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This page provides 3 PDF doc­u­ments related to Minetest history and espe­cial­ly the events of 2016 to 2017.

191008 Tuesday — Police Statement

To start things off, here's the 23-page state­ment that was provided on 2019-09-12 to the police in Tiffin, Ohio at their request:


Note: We didn't seek out the police. They contacted us based on an inquiry that we made to Seneca County Social Services.

The inquiry, which was re­la­ted to Eli Innis of Tiffin, Ohio, is more of a matter for the FBI than for local law enforcement and the state­ment makes that point.

The police chief of Tiffin, Ohio and a police Lt. — who was the per­son who requested the state­ment — con­firm­ed receipt of the PDF.

As no crimes com­mit­ted physically in the jurisdiction of Tiffin, Ohio were alleged, this part of the story is presumably closed.

191008 Tuesday — Future of Minetest

As of the date of this post (Oct. 08, 2019), the fol­low­ing document is exactly one year old:


This PDF includes thoughts re­la­ted to the past and future of Minetest plus responses to trollstream comments. This is a draft that will be merged into other doc­u­ments.

191008 Tuesday — Pale Moon Legal Letter

In 2016, Pale Moon threat­en­ed me with legal actions. The full story is in the police state­ment at this link. To read the PDF that I sent to intermediary attorneys, click on the fol­low­ing link:


Note: This may not be the final version of the docu­ment. So, this copy may be updated.

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