. Mentally, she should be able to navigate for another few years. However, the signs of dementia do seem to be present.

Grace values appearances above all else. You're not likely to see her as she is except in unguarded moments. This said, tell me what you can of Grace's rationalizations, what's happened to her mind, how she compartmentalizes things.

Be careful, by the way, if you're ever caught in a discussion with Grace Kiraly related to her life with Jim Kiraly.

I once mentioned something that Jim had done to Grace. It was a casual remark. Grace shouted, “My husband is not a brute”. The interesting thing is, her remark didn't address what Jim had done. It was a vague value judgment with little or no connection to what I'd said.

On a similar note, I once mentioned something that Grace herself had done. Again, it was a casual remark. Grace snapped, “Is that what you think of me?” No connection at all to the question of what had happened, which had, in fact, happened.

I think that more people are like Grace Kiraly than are like Jim Kiraly. This is good; the fabric of society couldn't carry the weight of many Jim Kiralys. But, if the majority of the population is like Grace, if there is no such thing as facts, remorse, or personal responsibility to most people, is there a point to pretending that moral codes are important?

Moral codes do matter. There needs to be a way to make sense of all of this. And I believe that there is a way.

There are two types of people. First, those with moral codes. It's simple to identify such people.

These are the people who work forward from the facts and make fact-based decisions that are difficult but consistent with principles. Then there are those who work backwards. Who react to programmed patterns as animals do.

The resolution is to be aware of the two kinds of people.

So, tell me, and I've paid enough of a price to deserve to know, is my mother Grace Kiraly simply an animal, a beast of the field, and are most people like her?

If you respond, do so based on that which is real; facts, observations, not animal patterns and templates. Be sentient. Be real.

Anything less makes you part of the horrors of history.

6.6. What churches do Jim Kiraly and Grace Kiraly attend? If they still attend churches, this raises legitimate and reasonable questions discussed on the weblog.

6.7. You'll find contact information for me on the weblog. To locate the weblog, you can use any of the following Google searches:

Jim Kiraly Abuse
Grace Kiraly Harlot
Ken Kiraly Kindle
Kiraly Gag Order
Michael Bonetto Abuse
Tom Kiraly Idiot
John Perrott Attorney

6.8. As a final note to attorneys, a partial list of legitimate and reasonable purposes may be read online at either of the following links:

Regards, Robert (the Old Coder)

6.9. P.S. You'll find what amounts to one chapter of the main book, which the Kiralys have mocked as non-existent, on-line at either of the following links:

https://christfollower.me/ebook https://haggishell.com/ebook

May I close with a poem from the book?

1) For decades, I paid a price
For nothing that I received
In the end, I was deceived
I'm not nice
This needs to be understood
Look under the hood
I'm the Feral Coder now

2) Here is the lesson to you from me
Those who judge right and true
Based on what people do
As opposed to what they're perceived to be
Who embrace diversity
3) Who accept the constitutive other
These are the ones to call your Brother
Put aside God above
These are the ones to value and to love

This is believed to be Grace Kiraly in the 1950s. However, the identity of the subject needs to be confirmed.

To download a higher-resolution copy of the photo, click here.

160927. Kiraly Assets nicer than Hounds Bassets.

In the Kiraly Gag Order Cases, legal actions that involved conspiracy to commit abuse of process, the Kiralys demanded a list of my assets. Which they promptly smashed in a failed attempt to stop me from writing a book.

The Kiralys were supposed to provide me with a list of their assets in return. I'm still waiting.

Actually, I'm not waiting. For legitimate and reasonable purposes, I'm “gathering information” related to this issue as well as others.

A possible asset turned up recently. But it was apparently a false lead.

This post may be of interest, regardless, as a look at the types of dead ends that can turn up when you're doing legitimate and reasonable research.

Recently, a licensed investigator informed me that somebody named James Kiraly was associated with the property at ### Morning Star Lane, Newport Beach, CA 92660.

This wasn't noteworthy. There are quite a few James Kiralys in the United States.

The investigator said that his data broker was reliable, though. He was fairly certain that this was *my* James Kiraly. So, I decided to take a closer look.

1. The owner wasn't James Kiraly.

2. A reverse address lookup reported that the residents were a couple of my generation plus a young woman, in her 30s, probably their daughter. The Kiralys didn't show up at the address in question.

3. Real Estate records indicated that it was a 4-bedroom house. Orange County Property Tax records confirmed this. So, there was room for one more person or couple as visitors or tenants. But it seemed unlikely that my parents were in the 4th bedroom.

4. On the other hand, I found the following phone listing for the address in Google:

The phone number shown above, 562-241-1904, matched one provided by the investigator. Note: Manhattan Beach seems to be part of the same area as Newport Beach.

The number goes (or went) to a recording which says (or said) something similar to, “The party you are trying to reach is not accepting calls”.

Not much evidence there.

5. Jim didn't own the Newport Beach property. Might he be a guest or tenant there? It didn't seem likely. If Jim had relocated to Newport Beach, what was he doing with his property at 6329 Twinberry Circle, Avila Beach, CA? He just set up shop there last year and he's not really the hop-around type.

James and Grace Kiraly lived at 217 Gerry Court, Walnut Creek, CA 94596 for over 30 years. They lived at 32 La Gaviota, Pismo Beach, CA 93449 for over 16 years.

The Kiralys wouldn't move from Pismo Beach to Avila Beach, as they seem to have done, and then simply run down to Newport Beach on a lark. Not with Jim's health declining as rapidly as his friends indicate that it is.

6. Additionally, 562-241-1904 is a landline phone in Southern California. If my James Kiraly had some type of remote involvement with the Newport Beach property from Avila Beach, wouldn't the phone be (a) a cellphone or (b) a landline located in the San Luis Obispo area?

7. As a capper, two people familiar with the area and the house told me that they'd never heard of a James Kiraly.

8. So, probably no connection.

Moral: If you need to do research, in connection with legal cases or for books, it's best to remember that even major data brokers will make mistakes. Treat results as tentative until they're definite.

9. But what is the telephone listing shown a few sections above about? And why does a major data broker second the listing?

160901. Demystify Hacking has my Backing.

This post is a direct communication to my mother, Grace Violet Kiraly, last known address, disclosed for legitimate and reasonable purposes, 6329 Twinberry Circle, Avila Beach, CA 93424.

Hi, Mom! :D

This post is more about perceptions of “hackers” than it is about techniques. Techniques are discussed for illustrative and cautionary purposes.

The boys speaking below represent the current generation of hacker kids as well as ordinary kids.

These days, among both adults and kids, perceptions that people can “hack” things by magic... that no matter what the precautions, ghosts can walk through walls... are common.

It's just part of the background in the discussion below, but it's there.

Granted, this is all true if we're talking about the NSA. Or about people who are foolish enough to run Windows. But there's too much mysticism about the subject in general.

It's amusing to see mysticism as a casual thread of everyday life.

But, at the same time, these types of perceptions were used by the Kiralys and their associates in 2012 to shatter my life. I was accused of “hacking” Amazon Corporation, my father Jim Kiraly, my brother Tom Kiraly, CFO of Hanger Inc., and others.

Except... I wasn't actually accused of anything. The Kiralys said, in effect, “he might be a hacker burn the witch”.

So, these days, I see perceptions related to “hacking” as humorous and serious at the same time.

Ironically — so many ironies in the Kiraly Cases — I know far more about legitimate and reasonable techniques today than I did before Hoge Fenton came after me. However, more about that subject another time, Mom.

I was surprised to learn that these kids' toys include, not just Tor, but Ta*ls and Whon*x.

Tor, sure. Everybody knows Tor. But Ta*ls, which the NSA treats as a terrorist tool, as important to some kids as Geometry and Social Studies?

And Whon*x? It takes patience to get that thing up and running. But I'll write a tutorial for both teenagers and adults at some point.

These kids aren't running Q*bes yet. This much is as expected. I'm not sure that I understand Q*bes yet myself. This said,

Remember, remember
What's good enough for Snowden
good enough for Snowden
good enough for Snowden
Oh Lord, Lord
It's good enough for me

Before you start looking down
Look up your family tree
Know you've been related to Coders
Just like me

Patience trumps abuse of process
Q*bes and Whon*x are free
No point in sighs, give yourself
A legitimate and reasonable chance to see

Remember, remember
What's good enough for Snowden
good enough for Snowden
good enough for Snowden
Oh Lord, Lord
It's good enough for me


One point of the discussion below, and of the post, is that I like to demystify “hacking” to the extent possible.

No, “poke” wasn't “hacked”. He was just bored.

<poke> Hey guys, I'm DataDuster and I hacked poke, don't worry I won't harm him nor his account. Cya.
<poke> #*()& V@@ sorry duster, but pls don't use my account. thx.

<betterbutter> is there anything that can be done about this hack thingy?
<betterbutter> if it even is real?
<Sparky> find the real poke and set him a new password, maybe
<Sparky> they might actually be the same person

<betterbutter> so DataDuster supposedly hacked poke
<betterbutter> he said he would do nothing to poke
<betterbutter> then poke said please dont use my account
<betterbutter> OldCoder, it could be completely unreal or poke needs to change his password but i dunno

<OldCoder> That doesn't really happen
<Rudolph> ?
<OldCoder> That type of hacking
<Rudolph> ic

<OldCoder> <kid1> I will hack you
<OldCoder> <kid2> Oh no
<Rudolph> lol
<OldCoder> <kid1> It is magic of some sort
<OldCoder> <kid2> Oh no
<OldCoder> <kid1> You recite a magic spell and passwords are yours
<OldCoder> <kid2> IC
<OldCoder> <kid1> Yep. Magic has no barriers. Fear the might of my spells.

<OldCoder> ^ It isn't like that. Most “hacking” is about social engineering. Or failure to use end-to-end encryption.

<Rudolph> ive been threned b4, and told that they succeeded, but they couldnt prove it :3
<OldCoder> Well, there are tricks depending on the access you have
<OldCoder> But:

<OldCoder> <kid1> So, can I borrow your computer?
<OldCoder> <kid2> Um, why?
<OldCoder> <kid1> I have no access to your computer and your password isn't a dictionary word
<OldCoder> <kid1> Hmmm
<OldCoder> <kid1> Abracapass-word
<OldCoder> <kid1> Now your password is mine

<OldCoder> ^ This doesn't really happen

<OldCoder> Now... Those people who use “dog” as their password...
<Rudolph> XD
<OldCoder> Hard to call it magic to get that

<Rudolph> i “hacked” my way to sudo
<OldCoder> How did you gain sudo?

<Rudolph> lemme see if i can find the website i followed
<OldCoder> Never mind. You used an exploit that was documented on a site? That is mostly what I was...
<Rudolph> i went into rescue mode
<Rudolph> yea

<OldCoder> Well, yes. But stop and think. All you need is physical access to a Linux system with an unencrypted primary partition.
<OldCoder> Boot a boot disk. And the system is yours. But it isn't magic. There's no such thing as magic.

<OldCoder> <kid1> Billy, thank you for letting me write to my Aunt on your PC
<OldCoder> <kid1> Now turn around for a minute
<OldCoder> <kid2> Um, OK
<OldCoder> <kid1> # boot a boot disk
<OldCoder> <kid1> ls /media/
<OldCoder> <kid1> cd /media/billy/etc/
<OldCoder> <kid1> cp -p shadow{,.save}
<OldCoder> <kid1> vi shadow
<OldCoder> <kid1> # Delete contents of password field for root
<OldCoder> <kid1> # Boot without boot disk and log-in as root
<OldCoder> <kid1> # Set up some lesser account for log-in and sudo
<OldCoder> <kid1> # Put original shadow file back and reboot
<OldCoder> <kid1> Billy, you can turn around now
<OldCoder> <kid2> Um, OK

<OldCoder> ^ It's not about ghosts and wizards. It's more about carelessless or social engineering.
<OldCoder> Social engineeering means, people who lie or cheat. It isn't new in human experience. It's very old.
<OldCoder> It's inadvisable, by the way, to grant physical access to anybody that you don't trust completely.

<Rudolph> vi = vim ?
* OldCoder laughs
<Rudolph> oh well...
<OldCoder> vi is 40 years old. vim is a modern clone of vi.
<Rudolph> i was close! :D

<OldCoder> vim is vi's grandson. Point is that you thought vi might be some variation of vim as opposed to the other way around.
<OldCoder> It shows how many years have passed; that's all.
<Rudolph> :)

Hackers are Late-Night Snackers

Perceptions of “hackers”. First work is by Ian Llanas, marked as downloadable, but listed without an explicit license.

There's some truth to both perceptions. It's a range as with anything else.

Your phone or window is too narrow for the image. If it's a phone, try rotating the phone or switching to a PC. Or click here to go to a copy that may be zoomable.
Your phone or window is too narrow for the image. If it's a phone, try rotating the phone or switching to a PC. Or click here to go to a copy that may be zoomable.

160825. Ivan Kmet-a never met-a vendett-a.

I should have posted a birthday greeting on August 10 for my youngest brother, Scott Kiraly, last known residence address, disclosed for legitimate and reasonable purposes related to the gathering of information, at 111 Cleaveland Road Apt 139, Pleasant Hill, CA 94523.

However, Scott is tedious, so I didn't really want to.

Scott Kiraly is full of lots of thoughts
But the thoughts are inane
Write about Scott is a pain
Little more can be said
'bout the brother I thought dead
Except sing a friendly refrain

Scott Kiraly, fight the good fight
Let nobody your deficiencies slight
You're a waste of skin
and not very thin
But, what the heck, you love to hate
If you're happy, that is great

Scotts, thoughts, hate, great, fat, thin
It's my little brother for the win

I decided to wait until today, instead, and to focus on Ivan Kmeta.

Ivan Kmeta was my grandfather; the only one that I knew, though I located the other, Frank Kiraly, on what his widow indicated had been the day of his death.

I didn't get to talk to Frank. Ivan was what I had for perspective on past generations until I met Joseph Kiraly, a great-uncle on Frank's side.

I should have valued both of these men more. They were irreplaceable.

Practical people sometimes note that “The graveyards are full of indispensable men”. It's true, but there's more than one layer of meaning to the statement.

Sparky and Microchip, I figure that you'll find your way here. You're bright as well as sensible kids. You don't need much advice. But I'll offer some at times.

Don't respect your elders simply because they're elders. The notion is rubbish. But recognize the ones you'll miss when they're gone.

I miss Ivan and Olga and Ed. I miss Anatol and Joseph most of all. I even miss Ann, a little.

I'm not sure where they are. They're right here, they were right here just a little while ago.

To read about Ivan's life, click here.

Today is Ivan Kmeta's 115th birthday. He isn't here to see it as he's been dead for about 18 years. Few among the living remember him.

As of 2013, one woman that he'd known was still alive, at about 105 years old, but it was reported to me that she was no longer conscious of her surroundings.

Ivan's immediate family members, his friends, his lovers -- one who I met years ago was still living as of the 1980s -- all are gone save for his light-hearted whore of a daughter Grace Kiraly and me; the Young Coder who was going to follow in his footsteps.

I wanted to see to it that part of Ivan lived on. His books of gentle poetry. But my kind brother, Tom Kiraly, CFO of Hanger Inc. in Austin, Texas, love foremost in his mind, brought emergency anti-violence actions against me in 2012; actions in which he cited Ivan's books as an act of physical violence.

This proved to be a setback. I can't arrange for Ivan's books to be translated now or even preserved and scanned. A lifetime of creativity, art, and attempts to connect with the God that Ivan perceived, will simply disappear.

In the years and decades to come, Tom and I will discuss the “choices” that he made in the matter. Naturally, the discussions will be legitimate and reasonable.

By the way, Tom Kiray, my sweet b*tch for legitimate and reasonable purposes, Hi! :)

Today, I'm announcing a change to these sites that I've been working on. Ivan would have no mental model for this. He wasn't entirely certain of what a computer was. But I'm thinking of him as I proceed.

The world goes round and round
And changes with every spin
What recently I've found
With a foolish grin
Is that mobile ground
Is the place one must be in

I've managed to make these sites, or at least the latest page, responsive without the use of Bootstrap or, in fact, JavaScript at all.

It isn't a great trick, but it's new to me
Responsive my sites shall be
Whether the device is fat
Whether the device is thin
Needs to be responsive as Rin-Tin-Tin

I use JavaScript for special purposes. I may add PHP5 or Perl server-side frameworks as well in the future. However, JavaScript and server-side frameworks are and/or will be optional for primary content.

There are two reasons for this:

* I don't want to require JavaScript, because people might turn it off.

* These sites are supposed to work offline so that they can be copied and distributed. So, server-side code needs to be optional.

The first technical decision that I made was to give up the hamburger button that people often add to responsive sites.

With the hamburger button gone, I didn't need JavaScript. A few carefully crafted divs and CSS3 media queries were sufficient.

The basic “body” type for the non-JavaScript responsive sites are pretty simple. My first take looks like this:

body {
color     : black   ;
font-size : 1.1em   ;
margin    : 0       ;
padding   : 0       ;
width     : 900px   ;

background-color :
#000000          ;
font-family      :
arial, helvetica,
sans-serif       ;

I use a series of CSS3 media queries similar to the following to adjust the body width. I'm still fiddling with the numbers.

@media (min-width: 320px) { body { width: 300px; } }
@media (min-width: 360px) { body { width: 340px; } }
@media (min-width: 375px) { body { width: 355px; } }

There's probably a better way to do this, but I'm still learning this.

Additionally, note that one of my requirements was to support responsive behavior without the use of JavaScript. The constraint limits possible options.

The fundamental container for a block of ordinary text inside a “body”, typically one or more paragraphs or sub-containers, is a div of type “ocbox”:

.ocbox {
color      : #000000 ;
min-width  : 300px   ;
text-align : justify ;

background-color     :
#ffffff              ;
border-radius        :
15px                 ;
margin               :
25px 10px 20px 10px  ;
padding              :
15px 25px 15px 25px  ;
vertical-align       :
top                  ;

I use CSS3 media queries again to adjust this structure, in this case to tweak margins and padding:

@media (min-width: 600px) { .ocbox { margin: 25px 20px 20px 20px; } }
@media (min-width: 700px) { .ocbox { margin: 25px 30px 20px 30px; } }

And, actually, this small set of code fragments provides much of what is needed to support a set of simple, responsive, single-column text boxes without JavaScript.

I've added a page skeleton to tie things together. The skeleton includes a page header, page footer, and section header blocks, one per post. All of the pieces are responsive.

I've also added and debugged subcontainers; most importantly, the structures needed to put two columns into an “ocbox” while keeping them responsive.

The idea here is to support two columns that sit side by side if the window is wide enough but fold neatly into a single column when necessary. Typically I use this feature to float a small image next to associated text.

The two-column code is moderately complex, but I may present it at a later date.

The final result has glitches. But it works well enough in Firefox, UC Browser, Chrome, and Safari regardless of device orientation.

The minimum width supported is presently 320px.

Fenek says that the output looks good in general, but not on 260px width devices. I might try to work in support for such devices later, but that is pretty narrow.

It doesn't work in Dolphin Browser, but that browser seems to be flaky in general.

The biggest issue that I encountered was making things work correctly when a mobile user rotated his or her phone or tablet.

The conventional solution is to add the viewport code shown below to <head> blocks:

<meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1.0" />

I went with this.

Chrome for Android proved to be flaky in this context. I had to tweak things for this browser. Chrome users may still need to zoom in or out manually at times.

Here's a little chat fragment that occurred while I was writing this post:

<Chaos> ?
<OldCoder> I fell asleep for two hours. I just woke up.
<OldCoder> I dreamed I was younger
<Chaos> about me?

<OldCoder> I dreamed *I* was younger
<OldCoder> That my time in the World wasn't gone
<Chaos> ok. was I in it?

<OldCoder> No. It was just me talking casually to somebody IRL.
<OldCoder> Noting that I was 20 years old. I was thinking...
<OldCoder> 20 wasn't too old
<OldCoder> Then I woke up and I was old

<Chaos> hug
<Chaos> ur young to me
<OldCoder> Thank you

Toys 50 Years Ago Whoa

Photo of room shared by OldCoder and Tom Kiraly about 50 years ago. Top shelf includes Bob's Stegosaurus, Phantom, and Lost in Space models. The Lost in Space model is the barely glimpsed prone figure; it's a cyclops hurling a boulder.

Shelf #2 headed down has Tom's pony plus some ship models probably belonging to Tom. Shelf #3 has a dangerous toy shared by the brothers when they were younger; the submarine, which fired genuine little missiles. It would be banned today.

Shelf #4, on the right, has the start of Bob's book collection. The one that the Kiralys destroyed in 2012.

The black book on the far right is a copy of Gulliver's Travels that the b*tch Grace Kiraly owned when she was young. Interestingly enough, James Kiraly's mother Ann Kiraly owned the book as well when she was a girl, though it was a different edition.

There are also copies of Andersen's Fairy Tales, War of the Worlds, and a few more books.

On the desk, you can see Bob's globe and an airplane that probably belonged to Tom. The closet shelf holds a wood-burning set, another toy that is probably less common today, and a few games.

Both of the boys seem to have a coin sorter, one on shelf #1 and one of shelf #2. The photo on shelf #2 is of Tom.

There are no electronic gadgets. This was before cellphones, CD players, DVD players, and even calculators. Probably before affordable portable AM radios and tape recorders as well. Such a tech life. But we thought of it as modern.

Your phone or window is too narrow for the image. If it's a phone, try rotating the phone or switching to a PC. Or click here to go to a copy that may be zoomable.

160714. Midnight Sun Proxy Fun.

Sometimes, things are clear. Sometimes, they're cloudy like beer.

Today, a visitor stopped from IPV4 It appears that this was an employee of the Contra Costa County Office Of Education. However, geolocation turned up odd results:

ISP: Contra Costa County Office of Education
Domain: www.cccoe.k12.ca.us
City: Vallejo or San Pablo or Richmond

Everybody agreed that the visitor was using a CCCOE network. But some APIs suggested that the visitor was in Vallejo, which isn't even in the same county as CCCOE. Other APIs didn't agree on whether he or she was in San Pablo or Richmond.

However, geolocation is often hit or miss. Additionally, the visitor came in by way of Google, which is pretty common, and went to an unremarkable page.

So, nothing of interest here.

But, 6 hours later, another visitor came in from IPV4, in the Netherlands, and went through a dozen pages.

The second visitor seemed to be clicking manually and not using a spider. However, it can be difficult to be sure of this.

The odd part was that the U.S. visitor and the Netherlands visitor were using the same device, an iOS mobile with a unique fingerprint, and were probably the same person.

It should be noted that it doesn't matter if he or she was actually using an iOS mobile. What matters is that, if you care enough to route your packets, you're supposed to change your device fingerprint. If you don't do this, real or fake, devices can be used to link your accesses.

I suppose that there are in-between cases. I've sometimes used ssh tunnels to shift my apparent location without attempting to conceal my identity. If that's the goal, one doesn't necessarily need to rotate things on the other side of the tunnel.

But the CCCOE person was apparently hoping that I wouldn't notice him or her. Flailing about with proxies sort of guarantees the opposite.

I've tried to tell the Kiraly Proxy People that they need to be anonymous as well as pseudonymous. I'd planned to mock them tonight for ignoring the advice. But this one is in a grey area.

Tom Kiraly and I have a tech-aware former associate, Randy Kahrer, who works for a school district in Contra Costa County. In fact, here's Transparent California's page on Randy Kahrer:


I've seen website visits from the Walnut Creek area before that I've assumed were from Randy. I've made the assumption because the visits seemed to come from the network that he'd be using at work.

But Randy isn't located near Richmond or San Pablo. And there's no solid evidence that he's connected to or interested in the events of recent years.

However, the fact that the CCCOE person (1) is associated with the school system that my brothers and I attended, (2) came in, initially, on a normal connection, and then (3) routed things through the Netherlands suggests that I might know them.

So, perhaps there's a mystery “old friend” in the CCCOE organization. But, beyond a certain point, speculation is of limited use.

Shrug. This case will need to wait for more information.

Shrug Oh For a Kiraly to Hug

If you think about it, the historian's task is like that of the detective. — David Herbert Donald

Your phone or window is too narrow for the image. If it's a phone, try rotating the phone or switching to a PC. Or click here to go to a copy that may be zoomable.

160709. Message Sends for Proxy Friends.

This is a short message for Kiraly Gag Order Cases Proxy Friends.

Um... guys... learn the difference between anonymous and pseudonymous.

If you plug in a low-grade proxy and visit several of my pages in succession, and the proxy simply rotates your IPV4, not only doesn't it hide you, you stand out like a sore thumb.

A proxy of this sort makes you pseudonymous. If the goal is to be anonymous, you're supposed to avoid anything that can be used to link accesses.

At the very least, use a proxy that rotates your user agent as well as your IPV4. Or, better, use T*ils or Whon*x. Maybe I'll post instructions for you.

Kiraly Family Greetings are not Fleetings

Love is a dove from above.

Your phone or window is too narrow for the image. If it's a phone, try rotating the phone or switching to a PC. Or click here to go to a copy that may be zoomable.

160701. Tribute is Quite a Hoot.

I'd like to assemble a tribute which will demonstrate the respect that Jim Kiraly and Grace Kiraly of 6329 Twinberry Circle, Avila Beach, California have earned and the esteem in which they're held.

To this end, I “gather information” in legitimate and reasonable ways, including but not limited to inquiries made to third parties who wish to assist with a positive and productive tribute, such as current neighbors, neighbors from decades past, Church members, and associates of different types.

I haven't explored the option of talking to local merchants, libraries, Chamber of Commerce staff, or the like, because many of the people I'd reach on the way to associates would know Jim and Grace only by sight.

The photograph below may be useful in this context. It's a recent portrait of a couple, Jim and Grace Kiraly, that is typically active in community affairs, though this may have changed with the decline in Jim's health.

Parties in Avila Beach, Pismo Beach, and San Luis Obispo are likely to recognize the couple. They may offer, as people are sometimes good-hearted, to help to ensure that two interesting people receive the type of attention that is appropriate.

If you'd like to offer thoughts related to Jim and Grace Kiraly, feel free to write to:


Jim Kiraly and Grace Kiraly

Look at those smiles! :)
It's miles of smiles
Nobody here is X-Files
The warm hearts of these two
are there for me and for you

warm hearts X-Files lotsa smiles me you tell me true love gold bold all around Jim Grace God embrace best side of human race

Your phone or window is too narrow for the image. If it's a phone, try rotating the phone or switching to a PC. Or click here to go to a copy that may be zoomable.