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191012 Saturday — Notes on MiJyn

This page will dis­cuss MiJyn, a Minetest fig­ure in 2012 who was con­nec­ted to Landmine.

MiJyn told me he lived with three young women. He brought one of them to IRC. She propositioned one of the teenage boys. She was, of course, a man pretending to be a woman. The boy wasn't pleased by this.

This Modern World is dif­fer­ent.

I used to suspect that MiJyn was Landmine. MiJyn and Landmine shared online accounts, MiJyn pretended to be mul­ti­ple people, and he claimed to know what Landmine was thinking.

However, I'm starting to think that they're separate peo­ple.

MiJyn claimed that his real-life name was Joel LeClerc. Interestingly enough, he may have been tell­ing the truth. A Joel LeClerc who used the nick MiJyn shows up out­side of Minetest con­texts.

LeClerc-MiJyn used to post at YouTube using the name Alex Alexson. He appar­ent­ly composes electronic music — quite a lot of it. And he's a “Brony”.

I don't think that Real Bad Angel aka Landmine works for a living. But, even with­out work, it's unlike­ly that he'd have had the time to do every­thing that the Jordach, Real Bad Angel, and MiJyn iden­ti­ties — all three of them — did.

On the other hand, Real Bad Angel was supposedly a major MOD music composer in the 1990s. LeClerc's electronic compositions fit with that.

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